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Can newborn cats be bathed?

There is a widespread belief in the cat world and that cats are not very close to water. I’m not going to deny it completely, but I can clarify that if we get used to our animal from a young age, it will be much easier for us. Today, in the market there are different options to sanitize our cats as brushes, dry baths with specific products, sanitizing foams, etc. But we must not forget that the races of long hair and light colors are those that most need a correct hygiene, like the cat that is accustomed to leave and return home with any kind of stuff in his fur.

Nor should we forget that it is not advisable to bathe before 6 months of life, which is when you have most of their vaccines and immune system (defenses) very active, because the bath itself, it generates a lot of stress and we can cause other problems that we would like to avoid.

There are many questions and not so many solutions: If I find kittens in a newborn garbage can, can I bathe them? Continue reading this article and you will have the answers to know if. Can newborn cats be bathed?

To bathe or not to bathe?

El cat grooming It is something as important as sleep and nutrition. They usually do it alone, with their tongues, and they help each other with their paws, moistening them with their tongue so that it serves as a sponge. As well it is advisable to brush them to remove dead hair as it benefits the condition of the skin, helps the least hair ingestion and is a pleasant time for cats that are affectionate.

For baths and brushing, it is better to accustom them as children and gradually, do not submit if you want to leave. Sometimes we see that they come and go as if it were a game, something positive. We can also, after a brushing session or a bath, finish with caresses and games, in this way we will reduce the stress.

In long-haired cats, such as Persian cats, it is convenient to start accustoming them as children. Can newborn cats be bathed? As we mentioned earlier, the best is start the 6 months, to turn it into a routine routine in your daily life.

How to bathe newborns?

Bathing newborn cats is very common when we find orphan kittens but I warn you, it will not be a simple task. We must do this to avoid skin infections and perhaps, because it is a fundamental task of the mother at the time of her birth.

This I will tell you step by step for the most fearful or first-timers since they usually have millions of doubts and fears when hygienizing small cats:

  1. Open the tap where we go to bathe them until we reach a warm temperature, almost pleasant to our hand. Think that your normal body temperature is between 38,5ºC and 39ºC, and we want this experience to be pleasant for them. Use a thermometer if necessary.
  2. With one hand we hold it and with the other we will wet its hindquarters, always from back to front and, we will resist putting it under the tap, this can be very traumatic and bring many unwanted physiological consequences.
  3. We will place on our fingers 2 or 3 drops of shampoo for kittens (but we get, glicerine soap) and we will make foam to then pass through the area that we have wet, to remove traces of pee and feces that may have stuck.
  4. We rinse the kitten the same as at the beginning and then we will dry it with a towel soft. Do not let them get wet because they can easily catch colds and even fungi, which will be very difficult to fight because of their young age.

Do not forget that newborn kittens can not use aggressive or antiparasitic soaps because of the strong impact they would have on their health. You should only wash your hindquarters (or the body itself) when it is really dirty. Consult your veterinarian whenever you have doubts.

We can repeat this process to eliminate odors and trying to be as compatible with a “mother cat” who cleanses them several times a day. You can also use wet wipes with the same purpose. Who would like their children to go dirty for life?

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