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Can I walk my cat?

Surely you’ve ever wonderedI can walk my cat? And the answer is yes, but the cats are very particular and not all are predisposed to it. Unlike dogs, the fact of walking every day is not a necessity for the kittens, so it is you who must decide if you want to take your cat for a walk or not.

So that you know what to choose, in this article we will explain the disadvantages and advantages of taking your feline companion for a walk, as well as the main premises that you must take into account when walking your cat correctly. As it happens to all living beings, if in the end you decide that yes you can walk your cat We recommend that you get used to it from very small and teach him to wear his harness and strap so that these objects and daily walks are part of your daily routine.

Disadvantages of walking my cat

While it is our choice to decide if we can take our cat for a walk or not, to do so we need to know the risks or drawbacks that influence when walking my cat down the street:

Cats are not like dogs

As much as we want to take our cat for a walk as if it were a dog, the truth is that we can never do it. First, because they will never have enough security and confidence to walk by our side or even be able to let go of the leash someday without them escaping. And second because the cats they do not have the same needs that the dogs, since the latter are anxiously waiting for the time to go out for a walk to socialize with other dogs and do their physiological needs, on the other hand the cats do not need to leave for that since they have their sandbox at home and because They do not need to socialize with other animals every day like dogs do. Although this does not mean that cats do not need to be socialized, so if you want to know how to socialize a cat you can visit this article.

It can be stressful

Being so lonely and territorial, the fact of walking domestic cats down the street can be stressful because, in addition to meet other unknown cats, they do not have their soothing smell marks and they may be easily frightened and want to flee. As it happens with all living beings, when we are taken out of our comfort zone we get stressed or nervous, and the same thing happens to cats because they do not see other cats as companions with whom to play and socialize (as do the dogs), but they see them as invaders and we can meet with hierarchical tensions among them.

You always have to watch

Obviously, if we take our cat for a walk, it is possible that he will eat something from the ground that he does not have to, that a parasite will stick to his skin, that he will hurt himself with a tree branch when he climbs on them or that he will step on the ground. that hurt him But those are things that happen and we must accept beforehand if we decide to take him out for a walk because even so, this can also happen to us having the cat at home, although luckily less often. The best way to prevent possible diseases or parasites is to put our cat all the relevant vaccines and keep it well dewormed.

It depends on the personality of the cat

Each cat has its own personality and that is why we must take it into account to decide if it is good to take it for a walk. For example, if your cat is very Scary and reserved, is afraid of visitors who come home and hides every time he hears a strange noise, it is better not to take him out for a walk because naturally he is not a cat that is predisposed to it. On the other hand, if your pussycat is very curious and an explorer, it will surely be a very enriching experience for him.

Advantages of walking my cat

Now that you know what the drawbacks are, you also need to know what are the advantages of walking your cat to be able to decide correctly:

Positive Experience

Taking your cat for a walk can be a very positive and enriching experience for your pet and for you, as well as strengthening your relationship by connecting with the leash and your hand, the cat will receive a lot of new stimuli which is not used to the smell of flowers or the touch of grass on their legs, and that’s fun for the curious nature of the cats.

Recommended for some cats

Some experts recommend that it is good to take the cats for a walk with a tendency to run away from home so that they finally know what there is after those windows or glass windows that always look outside and get used to that experience. So if your pussycat is one of them, do not hesitate to take him for a walk in a quiet park where he can satisfy his escapist and exploratory tendencies.

How to exercise

Another advantage of walking your cat is that, while you are providing new stimuli, you also help exercise in a different way and much more active than you can do inside the house. In this way, especially if your cat is overweight or obese, taking it out for a walk will help your health improve and lose weight more easily by exercising outside.

The most predisposed

As we mentioned before, not all cats are predisposed by nature to want to walk out of home, so you should take into account the personality they have and the level of activity they are used to. So, the most active cats, those who show more interest in the outside world (going to the balconies or looking out the windows) and those that already go to the garden or terrace of their house, are the felines that are better predisposed and better candidates when it comes to exploring new territories for them.

How to walk my cat

With all that said, you already have all the tools to make the decision and answer the question of whether you can walk your cat or not. In the event that your answer is affirmative, it is important that you follow these guidelines so that the walk with your cat is as safe as possible. Anyway, these premises that we will explain below are very general, so if you want to have much more information, we recommend you visit this article on how to teach your cat to walk on a leash:

  • Before walking your cat you must have properly vaccinated and it must be dewormed and protected with the use of antiparasitic pipettes or collars so that it can not pick up any pathology of this type in the street.
  • To walk your cat you must accustom him to always carry a harness and a strap comfortably, which you can not remove at any time of the ride or serve to direct the cat where you want, but you must let it roam at ease and simply follow their movements without forcing it to anything. Remember that you can not use any one but it must be specifically a harness for cats.
  • Choose a lugar quiet and without many other animalss is essential to get your cat to walk and that this is comfortable and safe, therefore, places with a lot of people, animals and loud noises are totally discouraged.
  • Start by taking your cat for a few minutes and you can increase the duration of the walks as you see that your cat has no problem.
  • You monitor continuously to your pussy to avoid hurt or eat something that should not and so do not suffer from any intestinal disorder or accidental injury.

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