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Can I bathe my cat with my shampoo?

Most cats detest the bath by nature: they do not like to feel wet, manipulated excessively and even less thoroughly rubbed. However, sometimes we must offer them a bath, yes or yes, it will depend on the circumstance.

Still, if we have not used our cat to take baths since puppy we have a serious problem, will not want to get into the bathtub under any circumstances.

If you are in one of these situations and you wonder about the use of shampoo for humans and the bath of the cat in this article we will solve your doubts by offering tips and details of the dermis of the cat. Discover now if you can bathe your cat with shampoo:

Cats have in their dermis a very thin layer of fat It helps them protect their skin by isolating it from the outside. Probably you have heard that it is not good to wash your cat very often that is because, unintentionally, we eliminate that layer. We should wash our cat at most once a month.

If you decide to bathe your cat with human soap, you will probably experience the following side effects:

In addition, it is important to know that if our cat is not accustomed from small to the baths it will be very complicated to feel comfortable in the bathtub.

How should the cat bath be?

To start you should know that cats they clean themselves so if your cat is not really very dirty it is preferable not to bathe him.

In shops dedicated to pets we find a wide variety of shampoos and softeners for cats as well as more specific products: for short hair, long hair, cats that have dandruff. It is basic to use specific products for cats for the bathroom.

If your feline is not used to the contact with water, we must weigh how to clean a cat without bathing it, either using a dry cleaning shampoo (foam), baby wipes or a simple brushing. It will depend on the level of dirt to use one method or another.

How to prevent the cat from getting dirty?

Before thinking about offering regular baths to a cat, we must prioritize prevention. Preventing our cat from getting dirty will help us Keep your coat clean avoiding knots and entanglements. How can we do it?

  • Prevent your cat from going outside
  • Use sand for cats
  • Brush it on a regular basis
  • Check your bed and blankets
  • Clean the floor of your house
  • Do not touch him with dirty hands

Remember that not only should you pay attention to your fur, clean your eyes regularly, check your pads or brush your teeth are other tasks to keep your cat beautiful and free of dirt.

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