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Can cats eat raw chicken?

Unlike us, felines are animals strictly carnivores. This means that your digestive system is prepared to digest and absorb proteins of animal origin, so this nutrient should be the mainstay of the cat’s diet.

Logically, your feline can benefit from the moderate consumption of fruits and vegetables beneficial to your health, as they provide vitamins, minerals and fibers that help strengthen your immune system and improve your intestinal transit. However, meats should be the foods most present in your diet to meet the Nutritional requirements of your organism.

In this sense, chicken appears as one of the best meats we can offer our cats, as it contains easy to digest proteins and few fats. However, many tutors wonder what is the best way to introduce this food into the diet of their cats, if cats can eat raw chicken or if it is necessary to cook it so as not to cause damage to your body.

In we will explain why raw chicken can be a good food for cats. But we also explain what precautions and care You must first modify the nutrition of your pussycat and incorporate raw meats in your diet.

Is chicken a good food for cats?

Chicken is one of the human foods that cats can consume, always with due moderation to avoid adverse effects and digestive problems. In fact, it is one of the meats healthier that we can provide our cats, thanks to its high nutritional value and low fat intake. In general, it is recommended to give preference to chicken breast, where we find proteins of better quality and a lower concentration of fats.

Being a lean protein, the chicken can be incorporated even in the diet of obese cats, allowing the preparation of homemade meals that contribute to the management of a healthy weight. In addition, chicken breast may be easier for cats to digest elders and baby cats They are starting to consume solid foods after weaning, especially if we prepare recipes such as patés or wet food that stimulates their appetite, facilitates their digestion and is easier to chew.

However, we must take certain precautions before offering chicken to our cats. For example, the ideal would be to rule out the possibility that your cat is allergic to chicken before preparing recipes with this ingredient. Therefore, it is very important to have the guidance of a veterinarian before incorporating any new food into your feline’s diet.

In addition, if you notice that your cat shows any symptoms of food allergy, such as diarrhea, vomiting, skin changes or breathing difficulties, you should immediately stop administering chicken in your diet, and take it quickly to the veterinary clinic.

Raw or cooked chicken?

Now that we know that chicken can be a highly nutritious food for cats, we need to see what would be the best way to offer this meat to our feline companions. Raw or cooked chicken? What is the best way to incorporate chicken meat into your feline’s diet?

If you wonder if cats can eat raw chicken, The answer is yes! Provided they are not allergic to this food and consume it in appropriate quantities according to their size, age and health status. The digestive system of cats is prepared to digest raw meat and take advantage of its nutrients to generate energy to your body and strengthen your immune system, bones and muscles.

By not cooking the chicken, we allow the meat to keep all of its enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which is why it is more nutritious for the cat. In addition, following a BARF diet, based on the consumption of raw meat, bones, viscera and moderate portions of raw vegetables and fruits, offers numerous benefits for the health of your feline, such as strengthening your autoimmune system, facilitating digestion and optimizing absorption. of nutrients. By eliminating carbohydrates, dyes and chemical additives present in industrial feed, it is also possible to prevent allergies, digestive problems, and numerous diseases, such as pancreatitis and kidney stones in cats.

In addition, a raw and natural diet prevents the accumulation of food waste between your teeth and gums, combating the formation of tartar and facilitating the oral hygiene of cats. For all these reasons, raw chicken is a suitable and highly beneficial for cats, since it is incorporated with due care and in balanced doses.

Are you thinking about starting your cat on a BARF diet? Well, we advise you to consult with a specialized veterinarian, who can guide you on the transition from a dry or traditional diet to a raw and biologically adapted diet for your pussycat. Remember that your cat’s organism will need time to adapt to this new nutrition, so its transition must be slow and gradual.

Precautions when offering raw chicken for cats

The first precaution you should have before offering raw or cooked chicken to your cat, is to certify that he is not allergic to this food. You can consult your veterinarian about the possible possible allergy tests in cats for this purpose.

Afterwards, it will be essential to guarantee the quality of the chicken before using it in your feline’s diet or diet. If you want to offer raw chicken to your cat, you must be very sure about its origin, to avoid that the meat is contaminated by the presence of parasites or pathogens, such as bacteria salmonella y E. E. coli coli.

If you can not guarantee the origin and food safety of the chicken, the best will be mark it in a pan, cook it in water for a few minutes, or prepare some homemade recipes with cooked chicken. Cooking at high temperatures is capable of eliminating a large part of the possible pathogens present in the flesh. Thus, you can offer it to your pussycat safely.

Last (and not least), it is essential adjust the amount of chicken that you offer your pussycat, considering the nutritional requirements of its own organism. Therefore, it is essential that you consult a veterinarian to define the best way to introduce raw chicken into your feline’s diet, and the most appropriate doses to obtain a positive impact on your health.

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