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Can a cat be given ibuprofen?

In human medicine there are numerous drugs that are frequently used without medical prescription and, therefore, without a prescription. The extension of its use and the ease of getting them conveys the idea that it is safe products that we can use without any adverse side effects.

Thus, when we notice some discomfort in our cat, it is likely that many caregivers are tempted to treat them with these medications for humans, unaware of the danger they pose. In this article we will explain, in particular, if you can give ibuprofen to a cat.

The medicines and the different species

It is important that we know that any medication that is ingested or administered must be eliminated by our organism, intervening for it the liver or the kidneys. The different species metabolize differently each active principle. This fact is the key to answering whether a cat can be given ibuprofen or not.

Thus, drugs that humans use regularly when we feel discomfort or pain, in this case, ibuprofen, are formulated to work in us with a minimum of side effects. They have been studied for their use in human medicine, taking into account the functioning of our body.

How is this going to be different in our cat we can not give him ibuprofen and yes drugs for pain that our veterinarian has prescribed, since these will be studied to adapt to your metabolism, so that their side effects are the minimum possible.

Our cat will not be able to eliminate correctly ibuprofen and this can cause serious consequences. Although a low dose may not harm it, we should not risk it when we have safe veterinary alternatives for our cats.

Drug poisoning

In light of what we have explained, you can not give ibuprofen to a cat, but neither can other drugs commonly used in human medicine such as paracetamol or aspirin. Nor can they be given in their presentations for children.

The cats can be poisoned if we give them these drugs or if they accidentally ingest them. Although cats in this sense are not as expeditious as dogs, they can also get to lick drugs, so it is very important to keep them always well closed and out of reach, taking into account that the cat is capable of handling the heights.

Even in the case of medicines for cats we must always be very careful in their storage and administration, since a high dose is also cause of intoxication, because the body will not be able to eliminate that amount of drug.

At this point it is advisable that we scrupulously follow the dosages established by our veterinarian in terms of quantity and frequency of administration. An intoxication can cause the death of the animal. Ibuprofen can also cause Gastrointestinal ulcers.

Finally, let’s always start from the basis that all the medicines for human use are potentially toxic for cats.

Symptoms of poisoning

We have already explained that a cat can not be given ibuprofen, but if it is ingested accidentally, symptoms such as the following may appear:

  • Hipersalivation
  • Vomiting
  • Generalized weakness
  • Abdominal pain

If we suspect that our cat has been able to ingest ibuprofen we should go to the vet immediately, but you can go on to discover first aid in the face of a poisoning in cats.

What can I give my cat for pain?

Since a cat can not be given ibuprofen because of its adverse effects, caregivers should know that there are other alternatives If you think that your cat is suffering some pain. They all have to be always recommended by the veterinarian, since cats are quite sensitive when it comes to metabolizing drugs and it is not strange that these, even being specially formulated for them, cause them Side effects at the digestive level, such as diarrhea or vomiting, or, more dangerous, at the kidney level.

Therefore, if we notice that our cat has stopped grooming, eating or jumping we suspect that he suffers some pain. In this case it must be the veterinarian who examines it to diagnose it and be able to treat the origin of the pain and / or use some proven efficacy and safety analgesic in cats. Therefore, we should never give anything for pain to our cat without the prescription of the veterinarian. Medicarlos on our own can have fatal consequences.

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