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Burmilla Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The cat burmilla or burmes is a very cuddly and playful cat. It is an independent cat breed and it will not be a problem to stay alone, because it likes to explore and walk around the house and even outside. It is a talkative cat, if so, because if you need something you will know it by meowing and vocalizing. Therefore he is a great companion with whom you will spend many pleasant moments, because he lives up to about 12 years.

Images and photos of Burmilla Cats

In this section you will find images of burmilla cat or burmes. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a burmilla cat?

A cat burmilla is a cat breed that adapts to live in apartments since it is very cuddly, sociable, intelligent, playful and meowing. One of its characteristics is the color of its fur, it has a silver base and solid color at the tips, as well as a letter “M” marked on its forehead.

It will demand a lot of play with him. Live peacefully with children, other cats and dogs. It is a meowing because when he needs something he will let us know.

The word burmilla comes from a linguistic combination of two words, the Burmes and the chinchilla, races from which it comes. It is also called silver cat, it has a lot of popularity, although at the beginning it had some problems due to its genetics.

What is the origin of the burmilla?

The burmilla cat race originated casually in United Kingdom by crossing a Burmese cat lilac and a Persian cat Chinchilla. This happened in the UK at 1981.

For 1983, this breed was registered in Cat Association of Britain, later, in 1994 it received the official recognition of the Feline International Federation.

The first litter of kittens captivated the breeders, who continued to breed the breed until it was perfected.

What are the characteristics of the burmilla cat breed?

The cat burmilla has the following physical characteristics:

It is medium in size, muscular and elegant. His back is straight and his chest rounded, legs strong and thin, hind legs longer than the front. Its tail has a wide base, is long and straight, the tip of the tail is round and with abundant hair.

The head is medium, triangular in shape, with a letter “M” on the forehead of the pussycat. Their ears are of wide base, slightly inclined forward, the nose is short and wide.

His eyes are oval, large, with great expression, outlined with a black. Regardless of the color of your coat, your eyes will always be green in any of its variations.

The mantle of the hair can present two variations: short and long.

The type of short coat, has it attached to his body and is abundant, has sub hair.

The species of long type has medium length, without sub hair.

For both cases the hair is shiny and silky. Among the most prominent colors of the burmes cat we have the Silver Gray at its base: blue, black, chocolate, lilac, red or cream on the tips.

The burmilla cat has a weight in the males of 4 to 5 kilograms and females of 3 to 4 kilograms.

How is the behavior of a cat burmilla?

Burmilla cats are sociable companions, playful, balanced, sweet character and a peculiar feature is that they are good vocalists.

They are very curious for what they love to explore and wander throughout the house, however, they adapt well to living inside. If you live in an apartment you have found the perfect company in a cat breed.

By being sociable, you get along well with the children and another pet you have. They greatly appreciate being pampered, so do not neglect them on that subject.

The cat burmilla is very kind to its owner and is in constant communication, it is an independent animal and it will not be a problem to stay alone at home.

How much does a burmilla cat live?

The race of cats burmilla can accompany you between 9 to 12 years, depending on the care you give him. So take care of it a lot since this great partner will be with you for a long time.

How can you get the confidence of a cat burmilla?

Our cat burmilla is a very placid animal. Their treatment is very easy and needs little care since it is independent. Treat him well and he will always be with you, do not neglect to feed him and if he makes a mistake do not scold him, because he will keep the mimes, as well as the scolding.

What do you need to know to take good care of your burmilla cat?

The burmilla cat is not an animal that is easily ill or has known genetic or age diseases. It only takes a good diet to cover the necessary nutrients and a lot of exercise.

To keep your coat always shiny and healthy, several weekly brushes are needed to remove the dead hair. It is necessary to observe their ears, in addition to cleaning and checking them often, it is possible to present possible infections such as otitis.

The pussycat pussycat is a different cat from the rest, is independent and very affectionate. It has several advantages of a cat and a dog, in itself the ideal company

How to clean my burmilla cat?

Regarding the cleanliness, this type of cat is very clean, it will clean itself, help it by brushing it frequently. Because of its playful nature, it is possible that it may get dirty too much or get dirty, so you should bathe it.

To bathe it, prepare everything you need before putting it in the water, for that you will need shampoo, towels, jug, a bathtub and warm water.

Accustom your kitten by placing it on the water and slowly wet it with a jug of warm water, once this is done, put the shampoo and massage his coat with it until you get foam to remove the dirt.

With the jug and warm water start to rinse the shampoo, when you finish take it out of the water and put a towel to start drying. Leave it in a warm place and it will begin to dry with the environment. Your cat burmilla will feel better and you will be thankful that you have cleaned it by bathing it, so it will stay comfortable and healthy.

How to clean the litter box of your burmilla cat?

You must consider that it is an aspect that you can not neglect because it will influence the use by your cat burmilla. You must perform partial cleaning daily and minimally total cleaning once a week, depending on the number of cats you have. If you have two cats total cleaning twice a week.

Daily cleaning of the cat litter box burmilla

You should have a dumpster near the litter box for your cat, trash bags, a scoop to collect solids and latex gloves. Put on your latex gloves and with the help of the shovel collect the urine and feces solids from the sandbox. Place the solids in a garbage bag and deposit them in the garbage can. It is also advisable to use chinstrap because you should avoid the proliferation of toxoplasmosis found in the feces of cats.

Weekly cleaning of the cat litter box burmilla

It will be necessary to discard all the sand from the box and then proceed to wash it. Before doing this, prepare everything necessary. We recommend using latex gloves, chinstrap, garbage bags, trash can, unscented detergent and water. Put on your gloves and chinstrap and throw away all the sand in a trash bag and then deposit it in a trash can. Wash the litter box in water with unscented detergent, which can be dishwashing detergent, and rinse it with plenty of water.

Once done, let it dry in the sun. Then place sand of the preference of your kitten burmilla, better if it is without aromas because it is possible to reject it. To eliminate the odor you can place a layer of baking soda under the sand to absorb the odors of the sandbox.

Where should you locate the sandbox of your burmilla kitten?

To find the best location for a burmilla cat litter box you should think like him. When it comes to making a difference, a cat burmilla needs peace and tranquility; then locate the sandbox a place where there is not much traffic, not behind doors that open or close. Do not place the litter box near where you eat, as the smell will make your pretty burly kitten not use its litter box. Also do not place the sandbox near where your kitten sleeps.

A cat burmilla feels vulnerable when you do your things, then look for a place where nobody bothers you. In short, place the box where your cat feels safe and calm.

What do burmilla cats eat?

Each kitten has its different nutritional needs, especially when it comes to its stage of development. Cats are carnivorous in nature so your diet should have enough protein depending on your cat’s age, lifestyle and general health.

As the breed is an active cat, it will require good nutrition. You have three alternatives to offer a good diet, cat food: dry, moist and natural.

Acquire dry cat food containing at least one 70% protein, adapted to your age; It is a food that is easy and convenient to offer.

You can also buy wet food for cats, this contains up to an 80% humidity. It’s a bit expensive, but your cat will feel very good about it. Use it as a reward for your attitudes or training.

You can also give it natural food, it is not always the same as what you consume, as it can harm you. Offer meat and fish cooked without bones or thorns. You can also give him cooked viscera. Natural food is always better than the one you buy.

How to train a burmilla cat?

The cat burmilla is a very docile companion, which with simple commands you can teach him to do several things. However, what we are most concerned about are their bad behaviors such as scratching furniture, not using their litter box, not sleeping in their bed.

Does your kitty burr scratch your furniture?

Regarding furniture, like other cats love to scratch, it is practically a physiological need. Provide a scraper to play with and not with your furniture. Get used to using it, placing it near the furniture that rips. If you ignore it, a strong NO with a loud noise that can be clapped will make you start to consider that it is not a good idea to do it with your furniture. You will not be able to change your attitude overnight, but little by little you will see the difference.

Does not your kitty burmilla use its litter box?

If you are starting not to use your sandbox, verify that there is not something that is driving you not to use it. Check if the sand is clean, do not use cat litter with aromas, change the previous sand with a new one. If these are the factors pay attention to fix them. If even in this way there are no results, you can use aromas of lemon or mint that you do not like, place it where it is beginning to relieve itself.

Your kitty burmilla scratches you?

If this is the attitude of your cat burmes, do not worry, it is not a violent reaction towards you, it just does it like a game. Then, give her an alternative with some toys to play with them and not with you.

In all cases, do not scold him when he does something you do not like. Well, just as they keep the affections you give them, they also keep the bad treatment on your part; your attitude does not change, you will only distance your friend. Do the opposite when you do something right, reward it, so you’ll see that it will gladly repeat those attitudes.

Diseases of the burmilla cat

The burmilla cat breed is a very healthy species, free of its own diseases, except those that can affect any breed of cat. One of the cases that can occur is the gengivitis, for which a thorough cleaning of the burly cat’s mouth must be done to avoid such problem. Other conditions that could be amilodosis and chronic diseases that can be prevented with healthy eating. In any case, any abnormality in the health of your burmilla cat, you should take it to visit the veterinarian.

How to keep a cat burmilla healthy?

The race of cats of burmilla, are a genetically endowed species to avoid diseases. It is a healthy breed that does not require special care, as well as a balanced diet.

Maintain a balanced diet and good hydration.

Feed your kitten burmilla rich in minerals, protein (around an 70%), followed by activities to avoid causing obesity. In addition to having a water dispenser constantly. Do not put food or water in the sun.

Have your cat well burmilla neat

A weekly brushing to remove dead hair and keep a healthy coat. Always check and clean the ears whenever necessary. Verify oral health, because a good weekly cleaning will be very good.

It takes care of the hygiene of its environment

Thoroughly clean your litter box to prevent your cat from getting sick and proliferate diseases such as toxoplasmosis. Always give a clean bed, because in hot places can be a nest of parasites that could cause damage to our pussycat

The periodic review is essential, it is always better to prevent before remediating. If necessary you must take your cat burmilla to periodic reviews with the veterinarian.

How much does it cost to buy a burmilla cats?

The price of the burmes or burmilla cat is around 100 to 200 $ us depending on where you buy it. Having a place to acquire them, you must pay close attention to your state of health and appearance.

Where to buy a cat burmilla or burmes?

If you are looking for a beautiful pet to accompany you, the cat fog meets all these characteristics. Before acquiring a burrowing cat, find out and dispel your doubts with an expert breeder.

These kittens can be found in different places such as expert breeders, pet stores and private individuals.

You can contact expert breeders, so you will have all the security that you are acquiring a well-kept pet of the breed. He will give you all his papers, from his certification, vaccines and his pedigree. When visiting the facilities make sure to observe well, they must be in good condition and clean. The animals in your care should be clean, smell good, be healthy and vivacious. When asked something the expert should answer all your questions. If you notice something strange, do not buy from that place.

When buying it at a pet store, you should observe that the cats are well cared for and fed. Unfortunately in these places they will not give you their pedigree.

With an individual, I would just have to let you visit the cats and their parents whenever you want. Never pay in advance and receive kittens less than two years old.

If you are going to adopt, make sure you take good care of your cat burmilla, let it get used to you, you will see that it will be a good company for you and your family.

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