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Brushes for short-haired cats

Have you ever wondered what is the best brush for short-haired cats? Brushing a cat is a necessary routine for your cat and for you, as an owner, improve your relationship and strengthen your friendship. In this article of the section of animal beauty we will talk about the brushes for cats of short hair, besides offering useful advice that the owners of cats should know.

Keep reading to know all the brushes for shorthair cats in this article and you will greatly improve the quality of your cat’s hair following some recommendations.

Why it is important to brush a short-haired cat

Many people believe that shorthair cats do not need to be groomed, a serious mistake and that although their fur seems easier to maintain, needs some extra care To avoid removing dead hair, avoid hairballs in the stomach and allow all the fur look nice.

In addition to all this, brushing your cat regularly encourages you physically, improves your physical contact and allows you to relax for a long time.

Short barbed brush

The brushes that have short tines They are ideal for brushing short-haired cats because they do not hurt them in any way. We recommend that you look for in your usual trade those that have a rounded tine and if they can be made of plastic, much better!

Hand brush

This is a good option if your cat does not seem to like the idea of ​​being brushed often, in pet stores you will find many designs of hand brushes and they are ideal for short-haired cats.

Two-sided brush

The two-sided brushes They are also a good tool for shorthaired cats and that is because we use the tines in the conventional way and on the other hand we use it to shine, remove dust and remove dirt from the surface of the coat.

How should I brush a short haired cat

Although brushing a short-haired cat seems obvious, the truth is that following some guidelines we can achieve a much better result:

  1. To start with, you can help your hands by gently ruffling their fur, so that when brushing we can reach more hair and it will be more airy.
  2. Take the brush and comb your cat against the grain to remove all dead hair. You may not like your pet much, you can give him treats and talk to him affectionately to improve the situation.
  3. Finally comb it in the direction of the hair so that it returns to its usual position.

Do not forget to brush all areas of your body including the belly, legs, thighs etc. You can create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere by interspersing the time of combing with massages on the head for example.

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