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Brushes for long-haired cats

We must pay special attention to the hair of our cat if this is long to avoid possible tangles and hairballs. For this reason and in case you have asked yourself, what is the best brush for long-haired cats? makes a compilation of brushes for long-haired cats, in this way you can go to your usual business properly informed.

Keep reading to find out why it is important to take care of your hair, what types of brushes we find in the market and what is the proper way to carry out the brushing of your coat.

Why it is important to brush our long-haired cat

We all know that cats that have the long mantle they must be brushed daily to keep it properly. By brushing we eliminate the dead hair that costs to withdraw as usual for our pet and also reduce considerably the likelihood of forming a ball of hair in your stomach.

In addition to improving considerably the quality and maintenance of the hair, brushing your cat is beneficial for him, who is physically stimulated and for both, that you achieve a better complicity.

Two-sided brush

This type of brush is what allows us to comb our pet in a basic way. For a band we have a utensil of long tines perfect to get to make contact with the skin, we recommend that this part be rigid but that does not harm our cat.

On the other side of the brush we have a homogenous set of tines that allows us to fix the hair and remove dust and dirt.

Metallic brush

This metallic brush It requires that we handle it with care when we apply it on the hair’s mantle and that being more rigid can hurt it if we put too much pressure on it. It is ideal to eliminate tangles of hair thanks to its fixed structure.

Fine brush

This type of fine brush It is both a recommended flea brush since the proximity between its tines eliminates all traces that can be found in the mantle of the cat.

It should be used after applying the normal brush (once the hair is already untangled) and is ideal to achieve a super smooth hair and at the same time prevent the appearance of fleas. They are ideal for cats with very long hair such as angora cats.

How should I brush a long-haired cat

To properly brush a long-haired cat first we must use a medium-barbed brush to untangle the hair. We will use this brush for 3-5 minutes reaching all areas of the body including the jowls, belly and tail.

Once we finish untangling and removing the dead hair of our cat we will proceed to use a brush with the longest tines How can this be the last brush example that we have shown you? In this way, we remove any traces of dirt or hair that we have not been able to remove with the first brush.

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