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British Shorthair Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The British Shorthair cat is a large, friendly and calm breed. She is very sociable because she gets along well with other people and animals. It is a perfect companion for a quiet person.

Images and photos of british shorthair cats

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What is a British shorthair cat?

The British Shorthair Cat is a large, thick and chunky breed. A pedigree breed from the United Kingdom. Known as the “good-natured giants”, they are kind and affectionate to people and other pets. He is a quiet cat, so he does not ask for constant attention, besides that he does not have that curious nature, causing his peers to get into trouble

A shorthair british cat is a quiet, kind and affectionate company. What makes him a qualified friend with whom to live quietly.

What is the origin of the British shorthair cat?

The British shorthair cat, has his home in the UK, is the best-known breed of British pedigree. Although there are records of its existence since the beginning of the twentieth century, this breed comes from many years ago.

This breed as the first short-haired cat, probably came to Britain with the invading Roman troops through the centuries and has been present even in prints and paintings. Our British shorthair was exported in large quantities to the new world, where it is very popular.

This cat came from Scotland from ancient Egypt, where for over two thousand years they reproduced freely. It was until the end of the 9th century that the selection was started until the current British Shorthair cat was obtained with common and Persian cats. In 1870 Harrison Weir, a propeller of this race, I present it at the Crystal Palace in London. By the twentieth century, many Dutch and German professional breeders gave it special attention. Today it is among the most popular breeds in the world known as British Shorthair or British Shorthair.

The number of colors and patterns of our British shorthair cat, is currently due to the selective reproduction of the best street cats during the nineteenth century and the selection made to date.

What are the most common features of the British Shorthair cat?

The British shorthair cat or British Shorthair is large and muscular, with a wide back and short, strong legs.

It has its face, cheeks, ears, eyes and head that are rounded. The nose is short and wide, resting on his strong and deep chin, which, together with his deep chest and short and thick tail, makes him look strong and robust.

British shorthair females are less rough than males. In which the chin is larger. This is noted to the 3 to 5 years, when they reach their sexual maturity.

The British shorthair cat can reach an adult weight of between 4 and 8 kilograms.

The coat is short and dense and can present several colors of combination and patterns. There is a great variety of color tones; It does not have a double layer or fleece.

The eyes of the British shorthair cat are consistent with the mantle and pattern, the most common being the orange color. Colors like blue and green in british silver tabby and golden shaded

The colors of the fur and eyes of the british shorthair cat

Cats of pure white color, with yellowish tones. Your eyes in this color can be deep sapphire, blue, gold or copper, nose and pink pads.

British shorthair white cat

Pigs of complete black color. The eyes of this can be gold or copper. The nose and pads are black.

British short hair black

Blue cat, this is the most characteristic color of the breed. It can be light or medium blue, without marks of other colors. His eyes are golden or copper.

British short-haired blue

British shorthair red, deep red, without white spots. Golden eyes or copper.

British cat with short cream hair, always with light tones. Gold or copper eyes

British Shorthair Kitty Cream

British shorthair cat smoked, when they present gray tones

Patterns in the fur of the British Shorthair

Having a large range of colors in british short hair such as black, blue, red, cream, chocolate, lilac, turtles, cinnamon and faw, in addition to whites would be bicolor and tricolor or whole white. Turtles are mixtures with cream or red. The tricolors are only females. The most common patterns in british shorthair are the Tabby, Spotted and Colorpoint.

The British shorthair blue is the most representative of the breed, sharing this color with the Carthusian cat or the russian blue cat

The British shorthair standard

Our standard British Shorthair cat is a compact and balanced cat. It has a strong body with a broad chest, legs and a short, thick and round tail. The ears are small, round at the tip and separate. His cheeks are broad and his chin is firm. Round eyes, large and wide open, broad nose and short. Short and dense hair, crispy touch with a good sub layer.

How is the behavior of a British short haired cat?

The British shorthair or british shorthair cat breed is sociable, affectionate and friendly. This cat is very fond of the affection and affection of its owners, it is evident that it is attached and loyal to them. He loves to convey a cheerful and spontaneous character, even as an adult he is a puppy.

This British cat breed is quiet, quiet and discreet, they get along very well with cats, dogs and other small animals. He gets along well with the children because he is nice and funny. Sometimes after the games you will enjoy resting well in your bed.

It is not an independent cat, it gets happy in the company of its owners, it will receive you and it will always be looking for you. It is not aggressive or territorial. That is why it is a perfect companion for coexistence at home.

How much does a short-haired British cat live?

Our beloved short-haired British kitten, will accompany us between 9 to 15 years, with this friend and companion we will be a long time.

How can you get the confidence of a British shorthair cat?

Our British Shorthair cat is curious and independent and with great hunter instinct. Although he is affectionate, he can be a little surly and distrustful of strangers

It adapts well to any type of house, both in apartments and in more space, it is not lazy, if not, very active and playful if the situation sends it.

According to experts the personality of this breed of British shorthair cat is attributed in relation to its fur. The British short-haired blue cat is stubborn, however, the short-haired British silver cat is sentimental and the british shorthaired tabby is very playful.

How to care for a British Shorthair cat?

The british shorthair kitten does not need much care, however, you must take care of it to keep it healthy and happy.

We recommend you consider the following tips to take good care of your British shorthair cat.

The nail cut of the British pussycat

Our micifuz does not require a nail trimming, they will naturally clean it if we give it a scraper. However, due to age or illness it is necessary to do so, because they can stop doing it. If you can not do the cut you can go to a veterinarian so you do not harm your cat.

Brushing the British cat

You must do it between 2 to 3 times per week, this to have a nice coat and no dead hair.

To make your British Shorthair cat happy, you just need some simple things in your home like, a comfortable bed, toys and accessories to play, also scrapers

The feeding of the British cat

It is very important to have a full diet, we should not give food without restriction because we would promote the obesity of our cat. One recommendation is to offer enough food once a day

How to clean British Shorthair cat?

Our British kitten is very clean, however, there may be some occasions when it is required. We give you some tips to keep your cat clean.

Cleaning the face of the British Shorthair cat

Whenever necessary should be cleaned should be cleaned the tear of the cat. With the help of a wet gauze, serum or chamomile. The accumulation of laganes becomes greater from the 8 years.

Cleaning the mouth of the short-haired British cat

You must accustom your kitten to wash his mouth from puppy, this you must do between 2 to 5 times a week.

Cleans the ears of the British shorthair cat

Too much dirt accumulates in the ears of our micifuzu. Although it is not necessary to clean the auditory pin, it is advisable to clean it from time to time to detect the presence of mites.

How to bathe a British shorthair cat?

A british shorthair cat does not need to be bathed, they groom themselves, we will only do it if they have really gotten soiled or parasites are present.

We give you some tips on how to bathe, from the preparation, the bathroom and after the bath.

How to prepare the sink and the British cat?

A good place to bathe our pussycat is the sink, it is at a good height, it will be comfortable for us. Around the sink you could place the necessary utensils for cleaning.

Fill the sink with a few 15 to 25 centimeters of warm water. The temperature should be pleasant.

Ready all the utensils to bathe our kitten, you might need the following things:

Jug, shampoo, hose for taps, nail clippers, dry towels, brush

It is advisable to trim your cat’s nails before bathing them, so you will avoid scratching if he is nervous. It is better to put it on your knees and press the last finger joint to extend the retractable nail

Do not cut your cat’s nails too much, it is easier to cut them when they are clean, so you can see the living part of the nail

How to bathe your British shorthair cat?

Try not to stress your cat, reassure him with your words when introducing him to the water. If he is afraid, hold the back of his neck to calm him down, this calms him down and relaxes him

Let your cat sit in the tub, get used to feeling the warm water on your paw and belly, hold it in case you want to jump out of the tub.

Rinse your coat with warm water. Be careful that water does not enter your eyes and ears. When your cat relaxes

Place the shampoo and massage it gently. Then rinse it little by little with lukewarm water, always avoiding eyes and ears.

How to dry your British cat?

Dry your kitten with a towel covering it completely, except your head. Rub your body gently to remove excess moisture.

Once dry, brush it for the last time.

Clean your cat’s eyes and ears with cotton

We recommend that after a bath you premiere it to show your friend that he did a good job so he will get used to the bathroom and it will not be annoying for him

Where should you place the litter box of your short-haired British kitten?

To find the ideal place to place your cat’s litter box you should take into account the following recommendations:

As we like to have a place and quiet where to do your needs. Therefore, do not place the sandbox in a place where there is a lot of circulation and / or doors are opened.

They feel very susceptible and helpless when they are at home. Therefore, do not place this box in a place with a lot of noise, if you leave it in the laundry room, try not to use the washing machine when your cat needs it.

How to clean the litter box of your British shorthair cat?

You must take into account that two types of cleaning are required to keep the litter box as hygienic as possible.

Daily cleaning of the sandbox

You should eliminate the solids that the litter box has on a daily basis, these can be agglomerations of urine or feces. For this you can use trash bags, a nearby trash can, a plastic shovel, gloves and chinstrap.

Remove the solids from the sandbox with the help of the plastic shovel and gloves, place them in a plastic garbage bag and deposit it in the trash can.

Fill the box with a little sand, so that it stays at the same level before you clean it.

Weekly cleaning of the sandbox

This activity should be done at least once a week if you have a cat, if you had two at least twice a week.

For this, with the help of latex gloves, hold the sandbox and empty all the sand in a plastic bag, avoiding spills on the floor, help with the plastic shovel. Deposit this bag in the trash can.

Wash the litter box with warm water and choose an unscented detergent, it is preferable to use dish detergent, this is soft and unscented. Let the box dry in the sun.

Once dry, you can place a thin layer of baking soda to the bottom of the box to absorb bad odors. Then fill in the sandbox with the preference of your cat.

What does the short-haired British cat eat?

It must offer a specific food for this breed, because being corpulent and stubby, has a tendency to obesity.

The diet of the British shorthair cat should have a diet rich in L-carnitine that helps the metabolism of fats.

The food of this breed must contribute to the bones and joints due to its robust and strong bearing, containing minerals such as calcium.

Your diet should also contain taurine, EPA and DHA to maintain cardiovascular health and maintain your kidney health.

In that sense we must offer dry, moist and natural foods that are rich in these nutrients.

British cats shorthair eating

The dry food for British shorthair cat

The croquettes are adapted for your massive jaw since they facilitate pressure and stimulate chewing, which also helps your oral health. In addition, it is an easy food to dispense, it is economical.

The wet food for the british shorthair

You can offer it infrequently, because although it is very desirable for cats because of its high moisture content and its palatability. However, out of the cost to acquire it, can lead to a problem in the health of your cat. So do not abuse him.

The natural food for the British

It is very likely that if you ask a cat expert you always recommend commercial food, for the nutrients that it offers. However, it is good to emphasize that natural food is always the best option that our cat has. That if we must know what foods to give and what not. In this case the foods that we eat can not always be good for our friends. Offer meat and fish cooked without bones or thorns.

The most recommended is to use all three types of food, with an emphasis on dry foods, so that your cat grows healthy and happy

How to train a British shorthair cat?

It is very important that the cat stays until two months of age with his mother and siblings. Well at that stage is that the felines learn their language, hygienic habits, sharpening the nails and natural behavior of the species and everything you should learn for adulthood.

At this stage, socialization takes place with others of your race, other animals and people. To prevent behavior problems in adulthood.

In the later part, training a British cat is not a difficult task, but if you need patience to teach new tricks.

The detail is when our friend presents us with problems such as scratching things and furniture in the house, or even not using his litter box.

What to do if your short-haired British cat scratches your furniture?

It is possible that your cat loves that armchair that you love so much and ends up mistreating it, an easy solution is that you give him something that can scratch without problems. A scraper is recommended, but you may not want to use it; accustom it by leaving this close to your furniture and with an energetic order like a NO, followed by a loud noise like a slap, leave the furniture and use the scraper. At first, because of his pride, he will not use it, but you will see how little by little he changes objects to scratch him.

If the problem persists you can dissuade it by using a lemon or peppermint flavoring that is unpleasant for cats, spraying it on your furniture.

Your british cat does not use its sandbox?

First check if the sandbox is well located, in a quiet place with low traffic. Verify that the sand is clean and free of debris. See if cat litter is your friend’s favorite and has no scent. If you find one of these problems, solve it quickly.

If the problem persists, do not scold him directly, because he can understand that he does not like to use his litter box and stop using it. Instead, help yourself to the aromas of lemon, mint and lavender to sprinkle it where you do not want it to go. And when you do things right, reward him so that he understands how to do things well.

What disease can the British shorthair cat have?

The british shorthair cat is usually a strong cat that is in good health, but has the susceptibility, like its congeners, to have some congenital diseases.

Polycystic kidney disease is the presence of cysts in the kidneys that press the tissue and prevent the kidney from functioning well. If the cat presents the disease, the symptoms are: loss of appetite and weight, vomiting, apathy, and increased water consumption, therefore, greater urination.

Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is a genetic disease. It causes thickening of the heart muscle in the left ventricle, causing deficiencies in the circulatory system.

The feline coronavirus, which is given by a virus in the form of a corona that attacks the cells of the intestine of the cat; causes mild or chronic gastroenteritis

Feline panleucopein is a highly contagious viral disease caused by a parvovirus that attacks small cats without vaccines. It causes symptoms such as vomiting and bloody diarrhea, loss of appetite and fever.

For this reason it is very important to make the visit every 6 months to the veterinarian to avoid and prevent certain diseases. As well as carry a strict schedule of vaccination and deworming.

How to keep a British shorthair cat healthy?

To keep our companion healthy, we must take care of it a lot, feed it properly with the proper food for this breed. To clean it regularly, to brush it to give it comfort and a healthy life.

Whenever there are abnormal things in your health we will go to the veterinarian to check it and detect possible problems.

Play a lot with your cat, do not neglect it and give it a lot of affection, so you will keep it happy and healthy.

How much is a British cat with short hair?

You can buy, adopt or give as a gift a British shorthair cat or british shorthair with different prices, this depends on where you buy it. The price can range from about 500 $ us in a professional hatchery and around 300 $ us in a pet store or a private one.

Where to buy a British Shorthair cat?

When choosing a british shorthair kitten you can get it in three places, we tell you what they are.

In a professional hatchery

Here you will find British cats with long hair with the necessary certification, their vaccines and their pedigree. Before buying it, the breeder will answer all your questions. You must observe that the facilities, troughs and drinking troughs are clean, the cats well cared for and fed.

In a pet store

In this case you will not be able to obtain your pedigree, but if you have well-groomed cats, make sure you get cats over two months old.

With a particular

If you find someone who wants to give a British shorthair cat for adoption or sale, they should allow you to see the cats and their parents when you request it. Just observe that they are well cared for and at least must have more than two months to live

Curiosities about the British shorthair cat

In 1871 the British shorthair cat or British Shorthair competed for the first time in The Crystal Palace, broke popularity records where he surpassed the Persian cat.

In the I and II World War this breed was almost extinct for that reason in the breeding lines the Persian cat was included who gave way to a british cat with improved short hair, more robust, with more rounded shapes, intensity of the color of the eyes

The “Cheshire” cat from Alice in Wonderland, was inspired by a British shorthair cat

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