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Bathe a long-haired cat step by step

There is a generalized idea that, since cats wash themselves, it is not necessary to bathe them, and this is true, but only half. Bathe a cat is not necessary if it is healthy, looks good and never goes out on the street, so it does not get dirty more than usual. Normally with a good brushing would suffice, but if you let your cat go outside, you can get dirty with mud or any substance that he himself is not able to remove. Thus, Sometimes, it is necessary to give them a bath.

The ideal thing is to accustom your cat to the bathroom since he is a puppy, in this way you will prevent him from hating water. Accustoming an adult cat to bathe is more complicated, although not impossible.

Do you want to bathe your cat but are you worried about doing it because he has long hair? Nothing happens, the steps are just as simple as when bathing a cat with short hair, you just have to be more careful when lathering and rinse to avoid knots. Keep reading this article of EspertoAnimal so you can learn the steps to follow for bathe a long-haired cat:

1. Prepare all the material

It is much better to have everything you need at hand: combs, towels, hair dryer, shampoo, conditioner and water. Fill the tub or container With warm water about four or five centimeters before taking the cat to the bathroom.

2. Brush her hair

One of the most important tips when bathing a cat with long hair, is brushing the hair before starting, as well you will eliminate the knots, it will be easier to bathe and in addition, water and shampoo will go well everywhere. If we skip this step the knots will become more tangled when wet and will be more difficult and painful to remove. There are special brushes for long haired cats that will help you in this step.

3. Put the cat slowly

You have to put the cat slowly in the bathtub, caressing him and trying to relax him so that he takes the bath as something natural. You can put some toy that you like a lot, so it will be more entertaining.

4. Wet the cat slowly

We will start with the back and follow the legs, the belly and the neck. We will not wet the head until the end, since it is the most unpleasant area for the kitten and can be scared and try to escape.

5. Wash with shampoo

We will give you a little special shampoo for long-haired cats. There are brands of all types and a wide range of prices. We will soap you well giving you a little massage and rinse. If necessary, we will repeat the soaping. Be very careful in this step so as not to entangle the hair and knots.

6. Apply conditioner

So that your kitten’s fur is soft, shiny and to avoid knots when combing it, it is recommended that use special conditioner for cats. Each brand will have a mode of use, but it is normal to apply it like the shampoo and you have to let it act for two or three minutes. In other cases the conditioner is applied after washing, with wet hair.

7. Rinse it well

Make sure you rinse it well and that no trace of shampoo remains or conditioner. A trick to bathe a long haired cat is to wash the head at the end, being careful not to get water in the ears, eyes or mouth. Even so, we recommend using wet wipes or a wet wash to clean the area.

8. Dry it well

It is important that do not leave the cat wet, especially in autumn and winter. A trick so that your cat is not afraid of the dryer is to turn it on before the cat is in front. This way you will get used to the noise from afar. If you also seem scared, help yourself with several dry towels and the heat of a radiator.

9. Comb it

When the cat is dry, come back to comb it so that the hair is perfect and shiny and eliminate any possible knots that may have formed during the bath.

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