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Balinese cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Balinese cat, a feline with American origins, descendant of Siamese cats and longhaired cats. A beautiful domestic cat, with soft fur that has gained many followers; A faithful companion that will give you a lot of affection.

Photos and Images of Balinese Cats

In this section you can find photos and images of Balinese Cats. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is a Balinese Cat?

The cat Balí or Balinese he is feline, very sociable, intelligent and faithful companion animal; is the result of crossing the Siamese cat and the Angora. The Balinese does not come from the island of Balin, Indonesia. It was named like this, because of the elegant movements it has, very similar to the beautiful dancers of Balin Island.

What is the origin of the Balinese Cat?

The Balinese cat breed is originally from U.S.A., In the decade 1940; He appeared trying to get a race with the physique and complexion of the Siamese, but with the beautiful coat of the Angora. In its origins it was called Siamese cat with long hair for its characteristics.

Twenty years after its emergence, it was officially recognized at 1960. They arrived in Europe much later, in the middle of the 70 decade. Until 1983, it was not known as a standard race.

What are the most characteristic common of the Balinese Cat?

This cat has Siamese genes. They have dark features in places like the mask of their face, ears, legs and tail. Here we present the most important characteristics of Balinese cats:

Size: Balinese cats have a small to medium size.

Weight: The weight in the males is 3.5 to 5 kilograms and in the females of 2.5 to 3 kilograms.

Height: can measure between 15 and 17.7 cm.

Body: Its shape is athletic and strong musculature. Lengthened and flexible.

Eyes: Almond shaped, medium, deep blue and pure.

Nose: It is long, wide and straight.

Ears: They are large, broad-based and pointed.

Head: of triangular shape, medium.

Extremities: The legs are long and thin.

Tail: It is long, thin, thin from the base to the tip, with long hair.

Fur: It is fine and silky. Lustrous without lint. It is moderately long, longer on the shoulders and tail.

Coat color: the typical Siamese standards: chocolate, red, seal. With creamy white body, mask of the tail, leg and face. Mascara color: brown, bluish gray, red, cream, smoke tabby.

How is the character and behavior of a Balinese cat usually?

A very important characteristic of the Balinese Cat is its fidelity and loyalty with his master; His loyalty is so great that he can ignore other members of the family. In general, the Balinese cat has a kind, affectionate and sweet temperament, especially with those who feed and care for it.

La Balinese cat breed is very playful and active, gets along very well with children; he loves games, if you pay attention he could have fun with you; playing with feather dusters, toy mice, yarn balls and others. It’s a cat that Hates to go unnoticed, so I’ll find a way to get your attention.

It has a strong personality that many times it can prevent you from living with other cats; He is an egocentric cat that seeks to have everything for him.

The mewings of the Balinese are soft with the docility they show to their family. They love to stay outdoors, they adapt very well to a house with outside access, although they can live quietly in a flat.

In general, it is a feline that if you decide to include it in your family, it will give you a lot of love and loyalty.

How much does a Balinese cat live?

La life expectancy of a cat Balinese can be between the 12 to 15 years; A well-groomed cat with all the attention it demands can prolong for a few additional years.

They are animals that make our lives happy with their company; The best gift we can give them is to provide happiness in each of their years of life

How to care for a Balinese cat?

The cat of Balinese breed is a strong breed, which usually needs little care, also enjoys good health. You just have to give her the basic care such as brushing her hair, regulate her feeding, provide her with fresh and clean water, give her toys that will help her scratch her nails and go periodically to the vet. Take into account that the Balinese cat is hypoallergenic, that is, it has a low probability of producing an allergy.

Feline hygiene

Like most cats with long fur, the Balinese cat needs maintenance of its coat since he was a baby; Brush it regularly to prevent knots from forming, this way you will prevent dead hair from reaching your digestive system. There are special brushes so you can give the respective hygiene to your kitten, you can brush it once a week.

Prevention of feline diseases

Go periodically to the veterinarian to keep your health in perfect condition; clean your nails and ears to avoid future problems. Keep vaccines and worming up to date, in this way you will prevent possible diseases.

To the Balinese cat he loves the outdoors, so you should ensure a comfortable place that allows you to enjoy nature or, failing that, plan days of daily departure to meet your preferences.

If your feline goes out frequently and has access to the outside, control your exits to enjoy nature; but take into account that you could be exposed with bacteria and microorganisms; go to the vet regularly to prevent your kitten from contracting diseases.

What do the Balinese cats eat?

The Balinese cat is not as demanding with its food as it is in other breeds. Just give them a complete diet, where you have dry balanced food based on proteins.

In case your cat refuses its food, you can hydrate your food with water. You can reward your kitten from time to time with treats like tuna, which is a delight when it’s fresh.

Like all felines, you should provide them with a drinking fountain with fresh, clean water that you have access to all the time; also a clean and neat feeder.

If you do not want your cat to be overweight, measure the rations and avoid frequent treats; that way you’ll keep your cat in shape.

Which diseases are the most common in the Balinese Cat?

The Balinese cat, being the result of crossing the Siamese and Angora, can present some genetic diseases. As a relative of the Siamese, he is likely to inherit the squint; which is a disorder of the optic nerve, which produces the deviation towards the outside or within one or both eyes; This disease is produced by the CS gene.

Another disorder that can occur is the nystagmus, which is the uncontrolled movement of the eyes. So also the glaucoma and the progressive retinal atrophy They can affect the feline.

As for the ear, the otitis, which is the inflammation of the inner ear. This disease is one of the most common in cats, this disease is caused by having low defenses; It has many symptoms such as pain and bad smell coming from the ears. This anomaly is easy to detect, so you should take it periodically to the veterinarian to perform your checks; treatments in time prevent otitis evolutions and is more difficult to cure.

In relation to the heart, it could present congenital cardiovascular anomalies, such as Tetralogy of Fallot; basically it consists of the formation of an orifice that connects the two ventricles of the heart.

Finally, do not forget that long-haired animals usually ingest their hair through daily grooming; This anomaly affects your digestive system. Avoid it by frequent brushing, this will help to reduce dead hair.

If you notice any anomaly in your cat, visit your veterinarian as soon as possible; This will avoid the seriousness and complication of any disease, finding solutions.

Curiosities of the Balinese Cat

In this section we present some curious facts about cats of the Balinese breed.

  • The Balinese cat does not come from the island of Balin, Indonesia. Its name comes from its elegant movements, similar to that of the beautiful dancers of Balin Island.
  • The balí cat appeared when looking for a balance of physique and complexion of the Siamese cat but with the coat of the Turkish angora.
  • This feline in its origins was called Siamese cat with long hair for the characteristics inherited from the Siamese cat.
  • Although the breed was developed in the 1940 decade, it was officially recognized in the 1960 decade in the United States; and in the 1983 year in Europe as a standard race.
  • The first Balinese cats had a thicker bone structure and fur, but the breeders were stylizing the breed.

How much does a Balinese cat cost?

If you are going to adopt a Balinese cat, the first thing you should know when buying is that the breeders are certified; breeders that meet the standards of the International Federations, which guarantee that the cat you are acquiring is of the breed.

According to the breeding farm from which you obtain, the guarantee and certification that you can obtain a Balinese cat, the price may vary between 200 to 500 dollars.

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