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Bach flowers for cats

In recent years we often hear about Bach flowers, also applied to our pets. There are more and more cases treated with this therapy, as well as veterinary professionals who are trained in this discipline. In this article we are going to focus on cats to discover what Bach flowers are, what are the benefits and uses they can have for our cats. If you’ve ever heard of these Bach flowers for cats, You want to continue reading!

What are Bach flowers?

They are called the 38 extracts of flowers and plants discovered by the English physician Edward Bach at the beginning of the 20th century. This doctor chose plants that acted on different conditions that human beings could experience, such as fear, sadness, anger or hyperactivity. He prepared these plants in the form of dilutions that he kept with alcohol in a dropper to facilitate its use. Several drops were administered directly several times a day or put in water or even in food. Normally, a dropper of exclusive composition is prepared for the needs of the patient, and usually two or five flowers are mixed.

Over time, Dr. Bach died, his disciples continued to spread his legacy, which was expanded with the use of flowers in animals and to treat, also, physical ailments. Of all the Bach flowers for cats, humans and other animals, It stands out for its popularity Remedy Rescue, which is a mixture of a minimum of five essences and used in situations of high stress.

Of course, and although successful clinical cases are reported, we must recognize that the scientific studies conducted on its usefulness do not give it more efficacy than a placebo.

Bach flowers in cats

As we have said, it is possible to use Bach flowers in cats. These should be prescribed by floral therapists, better with experience in animals, or by veterinarians trained in this discipline. Flowers can be used as much for disorders that we detect in our cat (hyperactivity, aggressiveness, stress), as for specific moments in which we want the cat to stay calm. These events, foreseeable so that we can anticipate, would be changes, visits to the veterinarian, strangers at home or introduction of new animals.

Depending on how manageable our cat is, we can administer the drops directly in the mouth or add them to the water in the dose recommended by the therapist. Although we have several animals living together, there is no problem with everyone consuming the water that contains the flowers. It is also possible to offer them mixed with a little food. We must find the way that best suits our cat and our circumstances, taking into account that it is advisable to supply them several times a day.

As we discussed, there are many situations in which we can use Bach flowers for cats. Let’s see some of its most common uses.

Uses of Bach flowers in cats

Bach flowers for cats are often used in the following alterations:

Bach flowers for aggressive cats

Flowers are used both for attacks on people and other animals. Although its administration spread over several times a day, it is possible to offer them more frequently if we anticipate signs of aggression. In these cases, you can also use the flowers sprayed in the environment (carefully if the cat reacts to spray noise). In very few shots should be seen a significant improvement consisting of a decrease in attacks and its virulence.

Bach flowers for cats with fear

In the case of finding ourselves in front of a scary cat, we should try determine the cause of your fear. Basically, it is about discerning between each other whether it is abstract or concrete, since, according to this classification, the use of one or another flower will be relevant. As always, we will be able to use the Bach flowers to improve the life of our fearful cat in general or we can reduce its administration to specific moments in which we know that our cat will react with fear.

Bach flowers for hyperactive cats

At this point it is important to differentiate between a true hyperactivity and the normal activity of the cat, although this is high. Only Bach flowers will be prescribed in cases in which the animal suffers as a result of this condition, and should be the specialist who determines the most appropriate remedy.

Bach flowers for stressed cats

It is usual for cats to show stress behaviors before changes. Bach flowers can also help you cope with these moments. Thus, we can anticipate triggering situations, such as the visit to the veterinarian. Another paradigmatic example of this use would be trips. The flowers will be able to be administered before leaving and, also, during the time that the displacement lasts, according to the needs of the cat.

Things to keep in mind

In addition to the different forms of administration we have seen (direct, mixed with food or water and powdered), it is important to keep in mind that the treatment may have to be modified as changes occur in the behavior of the animal, both in terms of frequency, if there is remission of critical moments, and in composition of the preparation. Using Bach flowers does not mean neglecting changes we can make to improve our cat’s environment. Finally, we can use them once the veterinary examination has ruled out any condition that needs intervention or “conventional” medication.

Benefits of Bach flowers for cats

Among the benefits of Bach flowers for cats include:

  • Wide spectrum of use (stress, fear, aggressiveness, hyperactivity).
  • Speed ​​of action, with visible results in a very short time.
  • Ease of administration, which avoids having to “fight” with the cat to take medication.
  • Absence of side effects; in no case its use will produce adverse effects.
  • Its innocuousness makes it possible to administer them to cats at any time of their life, from the smallest kittens to old age. They can also use pregnant or lactating cats and sick animals, even when they are taking other medications.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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