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Australian Mist Cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The australian mist cat is a breed developed in Australia at 1976. It descends from the cross between different cat breeds including the Burmese, the Abyssinians and other domestic shorthair cats from Australia. Dr. Truda Straede, creator, wanted to achieve a cat with all the characteristics of his predecessors, yes, with a friendly character, active and good humor.

Physical characteristics of australian mist

When it is still a kitten, the australian mist seems to be a very robust cat, although over time its constitution is fine tuned to compensate its structure like that of a normal cat. We can appreciate a cat of medium size and short hair so when losing little hair does not require a daily or excessively constant brushing. It has a very nice and sweet face that highlights its big eyes and ears. Its weight ranges from 3 to 6 kilograms of weight.

The australian mist presents different colors such as brown, gold, gray and dark colors. The fur always shows little specks called fog in the whole mantle, characteristic of the race.

Character of australian mist

The cat asutralian mist is very tolerant to the manipulation of his close relatives and stands out as a cat that adapts to small spaces without showing anxiety or discomfort. It is usually a playful, kind, friendly cat and nothing surly. The australian mist enjoy the company and the attentions of the people around you: it is a grateful and sweet cat.

The sterilized specimens have an affinity and a better relationship with other pets, whether cats or dogs, a characteristic trait that has been strengthened by approved breeders.

Care and health of the australian mist

We can appreciate that excessive care is not needed to adequately maintain an australian mist as it is a very clean cat which will require occasional brushing. In addition to their basic utensils, we must pay attention taking them to the veterinarian at least once a year and maintaining their external and internal deworming with the regularity stipulated.

Some health problems that can affect the australian mist are: urinary tract disease, eye problems and tapeworms. Nothing that can not be detected and treated with regular visits to the specialist. It is for all of this that we affirm that the australian mist cat is a pretty healthy specimen.

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