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Alternatives to the Elizabethan collar in cats

After surgery or accidental injury, our cats have tendency to lick the affected area. However, if it is licked and bitten, the lesion will become infected, as well as points can be opened if it is worn.

To avoid these incidents, we all know the existence of Elizabethan collars, but if you find yourself in an emergency you will need to know some alternatives to Elizabethan collar in cats. In this article we are going to list some, take note!

What is an Elizabethan collar? What is it for?

The Elizabethan collar is a resistant plastic collar With conical shape that is placed on the neck of the cat to prevent our cat from licking bodily wounds, both surgical and accidental.

The licking and manipulation of wounds interferes with their healing, contrary to what was thought for many years. Also, after Ophthalmological or dental surgeries It is used to prevent the cat from being damaged by the legs.

If the cat gets used to it and does not have a bad time, it is the traditional and standardized method with which we avoid the cat from hurting its wounds. In addition, it is an economical and simple method. Currently, many of them have a rubber lining on its edge to avoid the damage caused by it.

La proper size the veterinarian must indicate it to us, since it must not be too small or too large and will be attached to a collar with an elastic gauze. The first day we wear it we must understand that our cat is more nervous or on the contrary does not move practically until he gets used to it.

6 alternatives to the Elizabethan collar in cats

Next, in we propose 6 alternatives to the Elizabethan collar in cats that can help you in case of emergency:

  1. Body for catsThey are not particularly expensive and are perfect to prevent the cat from scratching or licking specific areas of the body, for example after a castration. We can find this product in pet stores or online.
  2. Premature baby body: the sizes of these bodies are ideal for kittens, you just have to customize them by cutting the place where the tail will go. With these bodys we will cover abdominal and dorsal wounds, so we must be careful that they do not macerate when presenting more moisture than if the wound was in the air, which in most cases is ideal.
  3. Inflatable collar: they are very popular and currently appreciated. They surround the neck and do not impede peripheral vision, something that usually bothers them a lot. They are more comfortable and ergonomic than classic collars. We can buy them online, in a veterinary clinic or in a store for pet products.
  4. Collar of fabric or of material rubber eva: softer and more flexible than plastic ones, but difficult to find in the market. You must go to a specialized veterinary center.
  5. Rigid cervical collar: like the ones mentioned above, this type of product is difficult to find in the market, so you should go to a veterinary clinic. In addition, its price is very high.
  6. Socks on legs: placed with care not to over compress, can help prevent the feline from rubbing its legs in a wound and hurting itself. They can also be used cohesive bandages, for sale at any pharmacy, which adhere solely to themselves.

Recommendations related to the Elizabethan collar

We want to highlight that the best options for our cats are the classic Elizabethan collars and commercial or premature baby bodies. The method to use will depend a lot on the character of the cat and you can try several to find the right one. We also help you solve some frequent problems:

– My cat takes off the Elizabethan collar

It is common for cats to try to remove the Elizabethan collar and, in short, anything that we place on them. If your cat tries or is able to remove the Elizabethan collar, it will be essential to bet on other options, yes, after ensuring that the size is the correct one and that is well adjusted.

– My cat also licks the wound

Perhaps it is that the collar is not properly adjusted, even so, sometimes it will be able to do it equally if it has enough elasticity. If we observe that our cat gets to lick and touch the wounds even taking the appropriate measures and testing with the alternatives already mentioned, we should tell our veterinarian to evaluate other options that really prevent the cat from hurting itself.

– My cat can not eat or drink properly

In these cases it is advisable to place the feeder or drinking fountain directly on the ground, so that the cat can feed and drink without problem. We can also make a seeding, that is, spread the food on the ground, to make it easier for you.

– My cat has a wound caused by the Elizabethan collar

Although many commercial collars have a rubber band incorporated to prevent this type of problem, sometimes it can happen that the cat suffers injuries caused by this tool. We recommend replace the necklace with a body and communicate with the veterinarian to treat the wound.

– My cat is very nervous

They exist in the market food supplements and feed which are complemented with mixtures of amino acids and vitamins that will help our cat to cope with these more stressful situations. We can also find synthetic pheromones, very popular nowadays.

Finally we can try to distract him and relieve the nervousness with caresses, food vending toys, intelligence toys, classical music, the presence of a friend or different relaxation activities.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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