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Aloe vera for cats with leukemia

Cats are strong domestic animals but also susceptible to a multitude of diseases, some of them very serious, as is the case of feline leukemia, a viral disease that directly affects the immune system and which unfortunately does not currently It has a cure

This does not imply that the owner of a cat affected by leukemia has nothing to do, in fact, there are many actions that can be carried out to improve the quality of life of our pet against the disorders caused by this disease.

For example, the application of natural remedies is a good option, so in this article we talk about the aloe vera for cats with leukemia.

Aloe vera to improve the quality of life of the cat with leukemia

Natural therapies are in full swing, also in the veterinary field, and this represents important benefits for our pets, as long as we use these natural resources in a responsible way and with the necessary professional supervision.

It is important to emphasize that natural therapies, even those based solely on nutritional supplementation, such as the case of vitamins for cats with leukemia, they are not intended to replace pharmacological treatment that the veterinarian could have prescribed.

It is also important that you understand that natural therapies are not a miracle solution, this means that the use of aloe vera in cats with leukemia will only be destined to improve the quality of life of the feline. Please do not rely on any information that strongly states that aloe vera is capable of being used as a unique and curative treatment in cases of feline leukemia.

How does aloe vera help cats with leukemia?

Perhaps you think that aloe vera is toxic to cats, but the pulp contained in this plant, which is used for medicinal purposes, It does not present any toxicity or danger used in the appropriate doses.

By contrast, aloe vera contains active components that will be very useful to the cat affected by leukemia:

  • Aloetin: This component will help cope with any bacterial infection produced as a result of the decrease in the response of the immune system.
  • Saponins: These components are antiseptic, therefore, they will also help protect the cat’s organism against opportunistic infections, which are those that would not occur before a competent immune system.
  • Aloemodin and aloeolein: Both components focus their action protecting the gastric and intestinal mucosa, therefore they are useful to prevent the damages that can be caused by some pharmacological treatments on the digestive system.
  • Carricina: It is one of the most important active principles of aloe vera in this case, as it acts by strengthening the immune system and increasing the defenses. This plant will also provide enzymes, which exert an action similar to carricin on the defenses.

As you have seen, there are several chemical components present in aloe vera that offer very interesting pharmacological effects to improve the quality of life of the cat with leukemia, therefore, we are facing a complementary treatment of first choice.

How to administer aloe vera in cats with leukemia

Taking into account the weakness of the organism of a cat affected by leukemia, it is essential that you acquire ecological aloe vera juice suitable for human consumption, since it is the one with the highest quality.

In this case aloe vera should administered orally, and although the dose is 1 milliliter per kilo of body weight, in cases of very sick cats can be administered per kilo of weight 2 milliliters.

As always, we recommend that you have the advice of a holistic or naturist veterinarian.

This article is merely informative, in .com we do not have the faculty to prescribe veterinary treatments or make any kind of diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian in case of any type of condition or discomfort.

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