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Abyssinian cat: Breed Personality, Behavior Facts and Characteristics, Health Care Info

The Abyssinian cat in a race that makes us look like we are in front of a small cougar. It is a very active cat, playful, explorer and climber. He is also very sociable and intelligent, he does not like to be alone, so he can always be behind his master. It is an excellent company for its owners because it is very affectionate.

Photos and Images of Abyssinian cats

In this section you can find photographs of the Abyssinian Cat. Click on the image to see it in full resolution.

What is an Abyssinian cat?

The Abyssinian cat, is one of the first races to be recognized, is a playful cat, so it gets along very well with children. It is a very sociable feline, both at rest or movement shows elegance and harmony in their movements.

Where do Abyssinian cats come from?

The breeds of Abyssinian cats, does not come from Abyssinia, which today would be Ethiopia, this comes from Egypt. The first appearance in an exhibition was in England, it was a cat that, if it came from Abyssinia. In 1874 in the book “Cats, their Points”, authored by Gordon Staples, the first Abyssinian cat, named Zula, was described as belonging to Mrs. Barrett-Lennard. She had arrived in England at 1868, the body of the cat was mottled without stripes, small, but strong and muscular.

There are people who mention that the race comes from several crosses between Silvers y Browns with cats Britsh Bunny from England.

At the end of the 19th century the breed was already known and in the 20th century it was cataloged. The breeding was dedicated by the English, in 199 this cat came to the United States with the baby Abyssinia. For 1930 abyssinians were imported from England, with which systematic breeding would be founded.

What are the most common characteristics of the Abyssinian cat?

The Abyssinian cat reminds us of a small cougar. Is a stylized kitten and agile, strong, proportioned and muscular, of medium size. It can weigh between 5 to 6 kilograms.

It has a triangular head, with wide base ears and open up, its tail is long and bushy. Its coat is soft to the touch and bright, it has fine hair of medium to long size.

The coat of his fur follows a pattern called ticked, apparently they do not have stripes. Each hair has multiple bands, which gives them a “dotted” appearance. The Abyssinian cat has colors interspersed with lighter bands, and varies between brown, chocolate and fire colors.

How is the behavior or temperament of an Abyssinian cat?

If you decided to take an adoption abyssinian cat, you will see that it has a very active character, exceptionally affectionate, playful and dependent on his master. He spends his time playing, exploring, climbing. Whoever wants to have it as a pet has to buy high scrapers and place shelves around the house so that they can play and satisfy their needs.

It is a kind of intelligent and sociable kitten, so it gets along well with children. He does not like to be alone, so we recommend not leaving him alone and dedicating enough time, playing with him or resting.

Even when he is a few years old, he keeps some traits of his childhood, such as the desire to play, curiosity and affection. It has the character of a puppy.

How much does an Abyssinian cat live?

This Abyssinian kitten can have a longevity between 10 to 15 years, so you’ll have a good playmate for a long time.

How can you get the confidence of an Abyssinian cat?

Gaining the trust of a cat is not easy, this requires time, patience and a lot of love.

You must understand that cats require more time to trust people and respond slowly to rewards. The cat should set the pace of the relationship, make it feel safe by your side

Provide a safe place and many toys to have fun.

It is normal for you to feel anxious, scared or insecure at times, you need a place to hide and feel safe. Let him hide and do not force him out. Your sandbox should be in a place in a private place, without noise or interruptions.

Make sure there are shelves and shelves so that your kitten can climb, because the energy that has to be satiated. An alternative is a scraper tree where you can scratch and climb.

You should always give him food and water

Remember that your cat has basic needs that you must cover. Giving him food step by step will make him understand that you are the one who feeds him. It is recommended that you have dry cat food available. And try to give him wet cat food, I’m sure he’ll thank you.

Water and food must be totally accessible and clean, do not forget him who needs you.

Your cat may be stressed

You must be able to relax it to earn your trust. There are cats that support less routine changes, you will be the one that should make you relax.

Another way to gain confidence is to familiarize yourself with your smell, this is so that it will easily recognize you. Sometimes let him sleep on a garment that you do not use much to get used to your smell and be familiar.

Your cat will react well to positive efforts

That way you will win their love, respect and confidence. As time goes by, your cat will want to establish physical contact with you.

You must show less threatening to your cat, establishes the relationship of equal to equal. Avoid making eye contact, because it will see you as challenging. Never touch your cat abruptly. Deal with him with affection so he will treat you with affection and you will have more confidence.

The baby cub of the abyssinian cat

What do you need to know to take good care of your Abyssinian cat?

It is very important to take into account the energy that this cat has, so, you must prepare your home well for your arrival and thus avoid bad times. Avoid having curtains that reach the ground, because our kitten will take it as a challenge to climb. You should trim your nails frequently, thus avoiding damage to people and furniture.

Being very active, you must provide toys and entertainment. You will see that even at rest he exercises all day playing and manipulating toys

The Abyssinian cat will surprise you, because he likes challenges and games, for him it will be an opportunity to spend time with you.

It is an intelligent cat, through positive reinforcement with signs and verbal commands.

How to clean an abyssinian cat?

Normally an Abyssinian cat groomes itself. However, if you can not do it, check it because you may have a condition that does not allow it. Take him to a veterinarian to see him.

Brush it daily, so take the opportunity to check the skin of your abyssinian kitten to see if it has any abnormality. If you see something irregular, do not hesitate to take it to the vet.

Remove any lapses you may have in your eyes, to avoid having eye problems that cause tears or other secretions. Dry the tears with damp cotton.

Examine the ears and clean it, the color should be pale pink and should not contain any residue. Both ears should have the same color, if not, you will know that there is a problem.

Clean your cat’s bottom, eliminate any fecal residue, to avoid sticking in your coat and causing problems.

How to bathe an Abyssinian cat?

It is rarely necessary to completely bathe an abyssinian cat, since daily brushing and localized cleaning is sufficient.

However, if it gets dirty or stained with something sticky then there is no other option but to bathe it completely. Choose a good time to bathe, to not stress it, try to play with it before, to tire it and then bathe it.

Trim the nails of your cat, because if it gets nervous when bathing it will not scratch you. If you can not do it, you can take it to a pet hairdresser.

Give him a good brushing before, you will eliminate the dead hair, untangle his hair so that the shampoo acts well. Bathe with the help of someone else so that you can pass the cleaning products.

Ready everything to bathe, before you bathe. What you need can be the following: shampoo for cats, a plastic cup or jug, towels and cloths.

Prepare the bathtub with warm water with 8 to 10 centimeters high.

Start to bathe the cat, wet the cat with the help of a cup or jug, only from the neck down, avoid wetting your face. Talk to reassure him and treat him with kindness.

Massage your fur with shampoo, ask your partner for help to hold the cat. To clean your butt uses latex gloves.

Rinse the shampoo by pouring several jugs of warm water over your coat, making sure there is no shampoo on your coat.

When you’re done, dry your cat by covering it with towels to warm it up and then take it to a warm room to dry.

How to clean the sandbox of your abyssinian cat?

Pussies are great and fun companions. It is not necessary to take them out for a walk like dogs, but you will need a clean litter box all the time. If this is not the case, you will have the risk that your cat will not use its litter box and end up doing his business on your carpets or furniture. We recommend the following methods:

Daily maintenance of the sandbox.

You should keep your litter box clean every day and clean it completely at least once a week, depending on the number of cats you have.

Keep your cat’s box daily. Set up a dumpster near your box to dispose of the masses and not scatter sand on the floor.

Use gloves and if you want a mask, to avoid the spread of toxoplasmosis, viruses that have some cats and is transmitted by the cat’s feces.

Remove the solids from the sand, you can help with a shovel for this purpose. Do this at least once or twice a day so that your cat feels comfortable using its box.

Remove lumps of urine. If you use agglomerating sand, cat urine will form lumps. If you do not use it, you can place baking soda in the bottom of the box to absorb the odors of the urine.

Replace the sand you discard. After cleaning the solids and lumps of urine, fill with sand to help keep it clean and attractive for your kittens to use.

Weekly washing of the sandbox

Discard all the sand every week. Then wash the sandbox, if you have two cats you should do this twice a week.

For cleaning, do not use soaps or detergents that smell, you can use dish detergent. You can also use sodium bicarbonate. If the cat feels the smell of detergent or citrus odors, you may stop using your sandbox.

Dry the sandbox well. You can leave it to the environment or the sun for drying. Add baking soda to the bottom of the sandbox, to eliminate odors.

Choose the sand you will use well. Cats prefer binder sand, however, look at their behavior, in the end the cat will choose the type of sand he wants to use. Do not use sands with flavorings.

Detects problems with the sandbox.

Observe the preferences of your cat, if you do not like your sand, you will make your needs out of it. Try different types of sand until you find one that you like. Clean well the debris that may fall out of its box. Watch your kitten’s habits. If you are not using the same look where you do it to find a suitable place to place your sandbox. You may have a urinary infection or even defecate with blood, you should take it to the vet urgently.

Where should you place the sandbox of your abyssinian kitten?

The important thing is that your pussycat is comfortable using its litter box. This is an important indicator, because like us, the kitten needs peace and tranquility. Place the box in a quiet place, without traffic, a private place. It must be far from the place where you feed it, because it is possible that you do not use it.

If your cat does not use its litter box, it may be dirty. If you always use another place to relieve yourself, you may have to move your litter box there. The important thing is that you observe it and can make a good decision.

What do the Abyssinian cat eat?

Abyssinian cats require adequate nutrition for optimal development. In addition to giving them enough energy for their activities.

There are three types of food: dry, moist and natural or homemade cat food.

Dry food for cats

It helps to keep your teeth without tartar, is economical and easily available. You should buy those that have at least one 70% protein, the rest between fats and vegetables. They must be offered in their different stages of life, we find them for growing cats, adults and the elderly.

Wet food for cats

We found it in pet stores and shopping centers. Generally they are canned, this type of food is very nice for cats. It is a little more expensive than dry, also causes dry breath, soft and smelly stools.

You must pay attention when buying, that you have at least one 35% or more of protein and less than 15% of fats. That has minerals like calcium, phosphorus and magnesium.

The natural or homemade food

They have an infinity of advantages, beginning by maintaining the kitten’s health. But if we are not very informed, we should not handle this option alone. Also, offer boneless beef, fish without bones and cooked viscera.

A recommendation that we give you is to combine the three types of food, your cat will thank you, giving you a healthy life, it will make you happy and beautiful.

How to train an Abyssinian cat?

An Abyssinian cat needs to have enough training to live in people’s homes. Being a very intelligent cat will understand the learning process and act positively to him.

Without proper training make sure you see it in your curtains, shelves, decorative objects and causing real chaos. However, for your intelligence, you will understand and learn to respect the limitations we give you.

Because of the peculiar behavior of the Abyssinian cat, it is very important to interact with it. It is a pussycat able to create a very special bond, as well as dogs, with their favorite human.

This cat does not like solitude, so it is necessary to have a space of time with him.

Those who live with an Abyssinian cat know that it is very independent and it is normal to go out and explore the streets. However, because of his puppy nature, he is very shy of strangers. It is necessary to limit your outings from home.

You must take care of your nails and go frequently to the veterinarian for a nail cut. Because our kitten likes to climb, jump and scratch, it can be very disastrous for us. Because of its playful nature it is possible that at some point it hurts us with its nails. Teach her what things she can play with and what things she can not. He is intelligent and will understand the difference.

What disease can Abyssinian cats have?

This breed of Abyssinian cat has few genetic problems, because artificial selection has been favorable for this type of cat. In very exceptional cases are caries and gengivitis problems, for which we must clean your mouth well often. In addition, they may be susceptible to amyloidosis and kidney diseases.

Like most cats it is allergenic, Abyssinian cat also causes allergy, in person sensitive to the D1 FEL protein found in the dandruff and saliva of the feline

How to keep an Abyssinian cat healthy?

The cat of the Cabisinian race needs you to take good care of it so that it is healthy and happy, we give you some tips:

Regarding your diet, it is advisable to give a good cat food. Cats are carnivores, give them food that has at least 70% meat. If you choose to give it natural food, offer it meat without bones, fish without thorns and if you will give it visors, you should make it cook well

To keep your fur always clean and shiny, brush it at least once a day.

Take him to the veterinarian to give him the necessary vaccines, so that he and every time he feels bad.

How much is an Abyssinian cat cost ?

If you have already decided to have an Abyssinian cat, you can find a different price to acquire it. It will cost you 800 $ us if you buy it from a professional breeder, between 400 and 500 $ us if you buy it from an individual or an animal shop.

Where to buy an abyssinian cat?

You will have up to three options when choosing where to buy an Abyssinian cat. It is important that if you want to find an authentic Abyssinian cat, ask for the pedigree.

In a hatchery

A hatchery is specialized in breeding the Abyssinian cat in a professional manner ideal to adopt. We recommend you check the following conditions to buy here.

Their facilities must be clean, as well as the troughs and drinking troughs.

All animals must be healthy, active and well cared for.

The breeder must answer all your concerns, allow you to see the animals.

It will offer you cats over two years of age.

The day of purchase will give you all the certification papers such as the pedigree and their vaccines

With a particular

These are advertised on the web, but they will not give you any cat certification. You must take into account that the seller must provide you with all the necessary information about him. Do not deliver any money in advance. It should allow you to see the puppies with their parents. Do not accept kittens less than two years old.

In an animal shop

The animal stores also offer kittens for sale. The problem is that, like an individual, they deliver you without pedigree, but healthy and well cared for.

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