8 gray cat breeds

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The gray cat breeds they are many, each one with different characteristics, behaviors and personalities, but with one feature in common: its beauty. These tonalities stand out for giving the cats an elegant appearance and a fine style. Do you want to know what are the names of gray cat breeds? We will show you the most outstanding and their characteristics. If you are planning to adopt a cat of this type, you can not miss this article. Ahead!

Gray cat breeds with blue eyes

Next, we talk about some of the gray cat breeds that have impressive blue eyes:

Gray persian cat

In the world there are a great variety of Persian cats, of all colors and sizes, which makes this breed one of the most famous and desired. The gray Persian cat is descendant of the angora cat, a Turkish species that has existed since Antiquity. Its appearance makes it look like an obese cat, however, this is because the breed is robust and muscular, in addition, the head is rounded by nature.

The eyes are large and intense colors, which can range from blue to yellowish and greenish tones. Gray persian cats They are usually very affectionate and silent, they love being in company, so they always call the attention of their human companions and look for caresses.

Turkish Angora

Although it is common to see it with white fur, there are examples of the Turkish angora whose fur is gray. As its name suggests, this animal is From Turkey, is a very healthy gray cat breed that rarely gets sick, however, it is advisable to give it the best care so that it has a long life.

The Turkish Angora has a fine, soft and silky fur, more abundant in the neck and tail. In addition, its hind legs are taller than the front ones. It has long ears and always attentive to all the sounds around it. As for his eyes, although it is true that you can find specimens with blue eyes, it also varies in green and yellow tones.

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Gray cat breeds traced

There are also breeds of gray cats with stripes, special and unique!

Egyptian mau cat

The Egyptian mau is perhaps one of the most interesting breeds of cats that exists, both for its beauty and its history, since it comes from the country where cats were venerated for hundreds or thousands of years. In this sense, the word bad It comes from Egyptian lands and means “cat”, so its name can be translated literally as “Egyptian cat”.

This breed has immense green eyes and a dark striped spotted fur, which he inherited from the small African wild cat. However, you can also find copies with bluish or brown spots on the gray background, among other tonalities. It is a very territorial and jealous race, but at the same time affectionate and friendly with the members of its family. It is characterized, also, for being a very intelligent and independent race.

American shorthair

This feline race has won the hearts of many families worldwide, being one of the most loved to live in homes, especially for its friendly and sociable personality, besides having a lot of agility and intelligence. All these attributes make the american shorthair a very attractive cat.

With respect to its physical characteristics, the breed has a broad, round head with a small nose. It weighs up to 6 kilos, for which it is considered a medium-large cat. It has short hair and can be of almost any color, but the most popular copies are those of silver tones, without forgetting dark stripes that run throughout the body.

European common cat

As its name suggests, this breed is native to Europe, although its offspring goes back to the African continent, extending later to the old continent product of the incursions that occurred through time. As for its appearance, the European common cat does not have a standard of size and specific colors, so there is a great variety of felines that correspond to the same type of animal.

In this case, we will focus on those cats whose coat is tabby or striped. These rays are usually of a darker color than the rest of the coat, whose tones vary from silver or grayish, being another of the most popular gray cat breeds with stripes.

Cats of this breed love outdoor activities, so they usually hunt rodents and birds of all kinds, as well as climb trees and high areas (although then they do not find the way down). They are also pretty independent and healthy, so that their care is very simple.

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Blue-gray cat breeds

Did you know that some cats have bluish fur? That’s right, and in fact the blue-gray cat breeds are the most appreciated for the beauty of their mantle, although for us all cats are just as beautiful!


Maybe the name of this breed is not known to you, but here we present it to you. The Nebelung race inherited the best of both worlds, as it is the result of cross between a longhair female and a blue russian male, which resulted in a strong, robust and muscular cat with long, blue-gray hair. This breed is characterized by a large head that is adorned with two impressive eyes whose most frequent colors are green and yellow.

Despite their elegant and calm appearance, they are cats very naughty and curious, so they are always willing to play with their human companions or other felines that live at home. In addition to this, nebelung is an intelligent and sociable cat, which makes it easy to train. It is necessary to brush it frequently so that it maintains a healthy coat free of impurities. To do this, check our recommendations to brush the hair of the cat.

Russian blue

This race is of Russian origin, it is believed that it originated in the Archangel Islands, located north of Russia, and that later spread to the rest of Europe and came to the United States. Due to the extreme climatic conditions that exist in the country of origin, russian blue developed a thick coat that protects it effectively. The breed weighs up to 5 kilos and its life expectancy is between 10 and 15 years.

Russian blue cats commonly have green eyes, although all are born with blue eyes that change as they begin to grow. The most striking feature of Russian blue cats is the coat, which is gray in color, although it is traditionally described as bluish. His personality is usually shy with strangers, but affectionate with his human companions; They are also very playful and like to chase and bring things.


It is a robust and well muscled cat that is an excellent pet for those who live alone, since the Chartreux is a good company for its sociable, friendly and playful character.

This breed is originally from France, where the Carthusian monks raised it actively. Later it came to the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe, and during the Second World War it was on the verge of extinction, but managed to survive and recover.

Like the Russian blue, it has a thick and dense hair due to the harsh climatic conditions of its place of origin. Its coloration is grayish blue, or vice versa. The eyes vary from intense yellow to green or copper.

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