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7 things your cat knows about you

Those of us who have the opportunity to share our home with these wonderful and intriguing beings that are cats, surely we ask ourselves many questions about their behavior and their way of relating to the world, as well as to ourselves.

The truth is that feline nature remains a mystery even for the most expert researchers and scientists dedicated to the animal world. Without a doubt, it will take us many more centuries to discover how our pigs think and feel (and perhaps, we still have many doubts.).

However, observing their behavior and body language, we can conclude that cats manage to understand many things about human beings and their way of acting in their home routine, thanks to their privileged intelligence and sensitivity. In this article , we tell you 7 things that your cat knows about you and maybe you have not noticed. !Do not miss it!

1. Cats recognize their owner as theirs

Cat lovers and tutors from around the world wonder; “How do our pets see us?” Of course, we must understand that many investigations will still be necessary to be close to knowing what and how the animals think. However, we can interpret their expressions Facials, body postures and actions towards us to have an idea of ​​how they see us, human beings.

Regarding cats, there are many exaggerations and mistakes to ensure that cats see us as “inferior” or “dumb”. If we think a little, it is unlikely that an animal as intelligent and insightful as the cat will show his affection and trust another individual who seems weaker or unable to relate to him.

According to some experts, such as Dr. John Bradshaw, author of the book “The mind of a cat“And researcher at the University of Bristol, cats relate and behave with people in an identical (or very similar) way to that with other cats.

That does not mean that cats can not acquire certain behaviors in their upbringing and in relation to their guardians. They are animals enough smart and sensitive to learn orders or tricks, or know how to get or ask for something from their “favorite humans”, with certain actions or sounds. However, our differences (between men and cats) will not be enough to condition their behavior towards us or make them treat us in a totally different way than their peers.

If we observe the behavior of dogs towards humans, we understand that dogs have an idealized image of their guardian and establish a bond of extreme devotion, being able to put their own life at risk to preserve the welfare of it. Clearly, cats do not interact with their guardians in the same way they do with other dogs.

But felines are completely different animals and their nature makes them much more independent than canines. The cats too recognize our role in the home and, of course, they understand that we take care of their well-being, we provide them with food, a quiet environment and, above all, love, because we love them. All this makes them feel protected and safe, and want to continue sharing their life and their territory with us, even if they do not show it in the same way as dogs. However, a cat will not treat you as a special being and totally different from himself, but as one of his own that inspires confidence and appreciation.

And it is because of all of this that, although we still need to understand many things about how cats think, we are somewhat convinced that they They know that we are one of their own, although we do not belong to the same species.

2. Cats know when someone is sick

Among the things that cats can “predict”, or rather perceive, are some alterations in the organism of human beings. Probably, you have already heard many stories about some people who turned to the doctor after perceiving that their felines constantly smelled, rested their legs or showed some insistence in relation to some part of their body. In fact, there are very moving testimonies from tutors who have detected malignant tumors in his body with the help of his feline companions.

So, it seems that the key question is: are cats able to predict some diseases in people? “. Although the “sixth sense” of cats still remains in the background in our general culture, some studies show that, thanks to their developed smell, the kittens are able to detect chemical and physiological changes of our organism with some ease.

That is to say: your cat is able to perceive abnormal segregation of some chemicals that your body makes when it is sick. Therefore, one of the things that your cat knows about you is if your health condition suffers some imbalance.

3. Cats perceive your mood swings

Even when you can not explain your emotions in words, your body adopts postures and performs movements or actions that “betray you”. Perhaps, for other people, these “details” may be imperceptible, but they will not go unnoticed by the powerful senses of your pussycat. Although cats can emit different sounds, they mostly use body language to express their moods. That is to say: his way of understanding his environment and communicating is based on body language, and non-verbal.

Al “Read” your body language, your cat can easily perceive when you are angry, anxious, nervous or feel fear for some reason. That is why your cats quickly know if your mood has changed itself when you do not emit a single word. And do not be surprised if your pussycat prefers to respect a certain distance when your body communicates your anger, or is more affectionate and companion when it perceives that you feel sad.

4. Cats know that you diet

Do you wonder why cats bring dead animals for their guardians? Well, the truth is that there is no single explanation, because science has not yet been able to identify the exact reason for such behavior. According to some hypotheses, it would be a way to show appreciation and care towards your tutor.

However, there is another very interesting theory that says cats do it because they perceive that we, humans, we are not good hunters. In addition, he states that cats would maintain a “social habit” of teaching each other (generally, adults to puppies) within their community. Therefore, your pussycat could give you his prey to show you how to survive in his world, especially if you are dieting.

In other words, your cat knows about you that you would be in serious trouble if you had to reach your own prey to feed yourself.

5. Cats can predict a pregnancy

Another very popular belief about felines’ “supernatural powers” states that they are able to know when a woman is pregnant. As we mentioned earlier, the developed smell of cats allows them to identify chemical changes in our body. As the body of the woman experiences various hormonal and physiological changes during pregnancy, it is possible that the feline is curious about these new smells in their environment.

If you are going to be a father or a mother, on this occasion, it seems vital to emphasize the importance of presenting your cat correctly to the new member of the family. In, we offer you the best tips for coexistence between cats and babies, do not miss them!

6. Cats sleep in your chest because they know it’s a safe place

When lying on your chest, your cat can feel the heat of your body y the beating of your heart, and this conveys a feeling of welcome and well-being. Then, they can stop resting in their own bed to feel warm and safe sleeping on you.

Although there is still no scientific explanation for this behavior, it is estimated that cats do it not only to seek heat, but also to enjoy connecting with their guardians and feeling protected when they are asleep, which is one of their moments of greatest vulnerability. Likewise, in, we also tell you other 5 reasons why your cat sleeps with you.

7. Cats are capable of training and manipulating you

Yes, it may sound ugly to think that your beloved feline companion can manipulate you to get an exquisite treat or a caress, but the truth is that cats are extremely intelligent and observant, and often analyze our behavior in the day to day of the home and perceive how we react before their actions and sounds.

For example, if you observe that you “melt” with love when they purr and offer you a treat or give you a relaxing massage, you can perform this action as many times as you want. achieve your rewards. Basically, they will use their purring or other behaviors that we find charming to get what they want from us, be it a caress, a meal or another prize of their interest.

Because of their incredible intelligence, they are able to “study” us to the point of “training” our reactions to their own needs or desires. Of course, this does not mean that your pussycat does not have true appreciation, it is just another example of its impressive cognitive, emotional and social abilities that allow them to cohabit with human beings in a very favorable way.

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