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7 things that cats can predict

Since antiquity, the figure of the cat has been surrounded by myths that attribute supernatural powers, from the ability to transmit “bad luck” to the ability to anticipate events that have not yet occurred.

Leaving superstition aside, the truth is that there are 7 things that cats can predict. They do not have to do with magic or miraculous prodigies, but certain characteristics of felines make them more sensitive to some situations that go unnoticed by humans. If you want to find out what they are, then read on!

1. Tremors and earthquakes

In various catastrophes it has been observed as minutes, and even hours before an earthquake or tremor occurred, certain animals showed behaviors related to stress and anxiety and began to flee their homes or nests towards higher or remote areas. Among these animals are birds, dogs and cats, but there are many more.

But what exactly do cats perceive before an earthquake? There are several theories. One of them indicates that cats are capable of perceiving static changes that occur just before the earthquake. Technically, it is possible that some humans also perceive them, however, it is more common for us to confuse this perception with a simple headache or discomfort.

Another theory ensures that felines perceive small vibes that occur in the earth before a tremor of great magnitude through the pads of their legs, because it is a highly sensitive area of ​​your body. Be that as it may, there are those who affirm that they do recognize this movement, but not by means of their legs, but by their fine hearing.

2. Natural disasters

As happens with earthquakes, it has been observed that cats are able to perceive phenomena that occur prior to certain natural disasters, thanks to their acute senses. It’s not about magic, cats can detect some changes through their senses. They are capable of detect certain events that we human beings overlook.

Many cats will notice a volcanic eruption, a cyclone, a tsunami and even a hurricane. Of course, it does not mean that all felines perceive them, but most do. For what is this? Because all these natural “disasters” are announced, they do not appear from one moment to the next.

Before they are unleashed, changes occur in atmospheric pressure, temperature, wind direction and earth movements, among many others, that your feline is prepared to perceive.

3. Some diseases

More than predicting them, several studies have shown that cats are able to detect the presence of certain diseases in the human body, as well as in its feline congeners. There are many testimonies of people who discovered that they were suffering from cancer after their furry friend perched on a certain area of ​​the body.

4. Diabetes and epilepsy

These two diseases are characterized by the possibility that both manifest dangerous attacks, which may be sudden for the human being who suffers, call it a rise in sugar or an epileptic attack itself.

As with cancer, there are testimonies and cases of owners who have seen their lives saved by these cats, which have been especially nervous just before one of these crises is unleashed. In this case, the cats would also perceive the changes that occur in the body through smell.

5. Moods

They can not predict moods, but they can perceive them almost perfectly. If you feel depressed, anxious or worried, it is very likely that your feline friend adapts to your mood in a comprehensive way, making you company during those difficult times. Likewise, when you are happy and active you will want to play and have fun with you.

6. Visits

Surely you will have noticed that your cat changes its attitude shortly before any of the family members arrive home, putting on restless and expectant. This is because, effectively, cats are able to detect that dear person is approaching. All thanks to his wonderful nose and prodigious ear. The felines they smell known aromas at great distances, which allows your cat to wait for you is the door long before you arrive. Likewise, they are capable of discriminate the sounds what you do with your keys or the way you walk.

7. Death

Much has been speculated for centuries on whether or not cats are able to predict when a person is about to die. Some studies seem to indicate that indeed it is. This is due, again, to his keen sense of smell. All living beings segregate certain substances when we are close to dying, due to the physical changes that the organism is undergoing. The felines are able to perceive them. That is why there are so many testimonies of pets that have remained with their owners before the last breath.

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