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7 cat skills that will surprise you

If something is clear to us that we live with cats, is that our kittens are owners of many admirable skills that can surprise us daily, right?

As if their sharp senses and independence that highlights their character are not enough, the felines seem to be able to become true ninjas of 4 legs without requiring much effort. And to continue meeting our beloved cats, we invite you to discover 7 cat skills that will surprise you. Can you come with us?

1. Flexibility and elasticity

Have you already noticed that the kittens can enter really narrow places or sleep in somewhat uncomfortable positions? It’s amazing how, sometimes, your body seems to become “liquid”, right? Well, this is due to the great flexibility and elasticity that their bone structure gives them. A healthy adult cat has near 244 bones (almost 40 bones more than the human skeleton), and the discs between their vertebrae are thicker than ours. This adds up and complements a tough musculature well developed

This combination allows cats to have skills such as entering narrow environments, playing true aerial acrobatics and jumping distances that exceed 5 or 6 times the length of their own body.

2. Excellent balance

You should also have noticed that the kittens can walk calmly on the edges of very thin or unstable surfaces, without becoming unbalanced or even losing the elegance of their walk. This is possible thanks to the fact that cats have small channels in your inner ears, which are filled with liquid and are covered by tiny hairs. This structure acts synchronized with your vision and physical resistance to allow an excellent balance and wide mobility, another of the abilities of cats that never cease to amaze us.

3. Silent and stealthy movement

As if its flexibility, balance and resistance were not enough, another of the abilities of the cats that will surprise you is its ability to move, and that is that cats can also move in an absolutely stealthy way, just like a perfectly trained ninja. Surely, you have already been surprised to find your cat right next to you without even having heard it arrive. The pads that cover and protect your front and back legs, combined with your retractable nails, allow them to walk and run silently. They are adaptive capacities developed during the evolution of their species, whose objective is to guarantee an optimal hunting. By stealthily moving, felines can approach their prey and prepare to reach them without being noticed.

4. Super night vision

Cats, as well as wild cats, own a privileged night vision, since they evolved to be able to hunt in the shadows characteristic of the nights. The structure of her eyes is different from ours and she is prepared to perceive better under dimmer lights. On the other hand, its ocular structure hinders its diurnal vision, because the cells of its eyes, when they have been subjected to an intense light, fail to transmit detailed information to the brain. For this reason, for a cat, the images are more blurred during the day, and very clear during the night.

However, this does not mean that cats can see in total darkness, as one of the false myths about cats usually says, but it is true that cats have excellent night vision.

5. Multipurpose language

Maybe you’ve already noticed that your cat’s tongue has a texture much rougher that ours or that of a dog. This is because the tasting paps of cats have a different structure and are concentrated in a specific way (different than in other mammals).

In addition to the hurried palate, the composition and texture of their tongue also allows them a better daily hygiene. The cats They use their tongue like a small brush, sweeping impurities and tiny particles from your skin and fur. In this way, they manage to stay clean without losing the layer of fat that protects their body. The pH of your saliva also helps keep your body clean and disinfected, preventing the proliferation of various microorganisms and parasites. However, it is important to bear in mind that the natural grooming habits of our pigs do not substitute or eliminate the need to vaccinate, deworm and brush them periodically. Although cats are naturally clean animals, they need adequate preventive medicine to maintain good health in their home life.

The taste paps of their language also provide them with a Well developed sense of taste, although they do not have the palate as varied as human beings. In addition, cats do not perceive the sweet taste, because their organism does not produce one of the two proteins necessary to achieve this sensation. This would be an adaptive capacity that your body developed to avoid consuming substances and prohibited foods that can harm your body or poison them. It is worth remembering that we should not offer sugary or industrialized foods to our pigs. The feeding of a cat is determinant for its good health, and the consumption of inappropriate foods tends to favor the development of disorders in its digestive tract.

6. Transform a simple cardboard box into a whole world

If you have already offered a cardboard box to your pussycat, you perfectly understand what we are talking about. A cat is able to have fun for hours and hours in a row with this simple element, play hide-and-seek or simply feel safe in its new shelter. Humans also have this amazing ability of cats during childhood, however, and unfortunately, most usually lose it as it grows. So take the opportunity to recover the child you have inside and spend a fun time with your cat, he will thank you and you too!

If you are looking for a way to entertain, stimulate and tire your cat, you can find a good and resistant cardboard box, and also discover the tips of our article: “How to tire my cat – games and recommendations”.

7. Hearing and smell privileged

The felines have a amount of olfactory cells very superior to that of humans. In addition, they use their whiskers, lashes and hairs under their chin as motion sensors. Thanks to this, they are owners of a very sensitive and hurried nose, which allows to quickly detect prey, females in heat, poisonous or decaying food, territories of other felines, possible predators, among others.

La Feline hearing It is also worthy of note. Cats can hear a wide range of frequencies, even very high pitched sounds. This sensitivity to high frequencies allows them to listen ultrasound up 50.000Hz, while humans only reach to hear around 20.000Hz.

His hearing is in addition to the extreme mobility of his ears and the inner hairs to his auricle to guarantee the privileged hearing worthy of an excellent hunter. Cats can move their ears to more easily detect where sounds come from. And like their whiskers, the hairs located in their ear pavilion vibrate to detect movements or soft noises. All this allows them to quickly perceive the presence of a prey or a possible threat.

Does your cat also have skills that surprise you? Well, tell us a little more about your pussycat and his pranks in the comments!

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