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6 breeds of oriental cats

There are different breeds of cats from the Asian continent, in fact, some of the most beautiful come from there. In general, Asian cats have a series of characteristics in common that makes them different from other breeds of cats, something you will discover in this post.

Here we will point out some of the best known, and also others not so well known by the general public, but that are also extraordinary pets.

Keep reading this article and get to know different autochthonous races of the mysterious and far East in 6 breeds of oriental cats.

1. Ceylon cat

The Ceylon cat is a beautiful race that comes from Sri Lanka (the old Ceylon). This breed is still very unknown in Europe, but some Italian breeders have recently started breeding and distribution.

This cat is ideal to live in flats and apartments. He is sociable, clean and affectionate. Immediately he gains confidence with the family that welcomes him, showing himself to be very kind and affectionate.

The morphology of the Ceylon cat is characteristic. It has large ears, which are broad at the base. His slightly almond shaped eyes are a spectacular green color. The size of the Ceylon cat is medium, with well defined musculature and a very silky short hair. It has rounded cheeks and a characteristic mottled in its mantle.

2. Burmese Cat

The Burmese cat is a domestic breed from Thailand. In its origins they were only brown, but it has been in the USA and Great Britain where this race It has expanded worldwide, creating the current standard of the race. Nowadays, a great diversity of colors is accepted.

The burmese cat is of medium size, rounded head, short neck and medium sized ears. Like the Siamese, they are very intelligent and vocal, so they communicate excellently with the families that host them. They are very affectionate.

Through a cross between the Burmese cat Zibelline and an American shortair cat, a new breed called Bombay cat was created. It was tried, and succeeded, to create a kind of black cat panther.

The Bombay cat is tremendously affectionate, its color is always a satin black, and its muscles are very defined, since its hair is extremely short and silky. His precious eyes are always in a range of oranges, golden or copper. He does not like loneliness.

It is an ideal cat to live in small flats, since it is not too active. An easy habit to inculcate, as with Siamese, is that you can learn to urinate inside the toilet; always, of course, that the lid is left raised.

3. The Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is an extraordinary pet for its balance in all facets that make cats adorable. They are intelligent, affectionate, independent, clean, communicative, active without exceeding and of an elegant and refined beauty.

I have enjoyed the company of several Siamese cats, each having their own personality, they all loved each other very much. Observing the actions of a Siamese cat is often very fun. From wanting to catch the ball in a football game televised with his paws, to see him sitting in the toilet urinating, or when they are puppies hiding in the corners to jump suddenly on your heels to pass in front of you.

The limpid blue eyes of a siamese cat summarize everything said about him. Discover the types of Siamese cats that exist here, in.

4. Japanese Bobtail

The Japanese bobtail cat is a breed of Japanese origin with a extraordinary history:

Legend has it that these cats arrived by boat from the Kuril Islands to the shores of Japan a thousand years ago. In the 1602 year it was forbidden that anyone could buy, sell or keep a bobtail cat in their home. All the cats had to free themselves in the Japanese streets to put an end to the plague of rats that ravaged the rice crops and the silk factories.

A peculiarity of this breed is its short and twisted tail. It is a medium sized cat with triangular face and ears on alert. He is muscular and his hind legs are longer than the front ones. Is a active cat and “gang member” at dawn. It is very meowing, for that reason if you decide to adopt one do not hesitate to visit why my cat meows.

5. Chinese cat Dragon Li

The Chinese cat Dragon Li, also called Li Hua, is a newcomer to the world of pets. This domestic cat comes directly from the Chinese wild cat, Felis silvestris bieti, and in the year 2003 began its breeding as a pet. It is a very muscular cat of medium size. It is normally olive-colored with dark tabby spots. His oval eyes are green or yellow.

It is a cat very smart that gets along well with other pets but is not overly affectionate. It needs space because it is very active. It is not a recommended pet for young children. Discover some cat toys and stimulate your intelligence.

6. Oriental cat

Oringiary of Thailand, this feline with stylized features has a very unique appearance and big ears that make him unmistakable. His style and figure reminds us of the modern Siamese cat.

It is a very affectionate and clean animal, perfect for a delicate life in an apartment. There are many colors, patterns and possible masks of this beautiful race.

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