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5 tips to protect cats from heat

With the arrival of good weather, high temperatures also appear and, with this, caregivers worry about keeping their cat well away from the dangers of heat. To achieve this, in this article we will collect the best tips to protect cats from heat.

In this way, in addition to maintaining their well-being, we will prevent the dreaded, and potentially deadly, from suffering. heatstroke. Prevention is the basic tool, as we will see, so as not to take unnecessary risks. Keep reading!

1. The prevention of heat stroke

Do cats like heat? Yes of course, they love to lie in the sun taking advantage of any lightning or the heat of a radiator, as we can see if we live with them. But when temperatures are high, they also have to protect themselves from the sun, since excessive heat can cause serious complications, such as heat stroke, which is a problem life threatening for our cat. As a result of exposure to high temperatures occurs hyperthermia, ie the increase in body temperature, which triggers a series of reactions in the body that may end in his death.

A cat that is suffering a heat stroke will show symptoms like panting, breathing difficulties, intense red coloration of mucous membranes, fever, vomiting, hemorrhages and even shock that can cause death. We must seek urgent veterinary attention.

In addition to heat stroke, direct exposure to the sun can cause, as occurs in humans, burns, especially in nose and ears and in cats with white fur. To avoid these serious consequences in the following sections we will explain tips to protect cats from heat.

2. Provide the cat with a fresh environment

The ideal temperature for cats, that is, their normal body temperature is somewhat higher than that of humans but you have to take into account their difficulties in self-cooling. What we humans do easily through sweat, for cats is more complex because they must lick to cool down with their saliva. You can also sweat but only for the pads.

That is why it is not necessary for us to ask ourselves how much temperature a cat can hold, since it will be similar to what we can bear. Thus, the ideal temperature for a cat will be, also, the ideal for us, both in summer and in winter. For the case at hand, these are some extra tips to protect cats from heat What we can apply to your environment:

  • The cat will do well any measure we take to maintain a comfortable temperature in our home, which may include the use of resources such as air conditioning or fans.
  • It is a good idea to keep the blinds down or the curtains drawn in the rooms where the sun is strongest.
  • It is advisable to open the windows to ventilate and cool the house. Taking cats is essential to take precautions to prevent them from falling, as it is common for cats to jump through windows and balconies. In fact, it is so prevalent that it is known as parachutist cat syndrome and can result in serious consequences and even death, it is therefore vital to install protections in the windows as nets.
  • Whenever we leave our cat, it should only have a shady place with access to fresh water. The bathroom is usually a good place as the tiles are kept cold and it is not uncommon to see the cats sleeping also in places like washing or bidet.
  • If the cat has the possibility of go abroad We must also ensure the possibility of shade and water in an area that we control, such as a patio or garden.
  • Finally, avoid exercises, rough games or racing in times of maximum heat.

3. Ensure adequate hydration

Inside the tips to protect cats from heat the role of water is fundamental to cool a cat in summer. Sometimes cats are reluctant to drink, so it is important that we encourage them to drink water. It is known that they are attracted to water in motion, such as running water from the tap or sources special for them that can be used as drinking troughs.

In the hot season we must ensure that the water stays fresh, so we can change it several times a day. Some cats like it play with ice cubes, which can also be a trick to refresh and drink more water. Offer them wet food or broths to drink can also help them maintain their hydration, especially important in cats with kidney problems or the smallest, elderly, brachycephalic or sick, to constitute a more vulnerable population.

4. The cat baths in summer

The mantle of our animals plays an important role when it comes to protect them from the sun, for this reason, in the tips to protect cats from the heat can not miss those relating to the care of their hair. As we say, the coat helps them to isolate themselves from the heat and protects the skin from sunburn. Although the cats maintain a scrupulous grooming routine, we can help them with a frequent brushing. In this way we help them to eliminate dead hair.

We can also bathe our cat in the summer but it can be more refreshing to limit ourselves to having one wet towel with fresh water (not frozen) or our own hand by the spine and the head. In this way the water will act as if it were your own saliva and the evaporation on your body will help you feel fresh.

Also, if our cat likes water we can offer you a small pool or small pool with a few centimeters of water, so that it covers only the lower part of the legs, so they can play with the water and cool down as they consider. We will place this pool, which can be of small size, on a balcony or patio or even inside the bathtub or shower tray, if we want to prevent it from getting wet.

5. Trips in summer

Finally, if we move in heat season with our cat, if only to transfer it to the veterinarian, we must follow some tips to protect the cats from the heat, as it can be travel in the coolest hours of the day, that is, first thing in the morning, last afternoon or evening.

If the trip is long we should stop every so often for offer water and / or refresh it. If we go with him on vacation we have to write down the telephones of the veterinarians in the area, including those that offer emergency services. It is fundamental, also, that never let alone our cat in the car When the temperature is high, it could die by a heat stroke, as we have explained.

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