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5 tips to earn the trust of a cat

Cats are affectionate and sociable animals, provided they have received a good socialization, are in a place they consider safe and comply with the 5 freedoms of animal welfare. However, there are several reasons that may cause the cat has no confidence in us or lose it.

If you have recently adopted a cat or if you live with one and do not have a good relationship with him, you have come to the right place. In this article we are going to offer you 5 tips to earn the trust of a cat. Take note and put them into practice, any owner should follow them!

1. Allow time for it to adapt

Whenever there is a change, such as a move, the departure of a family member or a new experience, it will be essential to leave some time to our cat so that adapt to this situation. It is important that we never force him to do something he does not want, that we force him to leave a place if he is hidden or that we press him too hard.

The cat move forward when you feel insurance, for this reason, we recommend that you leave time in general and do not press to prevent it from being blocked. Obviously we are not referring to emergency situations or specific moments, such as when it comes to going to the vet.

2. Make him associate your presence in a positive way

Your cat will have more desire to spend time with you if you associate your presence in a positive way. How? If each time you appear, the experiences are good, that is, you receive food, playtime or caresses, as time goes by your cat will associate that with your arrival only nice things happen for him.

On the contrary, if when you arrive everything is full of noise and stressful situations for him, the association that will have towards you will be rather negative. Try hard so that every day your cat has a good time with you and you’ll see how you start to earn your trust.

3. Avoid punishment

The use of punishment will not only cause your cat to associate you in a negative way, it will also increase your levels of stress and anxiety, will make you appear insecure or inhibited and, in general, will make your relationship worse. The ideal when it comes to educating a cat is to bet on reinforcing positive behaviors and, when behavioral problems appear, look for the causes and the help of a professional or expert in the field.

4. Perform daily play sessions

The game is an activity that you should do daily with your cat. It is important to improve your link, but also to stimulate your mind y enrich your day to day. In the market we will find toys of all kinds, such as fishing rods or toy mice, however, we recommend you to go a step further and search mental stimulation toys, like the kong, or toys that encourage you to exercise and that also improve your reflexes.

5. Offer all your affection

Cats are not always grateful to those who care for them and protect them and, at times, can be very unkind in certain situations. However, expressing love undisputedly, whether through kisses, caresses or kind words is a good way to get us to accept.

In addition, understand the feline nature itself, being patient and showing us constants in this search for friendship, is fundamental if we want to strengthen ties with our cat and manage to earn your trust.

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