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5 things that cats hate about humans

Cats are adorable animals and if you are as fond of felines as I am, you will know that in spite of their bad reputation, having one of these little beasts in our life is always cause for joys and countless moments of laughter and fun. However, the truth is that cats are independent and sometimes elusive animals, and this is because there are certain things that cats hate about humans and in we discover what they are.

Before writing this funny review about cats, I was analyzing my pets, two beautiful cats that are sometimes the most affectionate animals in the world and others, are completely self-centered and disinterested, but always charming. The fact is that although their behavior is still a mystery, in trying to discover what things could bother me, I came to the conclusion that the worst for them is our humanity.

It sounds exaggerated, but when you read this list with the 5 things that cats hate about humans You will understand what we mean. If you have or have had a cat in your life, you will surely agree with our selection but if you are thinking of having a new cat pet, you should know all these details, because they will surely help you.

5. The water is only for drinking

Why do they insist on wetting me, bathing me or splashing me? It is very likely that your cat has asked this question sometime, and unless your pet is a Bengali cat, who loves to swim, surely your feline friend belongs to the great group of cats that hate water. And is that one of the things that cats hate humans is that strange relationship with water, that makes them use water for more things, in addition to drinking and quenching thirst.

Anyway, cats can take a bath and if you want more information about this you can check the articles:

4. The obsession with smells

The issue of smells certainly has to be on our list, because another thing that cats hate about humans is our way of handling ourselves with strong smells, perfumes, air fresheners, meals. Why so intense smells? is what our pets ask.

Cats hate strong smells and they have a sensitive sense of smell, although not as powerful as that of dogs. Felines use odors to communicate, so being surrounded by powerful human fragrances can be quite annoying. Odors like garlic, citrus or smoke can be a nightmare.

3. Down the volume!

If you are someone who enjoys putting music or television at full volume, I hope you do not have a cat nearby, because one of the things that cats hate humans is precisely that need to be surrounded by strident noises.

Cats do not like loud noises because his ear is very powerful. This developed sense of hearing helps them to have the environment controlled, even when they seem to be asleep. So if you want to keep your pet happy, it is better to control the screams and volume of the music.

2. All clean. Very clean

Cats are exaggeratedly clean animals and it is probably annoying that their human friends are not as clean as they are. If you have a cat you will know how important it is that your play area is clean and even more, that your sandbox is always impeccable.

With this introduction you will know that second place on our list of things that human cats hate has to do with cleanliness. Cats hate that you do not clean your sandbox and is that, being an action that can not be performed by themselves, the maintenance of your sandbox is directly related to “your human”, so if you do not keep it in perfect condition your cat will know, that your human condition Neat little, is responsible for his discomfort.

1. I love you, but stop hugging me

Humans need to express our feelings with touch, that’s why we need both caresses, hugs and kisses, but be careful. Your cat does not like anything!

I can not help but laugh a little when I remember how my cat makes me “cobra” (withdrawing her head to avoid me) every time I want to kiss her, and that cats do not need so much contact to know that we love them or to show us that They want us.

Cats hate that humans manipulate them a lot, for felines, physical contact is a form of domain, so they will only let themselves be caressed when they want and not every time you look for them. Anyway, if you can not control yourself, you can always check our article with the most affectionate cat breeds.

Love and hate

As you see, there are many things that cats hate about humans, but there are also many things that they love about us and having a little feline purring nearby, it is undoubtedly one of the best times of the day, so even if there are things they can not stand with us and vice versa, do not forget that cats are incredible pets that will make your life much better.

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