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5 symptoms of a boring cat

In the same way that happens with people, cats can also be bored and discouraged. When a cat gets bored, it does for some reason and is usually related to lack of enrichment, socialization and games.

If you think your cat is bored, it will be essential to review the behavior you have at home and the symptoms that may indicate discomfort, disinterest or lack of motivation for your daily routine. We should point out that it often happens many more times between cats that live alone in a house, than when two cats live together.

So that we know how to correctly discern if our cat is bored, in this post we will point out the main ones 5 symptoms of a boring cat. Discover why and act immediately following our advice:

1. Grooming routines are increased

When a cat licks compulsively The mantle, and even baldness in the hair, is a clear sign that the poor cat is bored to exasperation. When the lick is so excessive, it can lead to a skin lesion called acral granuloma, a serious health problem that should be treated as soon as possible.

Apart from the damage to its coat, this behavior is very stressful for the cat. This can affect you mentally and induce depression. It is also a dangerous activity, as it can lead to dangerous and annoying trichobezoars (stomach hairballs).

2. Start eating more

A consequence of feline boredom is concretized in a excessive intake of food. Very “human” attitude, since many people with anguish, depression, or stress suffer from this same harmful behavior. Boredom in the cat causes great stress. A nice, but insane way, of alleviate boredom is to eat.

Check the amounts of food you offer your cat well to avoid obesity in your cat. Do not forget that it is harmful to your health!

3. Sleep at all hours

Cats usually sleep a lot. It is estimated that sleep between 16 and 17 hours daily A cat that does not enjoy any activity that stimulates it, can sleep much more.

This, in principle, could be considered innocuous, but it is not so. Sleeping cats can stop grooming and quickly degenerate their appearance. They can also become dehydrated or suffer from inappetence.

4. Behavioral problems appear

Sometimes there are cats who, to get away from the enormous boredom they suffer, take for granted be destructive. They climb through the curtains destroying them when they are done, for example.

They can also dedicate themselves to tearing down objects from shelves or stalking small pets such as canaries, parakeets or hamsters.

We must not confuse the usual damage that cats do in the songs of sofas and armchairs, with the multiple acts of vandalism driven by boredom.

5. Social relationships are affected

Sometimes there are cats that live with another cat or another pet; but in spite of that they get bored. If the dominant cat is very dynamic and the other is excessively passive, it can happen that to entertain himself he performs a kind of “bulling” or abuse against the other cat, tormenting him and making his life difficult.

It is not in frequent excess, but it can also bother a small dog. The cats let go of their ancestral hunting instincts and feed on the smaller beings of the home.

Solutions for a boring cat:

To begin with, it will be fundamental rule out that our partner suffers from depression, a common problem in animals that have undergone a drastic change in their lives, a significant loss or shock. If you think you may be going through a depression, you should go to the vet, but from the while, we recommend the following:

  • Play with your cat on a daily basis. The best toy for cats is undoubtedly the fishing rod because it makes you you also participate in the game, something essential for your cat to also have fun. The truth is that toys and scrapers can distract your cat for a long time but in the long run they will get bored if there is no real interaction.
  • Enrich your day to day with stimuli that you have not known before: music, activities, food, other people. Enrichment will help you get out of your boredom routine. The contact with the sun will also provide extra energy, a better synthesis of vitamins and happiness.
  • Make him massage, caresses and many kisses, cats love to feel loved and loved, that will make you feel like you are part of a united, strong and loving family group.
  • It uses catnip to promote psychological stimulation.

Finally, and if your cat is one of those who spend many hours in solitude, we recommend you go to a shelter and adopt a companion to help your cat to spend the hours in company and fun. Both will thank you.

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