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5 homemade toys for cats

Cats love the game and it is understandable. It is an activity essential for your well-being, since it inhibits acute and chronic stress. Cats begin to play around two weeks of life, first to hunt shadows, learning to coordinate.

Play behaviors are very important for a feline, especially if he lives alone (without the presence of other cats). The owner must stimulate this behavior so essential, always through toys, and avoiding hands.

In this article we have compiled several crafts from our YouTube channel: 5 juguetes home for cats – Easy, cheap and recycled. If you are looking for cheap DIY options you have come to the right place!

1. Toy and food dispenser for cats DIY

The first toy we propose is a food dispenser, commercially known as kong. It is a toy that stimulates your intelligence and physical activity and is especially positive for cats with anxiety or stress. Discover how to do it in our Youtube video about 3 toys for home cats or follow the instructions:


  • Bottle
  • Pen
  • Cutter
  • Lija
  • Awards or food for cats

As an extra we can add newspaper or colors to decorate, feathers, toys, a rattle. All the options are valid!

Steps to follow

  1. Draw small round or square ones in the plastic bottle.
  2. Cut out the marks made with the cutter.
  3. Sand the edges that have been trimmed to prevent the cat from getting hurt.
  4. Decorate your taste.
  5. Fill with food and invite your cat to play.

2. Recycled cane for cats

Cats are animals with a hunter instinct very developed, for that reason, they usually please them especially this type of toys. Discover our Youtube video about 3 toys for home cats.


  • Scissors
  • Straws or plastic rods
  • Tape
  • Cola or liquid silicone
  • Rope or laces
  • Fabric or plastic bag

To finish the toy you can add small stuffed animals, forms with chenille (also known as pipe cleaners), wool balls, etc. You can also improve the finish with decorative adhesive tape.

Steps to follow

  1. Prepare several strips of the same size with the fabric or the plastic bag and fold them over themselves. Cut them vertically without reaching the end that joins them.
  2. Fold the top part and fix it with the adhesive tape, in this way you will get a small “jellyfish”.
  3. Tie the jellyfish with string or laces, make sure it is secure!
  4. Finally, you must join the string with the straw or the plastic cane.
  5. Then you can add everything you want to complete your unique fishing rod.

3. Scraper for cats DIY

There are many types of scrapers for cats, but the one that we will mention to you next is especially easy to do, besides that it requires very few materials. You can see our video on YouTube on how to make a homemade scraper for cats.


  • Cola or liquid silicone
  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Cork (optional)

Steps to follow

  1. Cut several pieces of cardboard that always have the same width, for example, of 10 centimeters. You must respect this measure so that it is at the same height.
  2. Start rolling the cardboard strips on themselves and use the glue to fix it.
  3. When you finish using one strip, before putting the next one, use the adhesive tape chosen so that it does not dismantle.
  4. Keep enlarging the scraper until you get the desired size.
  5. Fix the final section well with glue to prevent it from opening.
  6. Finally, you can decorate it with paint or like us, with cork. You choose!

4. Cardboard box for cats

La carton box It is, without doubt, one of the most customizable crafts you can do at home. You can see our video on YouTube on how to make a cardboard house for DIY cats.


  • Cola or liquid silicone
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Carton
  • Painting (optional)

Steps to follow

  1. Cut out the remaining cardboard boxes from the base so that they are not uncomfortable for your cat. Then, stick with glue to keep it together.
  2. Cut 5 centimeters for each upper side of the box, with the intention of making all the upper lashes longer.
  3. Use a cardboard folded in a “V” to shape the “roof” and help to stick the two side tabs. Then, with the help of the ballpoint pen, mark the shape of the house on the front and back tabs, cut and paste.
  4. Afterwards, you can add windows, paint, decoration and even a cushion inside the box. The options are unlimited!

5. Homemade cat ball DIY

To finish we will show you how to make a cat ball with very few materials and that will also help you file your nails naturally. Discover how to do it in our Youtube video about 3 toys for home cats.


  • Diary paper
  • Cola or liquid silicone
  • Tape
  • Esparto rope
  • Rattlesnake (optional)
  • Feathers (optional)

Steps to follow

  1. Crumple a ball of newspaper into a ball.
  2. Before lining the ball, add the colored pens (optional).
  3. Wrap the ball with adhesive tape, in this way it will be well fixed.
  4. Finally, surround the ball with the esparto rope while gluing it with glue.
  5. Ready!

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