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5 BARF recipes for cats

We know that it is not the same to offer I think a barf diet to cats, however, if we take care of the detail the diet of the feline and we avoid creating nutritional deficiencies, both types of food can be correct and recommended. There is no perfect type of food, all can be valid if we offer them correctly.

Following a barf diet in Spain, for example, is relatively simple since practically in any trade we will find meat that has passed all the health controls. However, if you are not sure of the origin of the ingredients, it is best to avoid offering raw meat as it may contain pathogens and parasites. Below we offer you X BARF recipes for cats:

The most recommended home cat food for cats

Although cats are strictly carnivores, the truth is that apart from meat and fish we can include other foods occasionally in your diet to help you maintain your good health and avoid the nutritional deficiencies that could suffer as a result of a homemade diet.

Some foods homemade you can use to make BARF recipes for cats are:

Remember that to develop a proper and well-balanced BARF diet for cats you should consult with the veterinarian. He will formulate a specific diet taking into account the specific needs of the feline or the particular health problems he may have. In addition, it will help you to correctly choose the food and will propose some Supplements.

Apart from that, visit the specialist every 3 or 6 months to perform blood test It will be very important to detect any anomaly promptly.

Example 1 of diet BARF for cats: Sashimi varied

Including fish in the cat’s diet is an excellent option to provide the amount of protein necessary and essential fatty acids to meet your nutritional needs. Of course, fish should not be the only source of food for the cat, you will also need supplements and meat to receive everything you need. Fish can be offered raw, provided it is a fresh food, if not, it is advisable to do a light cooking.

Next we name some fish that you can include in this dish varied sashimi for cats:

The preparation mode is very easy. You will only need to remove skin and thorns, cut into fillets that are not especially large and make small dice. You can also add some kind of vegetable oil to stimulate the cat’s appetite and even add some extra as roe o small molluscs, Por ejemplo.

Example 2 of diet BARF for cats: Steak tartar with liver

This recipe contains some of the most recommended taurine-rich foods for cats. The taurine is a essential amino acid fundamental for the cardiac muscle, vision, the formation of bile salts, etc. This recipe is also very rich in proteins, fats, vitamins of type B, A, D and E or iron among others. As in the previous case, it is very important to offer this recipe with fresh and quality ingredients.

To prepare this recipe for steak tartar with liver for your cat you need:

  • Chopped veal
  • Cow liver
  • The yolk of a chicken egg or quail

Prepare this recipe is very easy. You will only need to cut the liver into very small cubes, mix them with the minced meat and a splash of vegetable oil. Once the ingredients are well mixed you will only need to use a die (ring of plating) or a cookie mold round. Place the egg yolk on top and go.

Remember that, unlike the human steak tartar, cats should never include onions. If you want to add some spice You can choose turmeric, brewer’s yeast, parsley or thyme.

Example 3 of diet BARF for cats: Lamb meatballs and yogurt

The lamb is, by far, one of the meats more digestive for cats, so its use is recommended in cats suffering from digestive problems, gastroenteritis or frequent gastritis. Lamb meat stands out for having high value proteins, provides essential amino acids and has a low amount of fat., so it is also ideal for cats suffering from obesity.

In this recipe, in addition, we will add some vegetables recommended for cats. Although we know that felines are strictly carnivorous, including small amounts of vegetables among ground foods gives them an extra Vitamins. In this case we will add carrot, which is easy to digest, provides fiber and vitamins and is good for the eyes.

To make this recipe for Lamb meatballs and yogurt you need:

  • Mutton
  • Carrot
  • Natural yogurt, without sugars.

We will use a chopper to crush the meat and carrot. Then we will make small meatballs, remember that they must be small in size. Finally you just need to add yogurt on top, a food rich in football and that also provides beneficial bacteria, such as probiotics.

Example 4 of diet BARF for cats: salad of fruits of the sea

This new recipe based on seafood brings our best friend important nutritional properties, such as folic acid, vitamins A and E or its high content of minerals, such as potassium, sodium, iodine and magnesium. It is also about a low calorie recipe, so we can offer it to cats who are overweight.

La sea ​​fruits salad It can be prepared with:

Again we highlight The product quality, especially in this case, since shellfish can cause severe poisoning of being consumed in poor condition or if the product is already intoxicated with ciguatoxin.

You only need to create a salad with the chosen products, although you can cut the largest ones into small pieces. Add a little oil and it will be ready to serve.

Example 5 of diet BARF for cats: Snacks of pig

To prepare this dish we have chosen the pig, although there are other meats that you can also use. The pig is rich in proteins, although the level of fat will depend on the chosen area. It also contains type B vitamins.

To prepare delicious pork snacks you will need to:

Cut the pork into small cubes, spread it in oil and sprinkle a little rosemary on top. Let the mixture covered with a film soak between 10 and 15 minutes. Then you should only add a little honey (of natural origin, without trying) and serve it.

Is raw meat for cats good or bad?

There are different opinions on the barf diet for cats. It is important to emphasize that a diet based on meat, bones and viscera would be the most similar to that of a cat in the wild, so in general it usually has good acceptance. However, it is advisable to start the cat in this type of diet from an early age, otherwise you can reject it.

Raw meat is good for cats, as long as quality products are chosen. If not, our best friend could suffer from a parasite infestation or a pathogen condition. To avoid this, many people choose to buy “I think barf for cats” already packed and prepared, ready to consume and without any risk. Remember that deworming your cat regularly and going to the vet will be essential routines to ensure your good health.

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