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12 giant cat breeds you should know

Our cats preserve the nobility and courage of an authentic feline, right? But some races go beyond greatness of spirit, and they are truly giants! Be it by its height or remarkable robustness, these pussycats usually impress thanks to their enormous size.

Do not know the 12 giant cat breeds? Well, he invites you to know a little more about each of them in this new article. Can you come with us? You can not lose this!

What are the biggest cat breeds?

The 12 larger cat breeds They are:

  1. Maine Coon: exceeding one meter in length and the 10 kg.
  2. Selkirk rex: with an average of 30 cm at the withers and 7 kg.
  3. Ragdoll: Measures more than 35 cm and can weigh more than 9 kg.
  4. Ragamuffin: Measures 25 cm at the withers and can weigh up to 13 kg.
  5. Bengal cat: some males can exceed the 9 kg.
  6. Highlander: Like the previous one, it can also weigh more than 9 kg.
  7. Brazilian Shorthair: usually exceeds the 10 kg of weight.
  8. Van Turkish: measures around 30 cm at the withers and weighs up to 9 kg.
  9. Norwegian Forest: stands out for being especially hairy and exceeds the 7 kg.
  10. Chausie: Measures 50 cm and weighs up to 12 kg!
  11. British Shorthair: Measures 30 cm at the withers and weighs up to 8 kg.
  12. British long-haired: reaches 35 cm at the withers and weighs up to 7 kg.

Next, in this large cat breed article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about these 12 feline breeds along with their photographs and features, keep reading!

1. The Maine coon

These cats are originally from the State of Maine, in the United States, which explains the first part of their name. The term “coon“It would be an abbreviation of”racoon“, Which means” raccoon “in English. Its name refers to a myth about its origins, which states that this race would be a hybrid between a wild cat and a raccoon.

Un Maine coon male can reach the 70 centimeters long and weigh more than 10 kilos. This amazing size relieves a loving animal, sociable and playful, with a distinguished ability: meowing in different tones. In addition, the Maine coon tends to like water especially, due to its waterproof mantle. It is definitely an excellent pet for families with children. You want to know more? Discover in the care that a Maine coon requires!

2. The selkirk rex and its wavy coat

This breed has a robust body, with well-developed musculature, weighing near 7 kilos when adults The selkirk rex They stand out not only for their physical texture, but also for their long wavy hair. In many countries, it is popularly known as “the Poodle cat”, precisely because of its fur that requires periodic brushing to avoid knots.

3. Ragdoll, the rag doll

Ragdoll“Literally means” rag doll “in our language. This breed is the result of various crosses among other races such as Persian, Siamese y Burmese. His temper is usually tempered and something sleepyhead. And among the basic care of ragdoll, is the need for companionship: these beautiful pussycat do not like solitude.

A characteristic of ragdoll is that they have a long “childhood“, Taking up to three years to complete its development and reach adulthood. However, when they grow up, they do it intensely: a male ragdoll can overcome the 90 centimeters long and weigh up to 9 kilos.

4. Ragamuffin, a giant child

Just like the ragdoll, the ragamuffin have a very long childhood, between 2 and 3 years, and can live up to 18 years. However, his character is more sociable, playful and active than the “rag dolls”, which facilitates his adaptation to home life. In addition, it is an excellent feline race for children, since they play without taking their claws.

An adult male ragamuffin has a body tall and sturdy, and can weigh up 13 kilos without developing symptoms of obesity. A very characteristic feature of this breed is that its head is usually large compared to the rest of its body.

5. Bengal or Bengali cat

Following this 12 top of giant cat breeds, in this section we present the Bengal cat, also known as “leopard cat”. It is a large breed, native to the United States, easily recognizable by its fur, which is similar to that of a wild leopard.

The Bengali cat has an average weight that ranges between the 5 and 6 kg, however, some males have reached exceed the 9 kg, breaking records in the race. He is known for his hyperactivity and unlimited curiosity, besides, he loves to play and socialize with other individuals. We speak, then, in a general way, of a affectionate and sociable cat. Likewise, it is a particularly intelligent race.

6. The Highlander and his big eyes

This breed with large eyes and striking ears was the result of crosses between the breed american curl y lynx. The result was a feline of remarkable dimensions that usually weighs more than 9 kilos when adult If its size can scare some, its character conquers many: it is a docile cat, very playful and loving, who needs a positive environment and affection to avoid suffering from the symptoms of stress.

7. Brazilian short hair: a very young breed

This breed descends from the stray cats of Brazil, and was recognized very recently. Perhaps this is why it is still difficult to establish aesthetic and behavioral parameters for these vivacious cats. What stands out is its imposing bearing: a Brazilian with short hair can weigh more than 10 kilos without presenting symptoms of overweight.

8. Van Turco, a true lover of water

As its name suggests, this breed is native to the surroundings of Lake Van, which is located in Turkey. As in its natural habitat it was exposed to hot summers and harsh winters, these felines developed an impressive adaptive capacity.

The van Turkish They are not usually very high, but they have an important sturdiness, easily weighing 8 kilos as an adult. They also own certain peculiarities: in addition to being very vowels, they also like contact with the Water, so it is not uncommon to see them playing or refreshing.

For those considering the possibility of having a Turkish van as a pet, it must be clear that this is a dominant race, who will need a lot of attention to live and be presented to other cats. The ideal is to start socializing while you are still a baby, in your first 8 weeks of life.

9. Norwegian Forest, an endemic breed from Norway

This breed stands out for its abundant and thick coat, which allowed its survival in the extreme cold of the Scandinavian countries. The Norway forests They are sturdy cats, which can weigh up to 9 kilos when adults, but not very tall. A curiosity is that these felines are cataloged as endemic in Norway.

10. Chausie, a miniature cougar

A Chausie resembles a wild puma not only for its appearance, but also for its sharp hunting instinct and abundant energy. They need a lot of attention to their physical activity, mental stimulation and socialization. An adult male of this breed can reach the 9 kilos in its adult phase.

11. British short hair: the first English breed

The short-haired British (or British shorthair) is the oldest feline breed of English origin. Like most cold weather cats, it stands out for its abundant fur. They are excellent hunters, owners of a docile and sociable character, that allows them get along well with other cats and dogs. An adult male of this breed usually weighs between 7 and 8 kilos.

12. The long-haired Brit: beauty has no morphological standard

This breed is younger than its “relatives” with short hair, and also much more robust. A British male with long adult hair usually weighs more than 9 kilos. On long coat, which was previously considered a standard deviation for the British feline family, it is currently a much admired aesthetic characteristic.

Do you have a giant cat in your home? Then, tell us a little more about them in our comments.

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