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10 weird things that cats do

It can not be denied that cats are very special and interesting creatures, that they can become the best life companions but, at the same time, they have some behaviors that cause us curiosity and that we certainly do not understand.

The social interactions of cats and the way in which they express themselves can turn out to be somewhat strange, however, it is very typical of these felines, which makes them unique within the animal kingdom. Finally, most of these behaviors are tender and even funny. Are you a cat fanatic and would you like to know the reason why your cat loves to sleep in a box? In, we invite you to read the following animal article where we will let you know 10 weird things that cats do.

1. Rub your head with you

You probably love the moment your cat approaches and begins to rub his head with you insistently. Maybe you think it’s a great show of affection, and in part it is, however when the cat rubs you is trying to leave your scent in you. Trust in you, love you, but now you are his property.

2. They jump a lot

This behavior shows the great skill and agility of the cats, as well as how spontaneous they can be. Running desperately and bouncing around all the sofas and beds is nothing more than an exercise routine.

Surprise yourself: a cat can run up 48 km per hour.

If your cat does not leave home, it is perfectly normal for him to drain his energy through these unexpected jumps. They are authentic athletes! To help you channel your energy, you can choose to play with it and use fun and original cat toys.

3. They bring dead animals

Do you love your cat but it scares you when it brings a dead bird and leaves it on its feet? According to various ethologists, this behavior may be due to several reasons:

  1. He wants to share with you his prey. Just as you share your home and your food with him, he also wants to do it. Your cat recognizes that you are part of his family.
  2. He is grateful for the love you give him and brings you a prize as a gift.
  3. Your cat knows you’re a lousy hunter.
  4. It is self-imposed on you before the previous hunt. It is a trophy symbol that tells you: “look what I have achieved”.

Do you want to know more about this behavior? Find out in our article “Why do cats bring dead animals?”

4. They look at you deeply

A classic. You turn because you feel something he stares at you and there is your dear cat looking at you intensely. You do not know what you are thinking or how you will react in the later seconds. Quiet, your cat does not want to hypnotize you to control your mind, you probably want call your attention in a very intense way so that you give him food or attention.

5. They smell your face

Cats are curious by nature. They love to analyze and smell everything they find. Even a bit uncomfortable, they love to smell your face a few centimeters during the time they consider sufficient.

This behavior does not have a transcendental explanation, they simply want to know how you smell today, what you have eaten or where you come from. If your cat wants to sniff you leave it, it’s a good thing!

6. They rest in very strange places

Cats are really fascinating creatures. For them it is more interesting to sleep on the keyboard of your computer than on a delicious and cushioned bed. No matter how uncomfortable or cold it may be: boxes, books, sinks, mats.

It is very likely that more than once you arrive and fall asleep deeply in one of these places as long as you are there. But, why? He just likes to be in warm places or near your favorite person, you are their symbol of relaxation.

7. Your favorite place: your chest

We continue talking about affection. One of the favorite places of cats is rest on the chest of your human. No scientific reason has been found for this catlike fixation, however, the hypothesis is more emotional. Your cat enjoys connecting with you through the beating of your heart and the warmth of your chest. It is the place where you can feel more safe and protected.

8. They love to knead

Your cat in another life was not a baker, but it is very common to see cats kneading anything from a human to a cushion. But why do cats knead? According to ethologists, this behavior appears in its stage of dog, when they stimulate their mother’s breasts to continue producing milk.

Already in their adult stage they continue carrying out this behavior, because it gives them pleasure and makes them feel comfortable. If your cat kneaded you, no doubt he loves you very much.

9. Fight with your feet

When your cat looks for a fight with your feet you should not be scared, he wants to play with you, although some may become a little rough. The cats are very interested in the movement of our limbs, especially when we talk about legs and feet. It is not strange that they try to attack them in a crazy way. Maybe we could also include some naughty bite.

10. Chest teeth when they see birds

This they do practically All Cats: they stay attentive, looking out the window at some bird, while they make strange sounds with their teeth and move their tails actively.

He is probably very anxious, preparing to catch the bird. In the long run, if you never get to chase or catch a prey, it can become a sign of frustration.

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