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10 things that cats like

Cats are very special animals who love their freedom and independence as much as they play and share with their human companions. Whoever has a cat at home knows that he must respect the space and the decisions of the cat, without letting it be in danger, of course, but without trying to limit his instinct.

A healthy and happy cat not only needs a good diet, veterinary care and affection, but also to carry out the activities of its kind. Sometimes, wanting to protect, you can restrict your cat to such a point that this generates episodes of stress and even illnesses. That’s why this article about the 10 things that cats like.

1 Sleep

Surely you’ve noticed that your feline friend loves to sleep, this being the most activity during the day. These long hours of sleep, which can reach up to 18 per day, are absolutely necessary for the cat, so you should not wake him up or disturb him.

Many times, when you see your cat sleeping for so long it is difficult to avoid the temptation to wake him up, especially to play or give him a little affection. However, experts believe that it is counterproductive to interrupt these hours of rest, as in the long run this could trigger episodes of stress in the feline. Wait for your furry friend to wake up to share time with him; also, many times will prefer to sleep by your side.

2. Hunt

El hunter instinct it survives in the cat in spite of the centuries that this species has being domesticated. Some cat owners are irritated and even come to scold cats when they discover that they have hunted a bird, a lizard or some other animal. This, of course, does not make any sense, because the cat will not understand what the reprimand is for, and you will not prevent it from continuing to do so. For more information, do not miss our article “Why cats bring dead animals?”.

A cat that goes outside will hunt the animals that call attention and not hunger, just for fun and to follow their instinct. The only thing you have to do is make sure the environment is safe, that the cat can not escape or be the victim of another animal attack, and that it does not ingest a prey that has been poisoned.

If the cat lives inside the house, you will have to provide it Amusements that simulate the pursuit of a prey. It is an activity that you can share. You yourself can buy or make toys that consist of a ribbon that you hale for the cat to pursue, finished with a doll at its tip. There are plenty of toys that the cat can hunt, such as balls, stuffed mice, stuffed catskin, among others, this being another of the things that cats like.

3. Scratch

Scratching and scratching is another of those instinctive activities of your cat and, therefore, another of the things that cats love, since, in addition, they are 100% necessary for him, so under no circumstances should be repressed. The cats scratch for fun, to sharpen their nails and to mark the territory, keeping potential competitors away.

We know that this can become a problem at home if you do not channel it properly, because mats, furniture, curtains, shoes and anything that seems attractive to the cat can be a victim of this instinct. Thus, we recommend you buy a good scraper, and even several so that you locate them in different spaces of the house. And if you prefer, you can make your own homemade cat scraper.

4. Take sun

The cats they adore the warm and comfortable places, so that sunbathing is one of your favorite activities. If your cat goes outside, it will make the experience more pleasant if you place a comfortable bed in a place where you can do your sunbathing quietly, away from annoying noises, safe from possible dangers and where the rays of the sun will reach the body of the feline with softness. If, on the other hand, you have an indoor cat, we recommend you to run the curtain in front of a window, so that the cat is not deprived of this activity so pleasant for him. Do not miss our article on “Why do cats like the sun?” And discover all their reasons.

In addition, this taste for the sun extends to other areas, because what the cat is looking for is warmth. So it’s not uncommon that I also enjoy sleep near other sites that emit heat, like on your computer, between electronic devices or even behind the fridge, for example. Of course, in these cases make sure there is no danger to the feline, such as a loose cable, damaged equipment, risk of short circuit or electrocution, or even temperatures that may rise too high.

5. Receive caresses

Contrary to what many people believe, another of the things that cats like is to receive love, since really they enjoy the time they spend with their human family, especially if it is dedicated to pampering and giving caresses. These, of course, are not always welcome, so if you notice that after spending time caressing your cat is annoying, it is better to leave it alone, otherwise you may receive a bite.

Caresses are not welcome on all parts of the body, so you should concentrate them on the back, the chin and the ears. Few cats enjoy being caressed in the belly, they only allow it when they feel very confident towards the person who does it. The legs are forbidden, since all felines hate to touch them. If you want to know everything that cats hate about humans, do not miss our article.

Obviously, there is also an adequate technique. Most cats prefer caresses that simulate being scratched, but you should never do them against the grain. In addition, sessions should be short and only when the cat is comfortable with them, so you should evaluate if it is a good time. Of course, the caresses of strangers will rarely be well received.

6. Observe the world

The cats They love watching what happens outside their homes, the movement of people, the things that the wind brings, the passing of the day, among others, so surely you have already noticed that you can spend hours just looking out the window. If possible for you, and without this entailing a risk for the cat, condition some space near a window, keeping it closed (especially if you live in an apartment), so that your cat can entertain itself by watching what happens outside.

7. Eat

For no one is a secret that cats love foodThey will even eat something they like very much even if they are not hungry. If what you want is to keep it happy, as well as healthy, the ideal is that you can regularly vary your diet a bit, either by introducing small prizes in your usual feeding routine or by preparing homemade recipes.

This does not mean that you radically change the type of feed you give, for example, by something other than overnight. This type of sudden changes usually bring digestive problems to cats, in addition to an obvious rejection. The best thing is that you get used to varying the dry food with the wet, apart from occasionally offering some fresh foods, such as meat or fish, to give you the pleasure of tasting other flavors. When you do this, be careful not to be offering an ingredient that is toxic to cats.

8. Being on the heights

As a precaution, felines, even large ones, they feel the instinct to sleep in high places, so as to prevent any enemy from catching them off guard. This is a behavior that the house cat has inherited.

The main difference lies, however, in that the house cat not only likes sleeping heights, but also to observe everything that happens around him. If we already told you that one of the things that cats like is to watch what happens outside, imagine how much they like to do it from a privileged position, in the heights. We are sure that in this position the cat must feel that he dominates everything around him.

If you have a garden with trees at home, let your cat come out and climb if you want, always under your supervision to avoid harm. If, on the other hand, you live in the apartment, the so-called cat trees, or game centers with several levels, will be ideal to satisfy this hobby.

9 To play

As you could see, not everything in the cat’s life is to nap. When you do not eat or sleep, the cat loves to play, no matter how old he is. Whether it’s with other cats or pets that are at home, with their toys, with you or even with anything curious that you find, for the cat the time of recreation is very important.

That is why we recommend not only acquire or manufacture some cat toys yourself and offer scrapers and sites that are allowed to climb, but also give you the time to spend a fun time with your cat every day. Keep in mind that a bored cat is an unhappy cat.

10. Be with your family

When you have a cat it is easy to realize that, even though you enjoy your space a lot, also he loves being with you and with the rest of the family members. Many people despise felines claiming that they are selfish and detached beings, but obviously they have never had one!

Cats have different ways of showing their affection, which may be subtle for some people to be unnoticed. Have you noticed that you are looking to snuggle close to you to sleep? Have you ever left a freshly caught prey at your feet? Does it greet you at the door when you return home after a long day at work? Do you sometimes lick you? Do you enjoy when you caress it? These are just some signs that show the love your cat has for you, and how much he likes to be with you.

Now that you know the 10 things that cats like above all, keep them very present to improve the coexistence between both and offer the best quality of life, you will appreciate it!

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