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10 things that cats fear the most

Cats are very funny animals. We can say that they are sleepy, capricious and, in most cases, spongy, characteristics that make them one of the favorite pets today.

Now, although most cats believe they are the kings of the home, they have some enemies that make their hair stand on end. Do you want to know what they are? What are cats afraid of? Then you can not miss this article about himas 10 things that cats fear the most! Ahead!

1. Water

Water is one of the things that cats hate the most. Even if only a few drops fall on your body, it is most likely to move away from the dangerous place at full speed. It is true that some cats do not have any problem with getting wet and even love baths, but that is not usually the most common.

Among the theories that explain this aversion to water, the most ingrained is based on the fact that many feline breeds come from desert areas located in the Middle East and China, where have had little contact with water through the centuries.

2. Strong odors

Did you think that dogs were the only animals with sensitive smell? You’re wrong. While it is true that the cat’s sense of smell is not as sensitive as that of its canine companions, this does not mean that its nose is lost from the great variety and intensity of the smells that surround it.

Because of this, felines are repelled by strong odors, such as vinegar, onion, gasoline, alcoholic drinks, among others. If any of these scents is present in the air, your cat will be alert and will try to get away as soon as possible. Check the 10 scents that most cats hate and avoid them.

3. Retain them by force

Cats are very independent animals, so they like to keep their space and be free. That’s why cats they hate feeling trapped between your armss when they do not want to receive affection, or be forced to do things they do not want to the point of feeling true fear. Without a doubt, this is one of the things that they fear the most but, above all, that they hate most about humans. To know more, see this article: “5 things that cats hate about humans”.

It is a lie that cats are not very affectionate, but for them everything has a dose. So, in case you charge your cat and you perceive that he is trying to escape with all your strength, let him go quietly. If you refuse, chances are you get a scratch or a bite, you’re warned!

4. Unknown people

If you keep asking what scares the cats, one of the things they fear most is the arrival of strangers in their territory. Not all cats fear the unknown people who go to your home, but most run to hide when they realize that someone outside the family has arrived.

Apparently, this is because cats do not handle well having to face unknown situations, and a strange person with a number of smells and sounds that he has never heard, fit perfectly in this category for him. However, if that person stays at home for days, they will gradually approach each other until they feel confident. Now, if you just adopted a cat and you noticed that you fear, see the article “How to earn the trust of a cat.”

5. Loud noises

Cats have very developed senses and perceive the world differently from humans. One of the things that characterizes them is their acute sense of hearing. For this reason, loud noises bother and scare cats, being another of the things they fear the most.

Screams, firecrackers at Christmas, music at full volume, vacuum cleaners, storms, horns and a long etcetera make the cat afraid and even may cause stress and anxiety. Check the main stress symptoms in the cat and act quickly.

6. Changes in the routine

Eat, sleep and play, then eat, sleep and play. Maybe you sound familiar, and this is surely the day to day of your cat, as they are animals that love to have routines in their life. Because of this, the changes often dislocate them enough and even produce a sense of fear.

If you have plans to change something in your pet’s life, such as feeding, sleeping, or even planning a move, it is best to introduce the changes gradually and be patient in the process of adapting the feline.

7 Surprises

It is not a secret that cats they are scary and cautious animals, so they hate being surprised. Internet videos become viral showing people scaring their cats with cucumbers and other things, but the truth is that cats do not fear these objects themselves, but the fact that they have approached them without being able to notice . For more details, do not miss this article: “Why cats are afraid of cucumbers”.

Although it may seem funny, surprising you is something that scares your cat, so this only creates anxiety and stress in it, so we recommend you look for healthy ways to have fun with it.

8. Balloons

Round, silent, with slow movements and, last but not least, flying! Balloons are one of those things that will make your cat run to hide without thinking twice, since they cause real fear.

Why balloons scare cats? It is difficult for cats to understand what they are about, especially if they are floating balloons filled with helium. In most cases, they confuse them with a threatening predator, so they prefer to flee.

9. Dogs

Although there are exceptions, this is usually another of the things cats fear the most, and that is often feel insecure in the presence of dogs. The reason? The dogs usually bark and run after the cats when they come across one of them. However, it is shown that both breeds are able to coexist in a pleasant way after an adaptation process.

If you already live with a dog and a cat and have noticed that they can not stand it, check out our tips for a dog and a cat to get along.

10. Have them stare at them

No animal likes penetrating and long-lasting looks, and cats are no exception. With their guardians, they may not show any kind of fear or reaction, however, with unknown people they may feel threatened when they look them straight in the eyes. In the face of danger, they may react violently or flee.

If for some reason the look of your cat and yours meet, the best thing you can do is blink very slowly so that the animal feels safe.

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