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10 signs that indicate that your cat loves you

The way that cats have to express their feelings is very different from that of humans or other animals, since cats have a very particular character and it is not always clear what they want to communicate with their body language.

But thanks to this article, from now on you will know perfectly all the ways that your pussycat has to show you his love with these 10 signs that indicate that your cat loves you, that we are going to explain to you next.

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If your cat kneaded you

The first of the signs that indicate that your cat loves you is the kneading. According to experts, baby cats knead their mothers’ bellies to increase the production of breast milk and strengthen their bond, so when your cat kneaded your legs or some other part of your body, it is not that you are preparing to take your next nap, but it is showing you that you love, because they remember the act and they repeat the behavior they had when they were babies and they were happy with their mother.

If your cat approaches you and raises its tail

One of the most reliable ways of knowing the emotional state in which a cat finds itself is by looking at its tail. When they are nervous or scared, their tail tends to bristle and swell. On the other hand, if your cat approaches you and rubs against you picks it up and twists the tip, it means that he really loves you. This behavior is usual in a group of cats when they feel comfortable and calm, so if your cat does it you can feel lucky.

If your cat purrs

Cats have different types of purring depending on the mood they are in. Just as people have different voices, felines also vary the intensity of the tone and the vibrations to express their feelings. So if your pussycat purrs in a hot and soft way or in an intense and deep way While it is in front of you or on top of you (when you caress it, for example), there is no doubt that he is showing you his love because he feels very at ease and relaxed at that moment with you.

If your cat brings you a present

As much as we do not like it, another sign that your cat wants you is when you bring a dead animal in the form of a present or gift. This behavior is a consequence of its predatory nature and we should not repress it since in reality, this way the pussycat is showing us that he considers us part of his family and that he shares with us the prey he has hunted so we can eat like him.

If your cat scuffles you

That your cat rubs your face or your head with you is a symbol that loves and appreciates you, since in that part of your body, it concentrates a large number of glands that secrete pheromones, hormones that are used to mark possession or territory. So what your cat wants to tell you with this, is that you are part of their family nucleus and that they consider you as their own and close. Quite the contrary to think that you are the owner, because remember that cats can not be domesticated by their wild nature, but simply train.

If your cat nibbles at you

Another sign that your cat wants you is when you nibble. That your pussycat bites you abruptly and intensely is not a good sign but, if on the contrary you nibble at the fingers of your hands making you tickle, it’s just that is playing with you like when he plays with his other feline companions. Therefore, he is showing you that he does not consider you hostile, but someone who is loved and who provides him with tranquility and companionship.

If your cat shows you the belly

That your cat is placed face up showing you his belly means that feels protected and above all, that trusts you, since the belly is one of the most vulnerable parts of your body and you do not teach it to everyone so as not to be defenseless. So if your cat shows you its belly so you can stroke or scratch it, do not doubt that it really loves you and feels safe with you.

If your cat blinks slowly

The fact that your cat stares at you does not mean that he is challenging you or that he considers you his enemy, and even less if he accompanies that look with a slow and soft flicker. What that behavior really means is that you have affection and affection, and that you feel very calm and safe by your side because you know you will never harm him. Some say that this act is the way cats have to “kiss” us, so cheer up and give back your sign of affection in the same way and with a lot of love.

If your cat sleeps with you

Cats also show you that they love you when they sleep next to you or on top of you, in your lap for example. As happens when they show you their belly, while they sleep, the cats are more vulnerable than if they are awake, so if they look for you to sleep with you, it’s because they trust you fully. Likewise, the kittens love to sleep accompanied in a warm place, like when they are babies, so if they do it with you, you should feel flattered on their part.

If your cat sucks you

And the last sign that indicates that your cat loves you, but no less important, is when you suck or lick some part of your body like your hands, ears or hair. And it is that if a feline prepares to you as it does with its cat companions already you can be happy and feel honored, because it means that it loves you and for that reason feel the need to take care and clean yourself as it does with others.

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