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10 reasons to adopt a cat

Adopt a Stray cat or a homeless cat In an animal shelter it is a wonderful experience that every animal lover should ever do in his life. However, many wonder which of these options is the most appropriate, What steps must be followed to adopt a cat or what advantages it takes to adopt a puppy kitten or instead of an adult cat.

If you also ask yourself if you should adopt a cat, you have come to the right place, we will try to guide you so that you know the main reasons to adopt and we will also offer you some useful advice that any first-time owner should follow or that does not know which is the procedure to follow to adopt. Discover in 10 reasons to adopt a catYou will love it!

1. The abandonment of cats, a global problem

According to data from the Affinity Foundation [1], in the year 2016 33.335 cat abandonments were recorded in Spain, although the truth is that probably many more were produced that are not known. Of all of them, 2.333 were sacrificed and some 15.000 ended up being adopted. But what about the rest? An 16% returned with its owners, an 20% passed away, was delivered to a foster home or returned to a colonist and the remaining 12% would remain forever in a shelter. These figures are the same and even more alarming in other countries, such as in Mexico, where there are almost 500.000 dropouts of dogs and cats per year. [2]

It is important to highlight that not all stray or homeless cats can be integrated into a home, since the feral cats (those who have always lived in the street and are not socialized) will never adapt to coexistence with people or with other animals. In these cases the “CES” is practiced: capture, sterilize and release.

In any case, be aware of the large number of dropouts that occur in the world is essential to understand the importance of adoption. In addition, abandonment generates a public health problem, directly affects the welfare of animals and encourages uncontrolled breeding.

2. Adoption can avoid a sacrifice

Currently in Spain we only find two communities where there is the law of zero sacrifice: Catalonia and Madrid. However, in the rest of the Iberian Peninsula, it is totally legal to sacrifice animals, especially when we talk about cats sick, elderly, with behavioral problems or little adoptable.

Adopting a cat, especially in one of the communities where animals are sacrificed, assures us that we are saving a life and, in addition, we will be leaving a free space so that another animal can enter and be adopted after ours. Remember that in the animal shelters and kennels you can find cats of any age, appearance or character, because even the cats of race They are abandoned. Let’s help balance the bad praxis of the human being!

3. You will have a unique companion

Although the cats of race are usually very desirable, the certain thing is that they are usually adopted much earlier, for that reason, the majority of abandoned cats in the shelters are mestizos. What advantage does this detail represent? To begin with, most breed cats tend to be predisposed to certain hereditary diseases, which makes mestizos more long-lived cats.

In addition, mestizo cats are unique and have exclusive physical and behavioral characteristics in each individual. Do you also consider yourself the owner of a unique personality? Do you have a trait that differentiates you from the rest and are you proud of it? Then the mestizo cats are for you.

4. You will change the world of a cat

Although many people claim that cats are independent animals, the truth is that they are social beings, capable of reasoning and experiencing a wide range of emotions. For that reason, a cat in a shelter is likely to feel abandoned, without a reference figure to go to and experience high levels of stress. Adopting a cat that is in this state, will provide the emotional well-being you need and will make the time you spend with you feel happy and loved.

5. Cats are beneficial for health

Although this statement may be somewhat dubious, the truth is that there are many studies that show that having a cat is beneficial for human health. Having a cat improves our mood, increases our self-esteem, prevents allergies in children and even reduces the risk of death by heart attack by up to an 30%. Incredible, right?

6. An excellent playmate for children

Adopting a cat is a very enriching experience for a child, since it teaches him the importance of adoption, he begins in the care of animals, responsibilities, empathy and responsible ownership. Do not forget that we, as adults, must teach children to relate positively with animals and that our actions will be an example for them.

7. Reasons to adopt a black cat

Did you know that black cats are the ones less likely to be adopted? This is due, in part, to the fact that black cats are associated with bad luck. This popular belief is the result of ignorance, because black cats do not bring bad luck, it is a myth. Therefore, positions to be adopted, we can focus on one of the most vulnerable groups of adoption cats of all: black cats.

8. The advantages of adopting a cat with respect to a dog

Cats are animals especially clean, they adapt to practically any home, they know how to ration their food and they do not need to go for a walk (although some tutors do walk their cats!). No doubt these characteristics make many people choose to have a cat before a dog, however, we must point out them they also need veterinary attention, socialize and can not stay more than a day alone at home, as some people believe, because they need company. If we leave, we must make sure that a person of confidence can come to our home to ensure that everything goes well.

In addition, to avoid the appearance of behavioral problems, we must encourage our cat to play, enrich its environment with toys and accessories and ensure that its feeding is of good quality. Although the possession of a cat is more advantageous than that of a dog, especially for those people who have little time or do not want to go for a walk with their animals, we must provide them with good care.

9. Advantages of adopting an adult cat vs advantages of adopting a puppy cat

There are some advantages to adopting a puppy cat that is important to know, for example, we can ensure that your socialization is appropriate, they are cute and we will accompany you for a longer time. However, it is also important to point out some advantages of adopting an adult cat, such as having a definite personality, who already know how to use the sandbox and the scraper, which will ensure a better adaptation to the home, and the choice of a cat according to our lifestyle.

We take this opportunity to also remember that adult, elderly or with physical problems are the ones that are least likely to be adopted. Why not give them a second chance too?

10. The cats are great

Cats are animals possessing a unique character, because each individual is totally unique and different from the others. They can be sleepy, active, playful, affectionate or somewhat sullen, but any of these personalities can be perfect if it fits with our own identity, do not you think?

Buthow can we know the personality of a shelter or street cat? In any case, relate to him will be essential, but do not forget that first impressions can be somewhat distorted, in most cases by the distrust they may have towards people because of their experiences. For this reason, we advise you to consult with a volunteer or head of the center, try to interact with him several times before taking him home and try to make the first impression as positive as possible, perhaps with the help of a prize.

Cats are so great that you can even fall in love with a couple of brothers or cats that have lived together before and that have been abandoned. If there is something better than adopting a cat, it is undoubtedly adopt two friendly cats, so the process of adaptation will be much more positive.

Tips for adopting cats

It is important that we consider some prior details before adopting a cat from the street or a shelter, to ensure that your arrival at home is appropriate and that we are prepared to be good tutors.

Some steps to adopt a cat What should we consider:

  1. If we have other cats at home it will be essential that, before taking the new cat to our home, we visit a veterinarian to rule out parasites and any contagious disease.
  2. Likewise, if we have other animals, we must previously consult how the presentation of both should be to avoid a negative association from the beginning.
  3. There are some tips to adopt a street cat that we should know, such as adaptation may be slower or insist on going out (be careful, do not talk about feral cats) so we must understand their needs and try to the new lifestyle is much more positive for him.
  4. Before the arrival of the cat at home we must have ready all its elements: food, litter box, water, scrapers, bed, nest, toys, structures for cats. Do not expect your cat to come home to buy everything necessary.
  5. It will also be basic to know the language and communication of cats to understand, how to make use of positive reinforcement to encourage good behavior and many other curiosities about cats that you can discover in.

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