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10 places where cats love to hide

How many times have you had to spend a good time looking for your cat and in the end you found it in the most unusual place? Cats love to hide in closed, dark, warm and quiet places. This common behavior among all felines has an explanation, and is that these tender animals are in constant state of alert, so they look for hiding places to feel more secure and relaxed. When at home there are many strange people that they may consider intruders also tend to hide to be quiet.

In this article we are going to tell you the 10 places where cats love to hide more common. Keep reading and find out if your friend disappears in any of them.

Where are the cats hiding?

Among the 10 places where cats love to hide more common, although each cat is a world and You may have searched for an even stranger site. If at any time you can not find it you can read the tips we give you in this article on how to find a lost cat. Find out if your friend is hiding in one of these places:

  1. Boxes: the quintessential hiding place of cats. The boxes provide the privacy that the cat needs to relax and, in addition, they are very good insulators, so it will give them the warmth with which they feel comfortable.
  2. Vegetation: either in trees or in bushes, cats still have that wild spirit that makes them feel at peace among the vegetation, hiding from their enemies.
  3. Pipes and ventilation ducts: these are some of the places to look for your cat in case you have lost it. These sites are free of intruders and their flexible bodies can adapt perfectly to the nooks and crannies.
  4. Radiators and heaters: Cats love warm places, so one of the 10 places where cats usually hide can be a radiator. Here you can relax and rest comfortably, despite what may seem otherwise. If you want to know why cats like the sun and hot places visit this article.
  5. After the curtains: Cats love to hide behind long curtains, a perfect place to not be seen and can enjoy their independence.
  6. Shelves: shelves with many books are perfect places to hide. They can curl up between objects and relax and, in addition, have a perfect view of the whole room.
  7. Home appliances: If you have your washing machine or dryer full of clothes and you leave the door open for a moment, take a look before you start them. The same applies to all other appliances, such as the dishwasher or the oven, if you leave the door open the cat can sneak in. We recommend you always look before you start them.
  8. Drawers and cabinets: if you leave the closet or a drawer with open clothes your cat will not hesitate to get inside. It is a soft, quiet and small place and, therefore, a perfect place to hide.
  9. Bags: As with boxes, some bags are perfect for hiding. However, you should try not to squeeze into a plastic one as it could suffocate.
  10. Car engines: If you have a garage and your cat has access, be careful every time you start the car. We have already commented that cats love warm places and what better than the recesses of a car that has been recently driven to take a quiet nap.

Dangerous spaces

We have told you which are the 10 places in which cats love to hide, however, not all are safe. You must take special care with the place where your friend is safe as some they can be very risky. The following places are not recommended and you should avoid them at all costs:

  • appliances
  • Heaters
  • Pipes or ventilation ducts
  • Engine of a car
  • Bag design

To prevent your cat from sneaking into any of these sites you can provide your own space, warm and safe. Provide a burrow, either with boxes, blankets or buying one, and avoid the risks of your cat looking for his own.

What is your cat’s favorite place to hide? Tell us in the comments.

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