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10 ideas for photographing cats

Like every father, you are completely in love with your cat and of course, you think it is the most beautiful cat in the world. He spends his time doing funny and interesting things or simply looking spectacular and you spend it taking picture after picture. Sure you have the cell phone or the memory of the camera full of photos of your pet.

What you like the most about this process is to show the photos to your family and friends so they can see that you have the super cat, and that they fall in love with him as much as you do. The problem is that many of those photos, do not go as well as you want and never get to be shown.

Next, in this article, we have gathered the best 10 ideas for photographing cats. With this little guide you will end up being the best photographer of your cat, you will obtain better results and you will be able to show your photos with greater pride.

1. The curiosity of cats

Avoid forcing your cat to do something he does not want to do, always treat him with great respect and bet on your natural curiosity. You can use toys, treats or even some food to get their attention.

2. Take advantage of the postsiesta moment

If you want photos where you are still but a little attentive, a good time to photograph it will be a few minutes after he wakes up from his nap. Since he has just woken up, he will not be too restless.

3. Get closer

Duck and photograph your cat from its height level. A very common mistake is to always want to capture the cat from our height. When we look down, we reduce them so much that it does not become proportional to the landscape that surrounds them. Shooting at your height will increase the chances that your cat will look directly at the camera and manage to shoot a beautiful portrait.

The point of focus must always be in the eyes of your cat, in this way, you will create positive tension in your photo, that is, more emotion. Eyes out of focus equals a bad photograph. Depending on the frame of your choice, make sure not to cut ears, legs or tail.

4. Naturalness is key

If you want to achieve spectacular photos, you must take the camera with you at all times. The more spontaneous moments they will always be the most beautiful and interesting. Be patient, it may be late, but that “decisive moment” will surely come. Your cat will not wait for you to get the perfect picture, and it will hardly have the same exact behavior more than once. Stay tuned, but do not obsess either.

The best thing is that you learn to know the personality and behaviors of your cat. Try to capture it being simply him, the photograph will be even more personal. Once you’re standing, lying down the way you want or jumping, it’s time to shoot.

5. The time of day will help you

The best time to photograph your cat is at sunset, The light is softer, therefore, the shadows on your face and skin will be much smaller. Natural light is always the best option, especially when your cat is taking a walk on grass or climbing trees.

6. Discover the good side of your cat

Experiment using different angles but be aware of the good and bad angles of your cat. If sitting looks a little thick, then, fit it while it is stretching or when standing on two legs. Test their profiles, sure they will be fantastic.

7. Contrasts

Capture the contrast between your cat and the background. If your cat is black, it would look great in front of a completely white wall, and it is a good opportunity to experiment with the black and white technique. Do not forget the scenario, use it in your favor. Frame your feline in a beautiful and expressive background. It will help to give a bit of depth to the photo.

8. Catnip

Undoubtedly, the use of catnip or catnip is a great way to stimulate cats to show interest in certain objects, or to enjoy a while while absorbed photographs. Still you have not tried?

9. Make him enjoy it

Any excuse is good for your cat to feel happy, caring and loved. A brushing session, the time of your meal or the moments of play can be the ideal time to take a great picture. Make him enjoy the daily routines by taking out your most creative side!

10. Make yourself a selfie with him!

Enjoy a full photography session appearing with your cat! Maybe you will not like your appearance. But why not try it?

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