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10 Christmas gifts for very original cats

Those who have a cat as a companion in their lives know that they are sweet and intelligent animals, so much so that they form a bond with us that we probably would not have imagined before. Precisely for this reason, it is very common to look for details and original gifts to offer at Christmas.

If you are looking for an original gift for your cat, you have come to the right place, in this article we will detail with you a very complete list with 10 Christmas gifts for cats, very original, so you can be inspired and find the perfect gift for your pussycat.

You are ready? Discover our Christmas proposals below!

1. Christmas homemade recipe

If you are someone who loves to prepare delicious homemade recipes For your feline, this Christmas is the perfect time to make mustaches of happiness relax.

However, if you have never prepared a recipe before, we invite you to watch our video of wet cat food. You will only need to choose the main product, meat or fish, and add (or not) small portions of vegetables. The step by step is very simple.

2. A brush-groomer

Although it is already being marketed as a toy, this invention is very simple to make at home. You will only need a brush or brush that you will fix on a base with the help of pliers. Cats love to comb their hair and now they can do it by themselves.

3. Catnip, fun guaranteed

Have you ever tried catnip with your best friend? If you’re ready for a day of fun, games and activity, the catnip is a great option to stimulate you and help you discover new experiences.

It is not a toxic or stimulating substance, on the contrary, the catnip has many benefits, however it will be highly recommended do not exceed the doses to avoid a narcotic effect that could be dangerous. Properly consult the product’s prospectus.

4. A water source

Are you looking for something a little more original? Why not give your cat a source of water? To the cats they love the fresh and renewed water, such as the water that flows from the tap, for that reason, a water source can be one of the most useful Christmas gifts. Not only will you enjoy drinking from there, in addition will have a lot of fun exploring his new “toy” and putting his claws in it.

5. A cardboard house

The cats they love the boxesIt’s like that You can devote all the efforts possible in looking for a great gift, but at the moment of truth it will go crazy with joy when getting inside the wrapper. Why? Simply to the cats it comforts them feel inside a “nest”. For that reason, do not hesitate to make a nice cardboard box for your cat.

6. Cave-toy for cats

It is a kind of nest that incorporates a toy ball to call the attention of the cat, inviting him to enter, and that also serves as a cave or refuge for the animal feel comfortable and comfortable. Once inside, they do not want to leave anymore.

7. Intelligence toys

Intelligence toys are those that stimulate the cat’s mind through challenges. They are very beneficial to encourage their intellectual development in puppies and to maintain their mental agility in adults. There are very different intelligence toys, since we can find food vendors or others that use various toys as a “reward”. We must choose the one that best suits him according to his needs.

8. Catwalks for cats

The cats are excellent climbers, so mounting a small catwalk in your home can be a source of fun for them. In addition, these types of structures are ideal for newly adopted animals or for families with other animals. The cat will find on the catwalk a place to take refuge and be calm. In addition to the walkway itself, you can combine it using scrapers and suspended beds in the air. Your cat will go crazy with joy!

9. A classic, snacks and tasty prizes

If preparing recipes is not your thing, you can always choose to buy snacks for cats in the market: cookies, bacon strips, sticks, balls. In addition to offering you a tasty appetizer from time to time, these types of awards are ideal if we want to educate him through positive reinforcement. Get a few to discover your favorites!

10. The most important gift is love

Indeed, it’s no use giving your cat tasty treats, new utensils and toys if you do not have anyone to enjoy them with. Remember that cats are social animals and that they need to have by their side a figure with whom share good moments in family. Apart from everything you can offer, affection and affection are the gifts you will appreciate the most, not only at Christmas, but also in your day to day life.

Apart from everything mentioned above, there are plenty of toys and basic utensils that can make your cat happy and that can help you to offer a much more comfortable life. Here we leave you the most common “basics”, They can never miss!

  • Premium food cans
  • A soft bed
  • Mantitas
  • Cushions
  • Scraper
  • Brushes
  • Sandbox
  • Food bowl
  • Toy mouse
  • stuffed animals
  • Wool balls
  • Balls with rattles
  • Toy route
  • Fishing rod for cats
  • Collar

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