whyismycatveryaggressivewithothercats 87D308DF

Why is my cat very aggressive with other cats?

Did you know aggressiveness Is it one of the most frequent problems in felines? Although obviously not for that reason we should fall into the error of associating cats with aggressiveness, since it is really about domestic animals whose

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whyismycatnotallowedtotouch 47114C09

Why is my cat not allowed to touch?

The question “Why is my cat not allowed to touch? “, perhaps one of the most repeated by the first owners of a cat. The tendency to consider them as a small dog, or some novice mistakes

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whyismycatafraidofme 58811E7A

Why is my cat afraid of me?

Has a new cat come to the family and seems to be always scared of you? Has your cat experienced changes in his behavior and now it shows you fear? Has he even attacked you? Although this behavior

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whyhasmycatbecomeaggressive 3DE86D7F

Why has my cat become aggressive?

La aggressiveness in cats It is one of the problems for which the veterinary practice is visited more frequently. The first thing you should understand about this is that the feline does not adopt an aggressive attitude by chance

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whyhasmycatscharacterchanged E2461543

Why has my cat’s character changed?

When it comes to the personality of the felines, there is nothing written. The character of each one is quite different, which is why it is possible to find from timid and fearful minins, to the most curious,

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whydocatsthrowthingstotheground 7BD38292

Why do cats throw things to the ground?

Anyone who shares his life with a cat has passed him by. You are quietly doing something and suddenly your hairy has thrown what you had left on the table. Why do cats throw things on the ground? Is

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whydocatshideindarkplaces 74DCBE69

Why do cats hide in dark places?

Surely, you have already observed that your pussycat he loves to hide in dark places and, not rarely, choose to rest in unusual places or difficult to reach. Many times, the cats hide to have fun or just to

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whydocatsbitetheirankles E2B87992

Why do cats bite their ankles?

If you share a home with a feline, you have probably already been surprised by an attack on the ankles. Many tutors are concerned with this habit of their cats to observe in it a possible symptom of aggressiveness

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Why does not my cat use the sandbox?

Feline behavior makes cats an independent and genuine pets, which can sometimes mean that the owners do not easily understand certain behaviors or interpret them erroneously.

One of the most common feline behavior problems is not to use the

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whydoesnotmycatsleepatnight ED0A7C78

Why does not my cat sleep at night?

Most cats that sleep during the day do so for two clear reasons: They are nocturnal animals and / or do not perform enough exercise. However, they are not the only reasons that explain why they stay more active

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