whyaretricolorcatsfemales 33CD733C

Why are tricolor cats females?

Surely you’ve ever heard that cats of three colors They are always females. It is true? Are they always females? In this Animal Expert article we will explain why it is produced in detail so you can discover if

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whyareblackcatsassociatedwithbadluck DF2B2F4E

Why are black cats associated with bad luck?

Cats are animals that have experienced a tremendous boom in terms of entering homes as a pet, more and more people are decided by this cute feline that is slowly gaining our trust based on being an animal that

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whattodoififindanabandonedcat 0A5073F5

What to do if I find an abandoned cat

That is the typical question that animal lovers ask us when we see a cat on the street that seems to be abandoned. Besides asking this question, there are other aspects that confuse us and in which we do

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whattodoifacatscratchesme 5AEA5211

What to do if a cat scratches me

Surely you remember when Piolin said, “What a nice kitty!” The truth is that our beloved little yellow bird is right: cats are beautiful, they have something hypnotizing. However, that does not mean that at some point they may

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whatisthenameoftheegyptiancatgod 7EC1B9E4

What is the name of the Egyptian cat god?

To tell the truth, the Egyptian cat god is really a cat and it’s about the Egyptian goddess Bastet o Bast, protector of the human and the home, and goddess of happiness and harmony. This Egyptian divinity had its

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whatdocatsdowhentheyarealone 147F1942

What do cats do when they are alone?

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re not at home? Depending on your personality, your cat may have certain preferences: some choose to sleep, eat and rest, while others take advantage to do things that they

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whatdoesitmeanwhenacatgetsbellyup 95EF83A0

What does it mean when a cat gets belly up?

If you share your home with a feline, you will know very well that there are some strange behaviors of cats that arouse enormous curiosity. For example, many tutors ask what it means when a cat gets belly up

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whatdoesitmeanthatacatwantstoenteryourho BC260440

What does it mean that a cat wants to enter your house?

Many people are surprised when they get home and find a beautiful pussycat on their doorstep. Usually, this cat looks food, heat and safety, since life on the streets offer many dangers and challenges for their survival. However,

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whatdoesitmeanifacathasitstailup 406F9F74

What does it mean if a cat has its tail up?

There are many sounds that cats emit and their meaning, however, cats mostly use their body language to communicate with us, with other animals and with their environment. Thanks to their body, their postures and facial expressions, our cats

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The theory of extraterrestrial cats

I know many of you will take me for crazy, or that I pretend to make a joke. But no, it’s not like that. I am a great observer of life, of reality, and under everyday reality there are

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