whydoesmycatlickmyhair 78BAE04C

Why does my cat lick my hair?

Cats are able to find fun in things that can be unlikely for humans: a box, a ball of paper, something they find lying on the floor or on the edge of a table, even your hair! They are

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whydoesmycatlickmyfacewhenisleep 0EB8CC23

Why does my cat lick my face when I sleep?

There is the widespread idea that cats are independent animals, not sociable and not at all affectionate, but this description does not define the majority of cats with whom we live. So, there are still people who are surprised

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whydoesmycatfollowmeeverywhere 1DD2857B

Why does my cat follow me everywhere?

If you are a proud feline owner, surely you have ever asked yourself why your cat follows you everywhere. It is usual for those who have a good bond with their cat to start observing their best friend

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whydoesmycatdroolalot 5F8F1FF3

Why does my cat drool a lot?

Receives the name of ptyalism la excessive production of saliva, both in cats and in other mammals. Sometimes it’s just another trait of the feline’s personality, but this is quite unusual.

A cat that is drooling is a

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whydoesmycatcrywhenileave 0D885DD6

Why does my cat cry when I leave?

Although the myth tells us that cats are very independent animals, the truth is that, like dogs, they can express displeasure, anxiety or grief in our absence. The meows or crying when we leave home and leave them alone

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whydoesmycatchaseitstail 61B25B62

Why does my cat chase its tail?

The behavior of cats can be extremely funny for people on many occasions. Having a small ball of hair that is able to entertain with any object that finds its way unleashes very funny situations for the human eye.

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whydoesmycataccompanymetothebathroom 81B2FF34

Why does my cat accompany me to the bathroom?

It has most likely happened to you that, when you tried to close the bathroom door to enjoy a moment of privacy, your cat was right there, trying to enter with you. Or maybe you have come home after

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whydidmycatkneadme 7339D09B

Why did my cat knead me?

If you have a cat or cat in your home you will probably know what we are talking about, cats are animals that love physical contact and interact with those who live.

Among the interactions that usually take place,

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whycatshatewater 97682AE8

Why cats hate water?

Cats are known for their hygiene and personal care and love to drink water, but when it comes to bathing, they do not usually like them very much. Is this a trend that happens with all cats? and the

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whycatsareafraidofcucumbers E39177E0

Why cats are afraid of cucumbers?

Surely you have already seen a video that is circulating on the Internet in which you see a few cats scare with cucumbers. This famous video that has gone viral should not give us so much laughter because

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