whydoesmycatwantmetocomewithhimtoeat 08857403

Why does my cat want me to come with him to eat?

Many tutors find it curious to note that their kittens do not want to eat during their absence or “demand” their vigilance while enjoying their food. In general, this behavior derives from an acquired habit during the breeding of

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whydoesmycatwallowontheground 8C2B8884

Why does my cat wallow on the ground?

Sometimes el behavior of cats It can be inexplicable for human beings. Things that seem funny, a simple game or maybe even a whim of the feline, are actually based on instinct.

If you have ever seen your cat

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whydoesmycattremblewhenhesleeps 52020199

Why does my cat tremble when he sleeps?

In we know that watch the cats It is usually an entertainment for most people who are lucky enough to have a feline at home as a companion. Not only is the grace and elegance of his gestures and

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whydoesmycatstareatme 0DE811AB

Why does my cat stare at me?

The look of the cat is one of its many attractions. Not only because of the variety of color tones that the iris can present, but also because of expressive that can be thanks to its large size. All

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whydoesmycatsmellmynose AD772CE2

Why does my cat smell my nose?

Cats have a very developed sense of smell thanks to their more than 67 millions of olfactory receptors. In comparison, humans have only 5 million. The privileged nose of felines makes this sense and related behaviors implicitly part

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whydoesmycatsleeponmypillow 81EE40D9

Why does my cat sleep on my pillow?

It’s no secret to anyone cats They are big sleepers. This activity that is the favorite of your feline friend takes between 15 and 16 daily hours, so it is not surprising that you look for comfortable and pleasant

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whydoesmycatpurr B98E69AF

Why does my cat purr?

The purring of the cats is something known all over the world, however, the physical mechanism that causes this peculiar sound is still unknown. If your cat purrs a lot, moves the tail or is purring very loudly, here

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whydoesmycatmewwhenipetit 958149A4

Why does my cat mew when I pet it?

El meow It is one of the forms of communication characteristics of cats. This sound so typical of them has multiple variants, which will depend on what our cat wants to “tell us”. There will be more or less

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whydoesmycatmewwhenheseesme A970B960

Why does my cat mew when he sees me?

Although they mostly use body language to communicate, there are many sounds that cats emit and their possible meanings. And surely, the meow is the best known and heard expression in homes where these beautiful felines find the optimal

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whydoesmycatmewmuch 7B507950

Why does my cat mew much?

El meow It is our cat’s way of communicating with us, of capturing our attention and trying to tell us that it needs something, but what? In this article we want to answer this question and help you identify

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