whydocatscry CE10C780

Why do cats cry?

In this article we will explain why cats cry, giving as an example some of the most common situations with which, as caregivers, we will find ourselves in coexistence with our felines. We will see that the cats

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whydocatscoverfood E0A85532

Why do cats cover food?

Felines are animals that always have a compelling reason for each of their actions. In this way, if your cat buries the food rest assured that this is not an act done for pleasure. Also, there are cats that

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whydocatsburytheirfeces F4BF5890

Why do cats bury their feces?

Cats are very unique animals and their behavior is proof of that. Among some of its curiosities, we highlight the fact of burying food, objects and even their excrement, but why do they do it?

In this article we

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whydocatsbuff F644508C

Why do cats buff?

Of all the reactions that cats have, one that calls us special attention, and even a certain alarm is the snort. Why do cats get booed? The truth is that more than a reaction is a message that they

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whydocatsbringdeadanimals 574409D8

Why do cats bring dead animals?

The moment in which a cat brings a dead animal to our house everything changes. We started looking at our feline differently. We get scared. Probably, if this has just happened to you, you will be perplexed and ask

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whydocatseyesshineinthedark C348C145

Why do cats’ eyes shine in the dark?

The eyes of many predators of the animal kingdom They glow in the dark, and your cat is no exception. Yes, your tender hairy friend, that of the cushions on the legs, has also inherited this capacity from

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whydoesthecatraiseitstailwhenyoucaressit 1B0E7802

Why does the cat raise its tail when you caress it?

Although many people say that cats are independent animals, the truth is that they are very affectionate social animals when they get confidence with us. If you have a cat and often spend time petting it, you may have

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whydoesnotmycatpurr 52935FCB

Why does not my cat purr?

One of the most characteristic, adorable and defining features of the cat is its ability to purr. This exclusive sound is usually associated with a feeling of welfare. It comforts us, makes us think that our cat is

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whydoesnotmycatliketobecaressed 8478976B

Why does not my cat like to be caressed?

Each cat has its own personality and that is the most interesting of these animals. Some cats simply want to get away from the world, without being fond of caresses and pampering, while others may be in our arms

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whydoesmydogurinatewhereheeats DD0ED435

Why does my dog ​​urinate where he eats?

Observe that a urine where you eat is not positive at all, in fact, it is a unequivocal symptom that something is not going well and that as responsible tutors we must do something about it. This behavior can

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