whydocatsmakealotofnoisewhentheymate 2AAA2A41

Why do cats make a lot of noise when they mate?

If you have witnessed the mating of two cats you will know that they make a lot of noise. The certain thing is that the meows begin when the cats enter in heat, for get the attention of the

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whydocatsliketosleepontopofpeople E3AF96C9

Why do cats like to sleep on top of people?

How many times has it happened to you? No matter what you do, your loving feline, despite having his bed, insists on sleeping with you, grooming and finally riding on you when night comes, looking for a position to

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whydocatsliketosleepontheirfeet 8CFB0462

Why do cats like to sleep on their feet?

It is a proven fact that cats like to sleep at their feet of their caregivers, or even closer to them. This circumstance is due to several reasons that its caregivers should know.

If you want to know the

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whydocatslikethesun 1052E96F

Why do cats like the sun?

Who has not seen a cat lying on a sofa where the rays of sunlight pass through the nearest window and give it directly? Well, this situation is so common among all of us who have a feline as

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Why do cats like boxes?

Cats are very playful animals, able to distract themselves with whatever they find and that seems a little curious. Many times we spend money on expensive cat toys, and they tend to be more interested in simple paper balls

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whydocatslickeachother 7A1CA6EF

Why do cats lick each other?

Licking for hours is one of your cat’s favorite activities. Being clean, dedicating the necessary time to remove any dirt and any knot, is part of the daily routines of these adorable furry.

If you have several cats at

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whydocatslick CE72C96A

Why do cats lick?

Does your cat spend long hours licking itself? Have you started to lick yourself as if you wanted to wash? In we want to help you discover the reasons that lead our cats to constantly lick and clear all

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whydocatshuntbirds 20B29C26

Why do cats hunt birds?

For cat lovers it can be difficult to accept that these adorable cats are responsible for the decline of wildlife and birds around the world, such as pigeons or sparrows, but also endangered species.

Although it is a very

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whydocatshavearoughtongue D88F1298

Why do cats have a rough tongue?

Do you remember the first time a cat licked your hand? You were probably surprised by the feeling that this act caused on your skin, as if it were a sandpaper instead of a tongue. This is because of

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Why do cats eat grass?

Cats are animals strictly carnivores, so the mainstay of its nutrition is the protein of animal origin, such as beef or beef, chicken, turkey or fish. However, cats can also benefit from the consumption of fruits and vegetables

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