10scentsthatattractcats 66A0F16F

10 scents that attract cats

The cat’s sense of smell is 14 times better that of the human, so that it is much more developed and allows it to perceive aromas in a more intense way. This advantage is very useful to easily notice

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10placeswherecatslovetohide 470CD42B

10 places where cats love to hide

How many times have you had to spend a good time looking for your cat and in the end you found it in the most unusual place? Cats love to hide in closed, dark, warm and quiet places.

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10ideasforphotographingcats B38C0316

10 ideas for photographing cats

Like every father, you are completely in love with your cat and of course, you think it is the most beautiful cat in the world. He spends his time doing funny and interesting things or simply looking spectacular and

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11soundsofcatsandtheirmeaning 777DD0ED

10 false myths about cats that you should stop believing

Cats cause so much admiration and curiosity for their skills and instinctive behaviors that have become protagonists of various myths. That they have seven lives, that they always fall on their feet, that they can not live with dogs,

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10christmasgiftsforveryoriginalcats 9B353BAD

10 Christmas gifts for very original cats

Those who have a cat as a companion in their lives know that they are sweet and intelligent animals, so much so that they form a bond with us that we probably would not have imagined before. Precisely for

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