howlongdoesacatwithfelineleukemialive 5CD988EB

How long does a cat with feline leukemia live?

La feline leukemia It is one of the most frequent and severe viral diseases that affects the immune system mainly of young cats. It is not transmissible to humans, but its contagion usually occurs easily among cats that live

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howdocatsthink B93B7003

How do cats think?

Do you share your home with a cat? Surely the behavior of these domestic felines have amazed you on more than one occasion, since precisely one of the main characteristics of this animal is its independent character, which does

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howdocatssweat 6C076160

How do cats sweat?

Surely, one of the things that are most appealing to cats, in addition to their independent personality, is the beauty of the coat and the multiple color combinations, which makes each cat unique thanks to each speck and each

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howdocatssee 21706CD3

How do cats see?

The eyes of cats are similar to those of people but evolution has made their vision focused on improving the hunting activity of these animals, predators by nature. As good hunters, the cats need to perceive the movements

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historyofthechinesecatofluckmanekineko B23E6B06

History of the Chinese cat of luck – Maneki Neko

Surely we have all seen the Maneki Neko, literally translated as the lucky cat, it is not necessary to go to its origins in China or Japan to see it, right here, in many oriental establishments we can

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graypersiancat 1AFD95AC

Gray persian cat

Card of the animal: Persian

We can even consider the Persian cat as exotic due to its peculiar face or the long mantle it has. They are quiet since they love to doze and relax anywhere. They are also

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furnitureforcats FD87EB1D

Furniture for cats

Many owners begin to observe in the market a growing trend of furniture dedicated exclusively to cats. It is for this reason that today we offer you a gallery of images so you can appreciate a different type of

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Do cats sleep more in winter?

Although sometimes it does not look like it, our animals also feel it and change their habits adapting to the new temperatures. Questions arise as: Why does my cat sleep so much? Do cats sleep more in winter?


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Do cats perceive our fear?

When referring to fears or phobias, we must give special mention to the phobia of cats o ailurophobia, that it is the irrational fear of a person towards felines. Normally it is linked to the ignorance of the species

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docatslikemusic 944F46A9

Do cats like music?

Si cats like music or not It is a question that is repeated a lot among lovers of cats, and thanks to numerous studies and scientific experiments we can answer clearly: cats enjoy listening to certain types of music.

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