howtomaketwocatsgetalong A0CA2838

How to make two cats get along?

La coexistence among cats It is not always positive, since there are many cases of cats that quarrel, are buffeted or not accepted at all. For this reason, before introducing a second cat at home, it will be essential

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howtomaketoysforcatswithcardboard 375A2A8A

How to make toys for cats with cardboard?

Did you know that in the wild cats spend 40% of their time hunting? It is for this reason that it is so important to dedicate our hairy companion hours of play and fun, since it is the

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howtomakemycatlistentome 96F6BFD1

How to make my cat listen to me?

When we ask about the cat education, we think it can be a very difficult task but, like dogs, cats can also be educated, being able to achieve good behavior and thus a harmonious coexistence. What we must

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howtogetalongwithacat 36046FA9

How to get along with a cat?

Adopt a cat it’s a challenge. Not only do you have to take care of covering all your needs, but also begin to establish a positive relationship of friendship and affection, but without blurring the role that everyone has

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howtoeducateacatsinceheissmall C4100F10

How to educate a cat since he is small?

When we adopt a cat puppy we have the obligation to guide him towards a correct behavior so that his coexistence with us is pleasant and he is a educated and happy pet in our home It is not

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howtoapproachascaredorscaredcat 81683CA3

How to approach a scared or scared cat?

Like humans, cats can show fear due to various reasons. This emotion is an important ally of his survival, since it allows them to stay alert and escape possible predators or other threats. It is normal for your

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howmanycatscanihaveathome 1720615B

How many cats can I have at home?

Cat lovers would welcome thousands of these animals: they are clean, beautiful, affectionate, fun, have a great personality. However, it is usual to stop to think, How many cats can I have at home? Will they be too many?

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howlongshouldiplaywithmycat 667EF18C

How long should I play with my cat?

Cats are social animals, active and curious, for that reason, the game should never be missing in their daily routine. It is also a question of very beneficial activity for him, because it helps to promote the bond

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howdoiintroducemycattoanothercat 4CBA7942

How do I introduce my cat to another cat?

Without a doubt, the question “how to introduce a second cat at home? “Is the most common among cat tutors who consider that their best friend needs company. We know how difficult it is for us to

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homescraperforcats 62EAC8D9

Home scraper for cats

The scrapers for cats They are a necessary and basic toy for any feline. Our pets need to vent, file their nails, scratch and have a place that is theirs, so if you do not want to see how

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