howtotiremycat 3CAEE12C

How to tire my cat?

¿Your cat sleeps a lot during the day and becomes a ruthless adventurer in the early morning? In part, it is important to understand that felines developed predominantly nocturnal habits during their evolution; and their senses (mainly their

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howtoteachacattousethescraper 1509830D

How to teach a cat to use the scraper?

If you have a cat and a sofa, you will probably need a scraper to prevent the last one from being shredded. You do not need an especially large or expensive one, with cheap and homemade options you can

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howtoteachacattosit 239A08B0

How to teach a cat to sit

The cats are very intelligent animals to which, like dogs, we can teach tricks. With patience any cat can learn simple tricks. If your cat is young it may be easier but even an adult cat can perform tricks

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howtoteachacattorideonaleash E784DB2B

How to teach a cat to ride on a leash?

In this article we are going to give you some tips that you can follow to try to achieve an achievement as a trainer, which would mean walking with your cat quietly down the street. This would be a

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howtoteachacattogivetheleg ED3BA5DD

How to teach a cat to give the leg?

Despite what many people think, cats are capable of learning simple (and later more advanced) commands as long as we do things correctly and use positive reinforcement.

On this occasion we will explain how to teach my cat to

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howtotameawildcat 99300224

How to tame a wild cat

The cats are from lonely nature and if they are not used to human contact they can be very distrustful. You may find yourself in the situation of having to tame a cat if you have recently welcomed a

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howtoscoldmycat 5C55D732

How to scold my cat

Do you want to discipline your pet and you do not know how? It is typical that everyone gives you advice to teach a dog to behave well, not to bite shoes, to do their needs outside the home,

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howtopreventmycatfromscratchingeverythin 641C7EF4

How to prevent my cat from scratching everything?

Scratching is an innate behavior in cats, however, when it is carried out in a generalized and compulsive way in our furniture or tissues, it can become a very undesirable and annoying behavior. In addition, we must also

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howtopreventmycatfromeatingtheplants 3AE34304

How to prevent my cat from eating the plants?

Cats are strictly carnivorous animals, however, it is common to observe them eating plants from home or in gardens, but why do they do it? It’s usually because they try to regurgitate and eliminate hairballs accumulated in the stomach,

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howtoplaywithacat CD069F12

How to play with a cat?

The game is a fundamental activity for the cat and a healthy physical constitution as well as a positive emotional state will depend on it. If you observe your cat cleaning up excessively, eating compulsively or sleeping more than

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