mycatisveryscared 4C363081

My cat is very scared

There cats that are afraid of humans, cats that distrust other cats, and cats that fear any unknown stimulus that comes their way. The reasons for a cat to be shy or fearful range from his personality to

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mycatisverypossessivewithmewhatshouldido 59FECC28

My cat is very possessive with me, what should I do?

As with humans, cats can be jealous and very possessive of their guardians. While some people see jealousy as a demonstration of love, the truth is that a possessive cat It can be a risk for yourself, for your

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mycatisobsessedwithfoodcausesandtreatmen 6C69102D

My cat is obsessed with food – Causes and treatment

Does not your cat eat only everything you put, but also anything that falls on the ground? Besides, does he go crazy every time he gets the scent of a can of food that you have opened and begs

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mycatgetsaggressiveatthevet 9876BDA8

My cat gets aggressive at the vet

Although there are extraordinarily docile cats, there are others who are nervous and even aggressive in the face of new situations, such as visit to the vet. If, in addition, these situations have been experienced by the cat

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mycatdoesnotwanttogotothevet 376D5CB6

My cat does not want to go to the vet

Going to the vet with a nervous, excited and even aggressive cat is a problem that owners all over the world have in common. Although it does not always happen for the same reason, the reality is that the

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mycatclimbsthechristmastreehowtoavoidit 969AC6EA

My cat climbs the Christmas tree – How to avoid it

The holidays are approaching and with them the moment to put the Christmas tree and decorate it. But this family moment that we love to prepare is synonymous with difficulties for many cat owners: these naughty and playful creatures

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mycatbitesmeandscratchesmewhatdoido 4FA57A98

My cat bites me and scratches me – What do I do?

Do you feel that your little pet attacks you? if you have noticed your cat bites you and spider constantly or pounces on you unexpectedly do not be scared, because on this subject we have much to teach you.

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isthelasergoodforplayingwithcats FF59901C

Is the laser good for playing with cats?

The Internet is full of videos in which we observe how cats chase the light of a laser pointer in his attempt to catch it. At first glance it may seem like a game like any other, but what

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intelligencegamesforcats D0203F47

Intelligence games for cats

It is not new that we tell you that cats are animals very smart and sensitive, which reveal an active and curious character. Even if your feline can seem like a real lazy during his mid-afternoon naps, it’s

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idealtoysforsmallcats 37AE95D3

Ideal toys for small cats

Cats like to have fun since they are very young and although fun objects do not usually vary much with age, there are certain aspects that you should take into account when choosing toys for baby cats.

Toys for

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