solutionssothatmycatdoesnotscratchthesof 1F7B78DA

Solutions so that my cat does not scratch the sofa

For prevent a cat from scratching the sofa It is fundamental, first, to understand why you do it and act accordingly. In general, cats usually carry out this behavior as a form of marking, to file their nails or

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socializeapuppycat F47B7449

Socialize a puppy cat

The arrival of a new member to the family is always cause for joy, however, before adopting a kitten we must bear in mind that it needs some care and a time of learning. Among other things, we have

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socializeanadultcat 25CD6B75

Socialize an adult cat

If you have decided to adopt a cat or have been with him for a long time but you can not socialize with dogs or other cats, you have entered the right place. In this article we will teach

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Separation anxiety in cats – Symptoms and treatment

While we know that cats are independent creatures, recently, veterinarians who are experts in feline behavior have conducted studies that suggest that separation anxiety can also develop in cats. And although it is not known for sure what can

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propertiesofcatniporcatnipgrass B5B1618C

Properties of catnip or catnip grass

Cats are domestic cats that have not lost their instinct as a hunter, hence their independent, exploratory and adventurous nature that often drives owners crazy, who must stay alert and informed, for example, about those plants that are toxic

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preventmycatfromurinatingathome A088BB24

Prevent my cat from urinating at home

We know that cats are very clean animals, but sometimes, especially males, urinate outside the sandbox that we have prepared for their needs and leave marks other parts of the house. Why do they do it? Can we avoid

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positivereinforcementincats ECF4F168

Positive reinforcement in cats

If you are starting to educate your cat or want practice training with him, it is very important that you have one thing clear: you will not achieve anything with bad words or fights. Even less with bad treatment.

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naturaltranquilizersforcats 1FC7B801

Natural tranquilizers for cats

Natural therapies and home remedies are currently booming, not only in the field of human health, but also in veterinary medicine and this is due to a need to treat our pets in a manner that respects their organism.

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mysterilizedcatkeepschecking 39B345CC

My sterilized cat keeps checking

There is no doubt that cats are great companions: elegant, playful and intelligent. However, sometimes, situations can occur that disconcert us and break the harmony in our coexistence with our feline friends. One of these situations that can dislocate

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mycatspendsalotoftimealone B301E8F8

My cat spends a lot of time alone

Many times, the accelerated pace of our day to day does not allow us to devote our felines as long as we would like. Therefore, most domestic cats spend long hours alone, which can result in an animal with

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