whydoesmycatwakemeupatdawn 8DCD6144

Why does my cat wake me up at dawn?

Do you usually wake up 10 minutes before the alarm goes off? Is that when you feel a sudden push in the face? It’s probably your favorite furry friend, who wakes you up every morning and does not let

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whydoesmycaturinateeverywhere 5EC00D87

Why does my cat urinate everywhere?

It is not a secret that cats are extremely neat animals, not only with themselves but also with regard to the places where they spend their time, such as their beds, sandboxes, feeders and other areas of the house.

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whydoesmycatthrowwaterfromthesprue 10A1A220

Why does my cat throw water from the sprue?

Cats are animals with a very special and concrete character who love to have control over their properties, in this case we talk about the drinking water, why not? If you observe a strange behavior and you wonder why

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Why does my cat take the sand out of its box?

Does your cat dig a lot of sand and throw it out of the box? You are not the only one! Many owners complain about this same problem. Therefore, if you are looking for solutions to this behavior, you

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Why does my cat sleep in the sandbox?

There are several reasons that they can take a cat to sleep in his sandpit, like a stressful situation, the arrival of a new member to the home or the discomfort of his bed. Therefore, it is our obligation

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whydoesmycatscratchfurniture B88E4687

Why does my cat scratch furniture?

While the dog easily smoothes the nails during the walk, the cat has it more complicated, and that is why it looks for elements inside the home where to preen and file its nails.

That can be a problem

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whydoesmycatlickmeandthenbiteme 5435CC45

Why does my cat lick me and then bite me?

If you have one or several cats, you will surely have gone through this situation: your cat is licking you calmly. And suddenly it bites you! What has happened? Could it be that you do not like the massage

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whydoesmycathidewhenpeoplecome B260EE51

Why does my cat hide when people come?

Cats are animals that love to hide, although they do not always do it for fun or in search of tranquility. There are some situations that can bother your cat, even cause stress, such as the arrival of Unknown

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Why does my cat defecate out of the sandbox?

One of the most unpleasant surprises that we can find as cat owners is the evacuation of stool outside the sandbox. The initial perplexity becomes confusion and worry if the behavior becomes habit. In this text we will

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whydoesmycatbitemyclothes 1F88FF99

Why does my cat bite my clothes?

Watching everything your cat does is surely one of your favorite amusements. However, there are behaviors that more than being funny, we are intrigued by finding them inexplicable, so knowing what causes them is crucial to understand 100% everything

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