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Why does my cat bite me when I pet it?

As much as the idea that cats are very independent is widespread, we always imagine these felines purring in our lap and accepting our caresses willingly. But the reality can be very different and, thus, it is not difficult

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Why does my cat bite me?

Those of us who have had cats know their complexity in terms of behavior, sometimes we can find a loving cat, in others an independent cat and even cats that bite!

Not all causes of bites are the same,

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Why does my cat attack me?

All cat owners like to pet them quietly while they are purring, but this moment of relaxation can become a nightmare when our cat attacks us suddenly and without previous notice it scratches us or bites us.

Most of

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What to do if my cat is stressed

Although stress is an adaptive mechanism whose purpose is to guarantee survival in situations of danger, it can also be a pathology with serious physical and behavioral repercussions.

The cat is an animal especially susceptible to pathological stress since

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What does it mean when a cat urinates the bed?

Has your cat started to urinate in your bed? Do not you know how to avoid this unpleasant situation? To begin, you should know that this is a very common problem in cats and that to treat it conveniently

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Tricks to teach a cat

Cats just like dogs can learn tricks. The training process is similar, although it must be taken into account that the cat is a much more independent animal. In addition it will not be as simple to train an

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Toys for adult cats, which one to choose?

Cats are very active animals that need to exercise every day, a good option for this is to find toys for cats as well as stimulate their physical and mental activity, they have fun.

In this article we propose

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tipstoteachacatnottobite C82834B7

Tips to teach a cat not to bite

Cats are a bunch of virtues. They are very intelligent animals, and, generally, very affectionate. However, they may exhibit unpleasant behaviors, such as bites and scratches with which certain kittens give us while we are playing with them.


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Tips to tame a wild cat

Do you have a wild cat and do not know what to do? In this article we will teach you what would be the necessary advice to tame and domesticate a wild cat.

Cats are generally very independent and

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Tips to make my cat more affectionate

Cats have a reputation for being independent, detached and even unfriendly animals, but although this may sometimes be the case, we must not label them, because they can also become very affectionate and tender animals. Sure, when they want.

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